41Pasadena, United States
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My self-summary
I am nerdy, geeky, and introverted

I like to swim, occasionally run, but prefer the water. Love video games, to play and make them. And spend inordinate amounts of time doing so. Not into the scene much. I'm a geek, but not the usual star wars and or star trek fan type, i know, i'm in a weird minority subset of geekdom. I consider science my religion but I'm not a fundamentalist of it, I understand it has limitations and many things it does not yet explain ^^. Oh, and i like computers too, a lot.
What I’m doing with my life
Just experimenting with a lot of stuff i wouldn't have dreamed of doing before. Like signing up on this website. Leaving the stability of a job to pursue my own interests in Software Development in the middle of an economic recession (lmao, that last part wasn't planned). Just doing the stuff that i know i won't be able to do later on, and time isn't slowing down or stopping to wait for me to make up my constantly-changing mind.
I’m really good at
Getting myself and my party killed while playing MMO's >.> I was just curious what would happen if clicked the lever <.< nobody told me not to!
The first things people usually notice about me
My rapidly and uniformly receding hairline (or at least i think that's what they notice >.>). Oh wait, i know, um my big hairy eyebrows. No? But if you carry a nerd radar, then it's your radar going off when i'm in proximity.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: In the past few years i've been into scientific biographies, the best of which has been Alan Turing: The Enigma.

TV: Mazinger Z, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Big Bang Theory. I used to have LOST in my favorite list, but after that lousy ending, I'm not a fan anymore. Am I the only one that thinks that ending sucked?

Movies: Seven, Silence of the Lambs, American Beauty, Juno, Ghost in the Shell, Never let me go

Music: Anything by Morrissey, The Smiths. Most of Alanis Morissette.

Food: I'm a vegetarian (but not the zealot kind, i could date a non-vegetarian and won't try to convert him, i promise!). Almost any form of chocolate, Tea (especially green), typical latin-american food (rice/beans/plantain/tortilla). Veggie Japanese Rolls. Paninis (avocado/jalsberg or caprese). Fruits, almost any, at this point.
Six things I could never do without
* Computers
* Consoles/Games
* iPhone
* Internet Connection (wikipedia, slashdot, video game sites, news sites)

Hmm... i think i can live with only 4 >.>
I spend a lot of time thinking about
* hardcore nerdy stuff that i don't fully understand and try to wrap my brain around, that ends up making my head ache (theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, time travel, string theory)
* video games
* sex
On a typical Friday night I am
In order of most to least likely, or some mixture of them

* playing videogames
* surfing the net
* watching a movie/tv-series
* chatting with friends online
* reading a book
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm versatile ... i mean ... i wear both briefs and boxers (but not at the same time!) ... i can also use a mac or pc ... but i prefer the fruitier computing platforms >.>
You should message me if
from a song:

Do you derive joy when someone else succeeds?
Do you not play dirty when engaged in competition?
Do you have a BIG intellectual capacity but know
That it alone does not equate wisdom?
Do you see everything as an illusion?
But enjoy it even though you are not of it?
Are you both masculine and feminine? politically aware?
And don't believe in capital punishment?


Do you derive joy from diving in and seeing that
Loving someone can actually feel like freedom? are you funny? a la self-deprecating? like adventure? and have many formed opinions?


Are you uninhibited in bed? more than three times a week?
Up for being experimental? are you athletic?
Are you thriving in a job that helps your brother? are you not addicted?
...curious and communicative...?

If you are still reading this and answered yes to a majority of the above, feel free to contact me to talk further, if not, still feel free to do so we might be able to work out the kinks!
The two of us