41Hayward, United States
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My self-summary
We're a positive extroverted poly couple. She's 38, bi, happy, curvy, sassy and can cheer up just about anyone. He's 42, straight but not narrow, snarky, handy, but can switch to goofy easily. We're here for socializing, shameless flirting, finding PiC's for late night adventures and building meaningful friendships.

We surround ourselves with snarky intelligent and sassy people who like to drink whiskey, dance, collaborate on projects and talk about social (in)justice.

We're both burners and last year marked both of our 13th year! We love meeting fellow burners but being a burner doesn't shape our lives. Just enhances it a tad.

We're both curious and find pleasure in finding the hidden gems of life- be it in art, music, food, or the random events that pop up in life! I've taught her how to weld in the shop (she's a natural and loves it!) and I'm an understudy for a metal sculpturing artist in Oakland! We love to learn and curiosity is always a driving force with us.

We're both rated as ENFJ.
What I’m doing with my life
Him: Building, making, learning, being inspired and inspiring,

Her: Learning and growing by forever looking to meet new people and gain new experiences.
I’m really good at
Building stuff, motivating, instigating and assimilating. Cheering people up, turning a situation around, asking the questions people don't want to answer.

I can be a total goofball or a serious diplomat. I take things as they're given to me. I have a long fuse for most things, a short fuse for a few things.

Giving awesome hugs and making people smile. I love being out and about meeting people and doing things but I'm also really good at staying in and relaxing...kicking my feet up or baking something yummy (our newest creation is a coconut cream pie!!!)
The first things people usually notice about me
Him: Multi colored mohawk feminist manly man with a wicked smile.

I am very much like a big kid in being so I enjoy life how I want too. Picture a teenage bear mixed with some tigger with a dash of hobbs. Im serious when I need to be, but if fun and deviance can be involved. It will happen.

Her: super curly hair, contagious smile, and bubbly personality :)

I'm a hugger! ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Reading I don't get a lot of time to do lately. However. I have read Hunter S. Vonnegut, King, cook books, How to's and many many manuals. I actually enjoy a good technical manual with a snifter of whiskey.

Movies: Fight club, aliens, art house flicks, horror, sci fy, comedy and indy films. Can't stand brainless action flicks or romantic comedies. They make me itchy....

Music and me have a very loving relationship. Anything from the clash to Mozart. Guns and roses to The Xx. Electronic to old country. Getting it yet?

Currently playing hot chip.

Food. I love food and can take it very seriously. I like most food but have a strong hatred towards runny egg yolks and hard boiled eggs. Long story.

Him: Thai, Cuban, Caribbean, small plates, Spanish, American New and old, molecular gastronomy, French pastries.
Six things I could never do without
Our family and chosen family!
Our passions (zest)
Witty banter and flirting (fun)
Fresh veggies and a good butcher (food)
Great beer and whiskey (yum)
My hands to build and touch my beautiful sweetie (touch)
Love (life)

We get some extra since there are two of us! ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Him: Art, metal, glass, wood, food, beer and whiskey. I think of how I can affect the world to make it a better place. Challenging old out dated schools of thought! Projects I want to build, make, conjure. How to make things better and more effective! Social justice is always on my mind in all realms. My friend put it perfectly. I'm a good guy more then a nice or bad guy. I do what's right and has the most profound impact. I also think how blessed I am to have such a very strong support group of my chosen family!

Also wondering why people consider weed to be a drug and would "Never" but consider alcohol to be ok cause it's legal...

And why do people on OKC complain about people not taking the time to write a well rounded message but when someone does, they still don't write back. Makes me think they're full of shit.

Her: The weekend and how I'm going to spend it with my friends and loved ones. How to put together the next social gathering or event (previous parties included a mac n cheese cook off, a meow vs rawr party, a black light forest theme, and a super hero and super villain peace conference!). What project I want to take on (usually something that includes crafts or sewing cool costumes). Annnd during my commute I think about why people don't seem to know how to merge, change lanes, or go at a "regular" speed. ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
***fridays are usually chill now since one of us has classes on Saturday, but the rest still applies to out weekends in general! 😊

Typical by definition is nowhere close to our lives. Every weekend is unique and different hands down!

We could be driving our trailer to Mendocino, the Sierra's, a burner event or campout party. We could be running long on a happy hour in Oakland (that's happend more the once.), a art showing is sf or Oakland, having a big party or intimate gathering at our house, trying out some new restaurant, going to a themed costume party or simply taking it easy at home and doing cuddle movies on our giant bean bag chair.

Who does typical??
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
We run an event group on facecrack that is a social party group that we either create outtings and events or piggyback on other events. oh and some of us dress up in any variation of a bear or other woodland creatures. No we arent furries!

Our group has no patience for bigotry, racism, homophobia or any bullshit to that tone. We have a blast!
You should message me if
*You want to create, collaborate, inspire and work on projects/ideas and/or art installations together!

*You're excited about life, laugh at apathy and always want to do the good thing.

* You're light hearted and know how to roll with life's punches.

*You aren't shady, have hidden agendas and respect our one rule of full disclosure.

*You're interested in friendship primarily, and if you find both of us attractive and are interested in playing with us together :)

*You're emotionally and physically healthy. You strive for healthy communication and personal growth.

*You don't put people in a "box" and judge people for their beliefs and/or passions.

*You can deal with a multitude of lifes challenges. You own your shit.

***Please spare us the one line response. It makes you seem boring and shallow. Which possibly means you might NOT be a good fit for friendship. We enjoy people that have a depth and the ability to carry their end of the conversation. 😊

***We aren't looking to fulfill unicorn fantasies or to spice up our already awesome sex life. Sex is easy. We want to find a friend, a partner in crime. Someone to grow a lasting long friendship with!

***We're here to establish friendships with well rounded, well adjusted, poly-sex positive-kinky, genuine and sincere people. No matter your orientation, gender choice or relationship status.
The two of us