36Barcelona, Spain
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My self-summary
Is this an ebay description?? Product offered: A man in his 30's, likes sport, music, resting, biking and drinking with his
friends. Shipped as you can see in the pictures (maybe a bit more long-haired and/or with a bit longer beard). Brown (almost black) eyes, black hair, about 70 Kg. of weight, shipped individually with a 0 CO2 program (right now he ships himself by bicycle), totally sustainable. Lives alone, likes cats, dogs, and has no problems about talking about almost anything during hours.
What I’m doing with my life
The shipped man usually wakes up every morning, rides his motorbike to his work, spends there a bit more than 8 hours and after that normally goes to gym, sometimes go home, prepare his dinner, makes some noise with a guitar and sleeps. On weekends the behaviour of the shipped man is unexpected :P
I’m really good at
The offered man is not "really good" at anything since he knows that he always can be better at anything... Anyway, he likes playing guitar (not good anyway), running (which can always be useful), swimming (also useful if you are in a transatlantic and it gets sunk), cooking (edible stuff, useful too), getting lost (maybe not that useful but sometimes is fun), and not knowing a single thing which he is good at. Probably you should meet the offered man to get an opinion about what is he good at.
The first things people usually notice about me
The offered man gets noticed because he has no problem about talking to anyone and finding something to talk about. The main problem about it is that you'll find yourself having spent a long time with him and you won't be able to remember what were you talking about...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The shipped man likes the dystopian novels genre (1984, Brave new world, Fahrenheit 451... ), but also likes some other stuff which goes from Terry Pratchett to Chuck Palahniuk. Of course loves good SciFi, of course loves social novel, and tries to avoid "very romantic" stuff.
The movies this guy likes go from "Sharktopus" to "The Godfather", but there are some in the middle he dislikes...
About music: likes music (i.e., reggaeton is not music), liking much more post-rock stuff, jazzy stuff, even sometimes some spanish classical guitar music (depends on the mood of the unit when it's shipped).
About food... The guy can be feed by almost everything edible, but normally doesn't accept fast (junk) food. He is able to use meat, fish and vegetables as main fuel.
Six things I could never do without
Actually, the unit was built according to the following requirements, so needs the following to work:
- Water (preferably not seltzer water), not polluted
- Air (Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon, preferably not polluted), in a pressure of 1 Atm.
- Food (as stated in the previous point), between 2500 an 3000 Kcal at day.
- Clothing. The unit works without problem in temperatures between 20 and 30ºC. Below that needs more clothes (included with the package) and beyond that the unit likes to take out some clothes.
- Humor sense, irony, sarcasm and something to laugh at. Since the shipped man has his own humor unit, sometimes he can even generate more than used, so the customer will have to get the exceeding humor and use it as wanted .
- A toilet. Not included in the kit...
Probably the unit will need more stuff. In that case, there would be an audible indication of his needs.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The offered guy has a problem about philosophy, about thinking how to make the world a better place, about thinking what else he can do with his cous-cous recipee to make it a bit more tasty, about energy and the peak-oil, about science, about how to play some songs ... Not necessarily in this order.
On a typical Friday night I am
The offered guy has finished working and normally goes to the gym. After that he goes home, plays guitar for some time if still has energy enough, prepares some dinner and goes to bed. Sometimes it's a bit different, the guy meets friends of him, has a drink and normally tries to talk. Normally the guy avoids the "party hard" approach, unless the people he is with offer a really good plan.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The bidding for this guy starts at 0 $/€/Yen/Won/(put your currency here).
Seriously: I'm tired of meeting people and ... Just talking. Just being friends. I have no problem to talk. I think I have enough to offer to be interesting, but sometimes it looks as you need to offer yourself in this kind of "bidding" meeting dates to look interesting as something else than "that guy who talked to me yesterday while I was in the supermarket, but I thought it was strange because no guy can think I'm attractive in the daylight with no make-up" ... Don't know, if you need more info about the product, ask for more details to the vendor :P
You should message me if
Hey, the seller has no problem about any question you can ask about my product... Ask me about it !
The two of us