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My self-summary
1/3/2016 9:04 PM Since writing this profile I've had some very serious medical problem and am on the mend. What is below is true for when I wrote it. I will have to, as time allows, edit some. When it comes to someone I love, in this case me, I am a Peaceful Warrior. I am now at my ideal weight, but would not recommend this weight loss Regimen even to The Donald. Some new photos, now at my almost ideal weight will be forthcoming. Medically/physically this has been one heck of a year with overcoming some very serious ailments. I am now recovering from a lower back fusion and was seen by the Neurosurgeon on 10.4 with raving reviews. This is not a subject into which I care to delve here. I am remarkably fit for having survived my recent Medical Maladies:
I am a born&bred N00 Yawkuh; raised educated in Brooklyn in a Public School 4 Intellectually Gifted Children when neighborhoods were extended families & the school system demanded competency. I have a 6yr old 100 + lb German shepherd. Kojak; a gentle giant.
I love to dance (especially slow to the blues) ~ Most importantly I love to love in all its many aspects. I am a man; many say a man's man, some might say something lesser; expert in a few areas, knowledgeable in many. I have seen 4 quite a while, life as a journey to enjoy issues/problems/ adversities as opportunities to learn&grow. ‘There is no way out but through’; YOU CAN'T KEEP IT UNLESS YOU GIVE IT AWAY. YOU CAN'T GIVE IT AWAY IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT! My K-12 education & childhood was remarkable.
My photos are current representative. Most of my career/s, including Specialized Law Enforcement specializing in Social Work, Staff training programming, specialized unit design and development were both unique remarkable. Being a Peace/Law Enforcement Officer out in the field, was the easiest of my duties in Law Enforcement. I was hired from 'Outside the Law Enforcement Mentality' - not my words.
I was a wayward youth, perhaps an understatement, who got into the drug scene heavily, been to hell back [Several lifetimes ago] am a lot more tempered & wise 4 having made that journey. I entered Odyssey House of NYC & was treated trained by the founder, Judianne Densen-Gerber JD, MD. I held Executive Positions for ten years in 4 different states; it is what brought me here in 1979 to direct the Youth Division of OH of UT. It took two years to get that program fully funded & the staff trained. Teenagers are tough generally; the one's I worked with were the toughest. Still I loved the challenge and had the patience, tolerance, compassion,training/education & amazing mentoring to do my best. 'Everything I needed to learn in life I learned in Kindergarten.
I retired in July of '04 with medals&citations from a 22 yr. Public Safety/Peace Officer career. I was never convicted of a crime, during my path less taken; amazing, even for me when I truly stop to think about it. In October of the same year I was dead revived; hospitalized for two weeks on an IV drip at home another 3 weeks with the drip and O2; Empyema. That humbling experience also enabled me to value LIFE even more.
What is above is for the purpose of weeding out those who, for whatever reasons would see what is stated as fearful, negative or dissuading. Everything is as it should be. I have no regrets.
I will consult but am not seeking work. Life is a 2 edged sword consisting of paradoxes. Keep the blade sharp, use it wisely; recognize the gray areas, as they are the ones that primarily constitute life.
Again due to recent medical circumstances and an upcoming back surgery, I seek friendship, companionship, intellectual and spiritual challenge and motivation; laughter and fun. My recent life threatening operations and recovery has not precluded satisfying a woman sexually. What is stated above for the most part would need to be developed and ascertained prior to physical intimacy.
I love music from Bob Dylan&sixty-70s rock persuasion or discipline.

Golden Rule &, As told by Rabbi Hillel in the Babylonian era; He was asked by a 'Wiseguy' can you explain the Torah in one sentence. - "Do not unto others that which you do not want done upon yourself, the rest is commentary'. He was a sage to Jesus. Hippocrates “First do no harm”; that in essence along with respect for Mamma Nature & all her inhabitants forms the basis of my spiritual beliefs & practices. I also believe in principles before personalities and with certainty I leave my world a better place daily. By nature, nurture and training I serve and protect and I disdain bullying of any kind and will intervene sometimes with both humans and animals.

I am saddened by the poisoning and destruction of the one Earth given us by the most dangerous of all animals, that is the only animal that kills for reasons other than sustenance.

Live - love - laugh & be happy & do the same for others. My goals are simple; to continue: to give & to be student & mentor, to love creatively in all its forms & manners, to protect & to serve; by nature, nurture & training ~ & to leave each day better for having participated & for having been a good man, brother, friend, neighbor, citizen & keeper of Momma earth. Some facsimile of the above is what I would in a partner. Someone who walks the talk. Mutual "CHEMISTRY" is essential as is an active sex life.

I also love music of all genres from but not limited to Bob Dylan and the sixty-70s rockers (Not discordant heavy metal). I love Dem Blues and Jazz - Tony Bennett, the Duke (Who came to Odyssey NH facility and played for and interacted with the residents and staff), Miles, Coltrane and so much more including Classical; can't leave out Pavarotti, the Three Tenors and current and Leonard Cohen

I have many & varied interests indoors & out in Momma Nature.
Newer photos will be placed soon but they are all representative. If you are < 48 I will most likely not be interested, but can make exceptions.

IMPORTANT - I am averse to organized religion. If you follow the dogma, I'm not 4U. If you do so called good because you are afraid of hell and or looking for life eternal in heaven, I am not 4U. However if you do good, for mankind without any expectation of reward, I may be 4U. Also, if you are intellectually curious, seeing life as a continuing learning process and can teach me and learn from me - I just may be for you.

This essay will be a work in progress.

Peacefully, lovingly and encouragingly yours,

Bernie AKA by some as Buddy
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying, improving, sharing, loving, educating and being educated by two amazing canine pals among others, remodeling, gardening, camping, reading and writing, being both student and mentor and maintaining my network of family and friends. Did I mention seeking a friend and lover who 'Gets me' and is congruent with much of what I say here.
I’m really good at
Loving, friendship, creative thinking and writing, social justice and doing what I can to at least make my world better, being both a wiseguy and a wise man, being a wonderful lover, asserting myself and standing up for my rights as well as others.

A great dog person, riding a motorcycle and appreciating the wilderness. OOOOOoooooo there's really more.
The first things people usually notice about me
Although not concerned it is probably, my ease and assured, comfortable manner of interacting, my smile or laugh, my salt and pepper beard, maybe some off the wall, but functional garment or accessory, and my long ponytail.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I guess I have too long a history for favorites. Most of my reading is non fiction about the world and its inhabitants focusing but not limiting myself to human. I get the New Yorker and the New Republic. Much of my reading is on the WWWW. 4th W is Wonderful.

I like classic rock and roll from the 50's -70's.

I love Dem blues and jazz but not discordant stuff.

I grew up going to Broadway musicals and saw Leonard Bernstein conducting for West Side Story.

I like some country and almost contrary to most, like the newest American Art form - Rap and Hip-Hop; like all of the above including Classical -- I like some, love some and don't to others.

Food ethnic - not a chain.
Six things I could never do without
Food, H20 and shelter. OK it's a given, however even in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but nothing can be obtained/built/created without.
A loving partner who is intelligent, has a fairly accurate knowledge of the world and its history, creative and adores me.
Books or the WWWW - 4th W is wonderful
Music - From Bob Dylan and sixty-70s rock with the exception of Heavy Metal, to Classic, Pavarotti, Dem Blues, Jazz - Ella, Miles, the Duke came to Odyssey House NH in '78 and played and interacted with the residents and what staff decided to show up after midnight, Tony Bennett, Sinatra, Billy Holiday and so much more.
a loving partner whom I adore
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The best ways to make the above happen, while educating myself, the canines, gardening, smiling and leaving my world a better place daily.
On a typical Friday night I am
In my best Brooklynese - Ain't no tipuhcul Fryeday - but I'll take scallops with a hot sauce from Umbertos.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have been very open and honest in my answers. I comment on many of the Q&As and adjust when I am better informed or enlightened.

Anything more private would be up close and quite personal.
You should message me if
You understand and like my profile and believe we would, enjoy, fulfill, enhance, teach and learn, laugh with and at each others foibles, and that a loving, creative sex life is important to you; understanding that until I have my back operation (SOON) it would be primarily companions and friends with one heck of a soul.

The questions overall were the best I've seen on any site. On the test there were many answers that gave no dialogue for explanation. I put defensive driving because I was so trained and I ride a motorcycle. But I am an assertive driver in probably one of the worst states for driving n the country. We'll really know when we meet.--------------------
The two of us