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My self-summary
June, 2017 – WHAT I LIKE:

I was told by a date once that i was "too negative." Yes, i see things for their potential, which leads me to criticize their flaws, but i don't do this to people, just THINGS ("what a craptastic design!"). Okay, i do it to some people too. Anyway, here's some things that i actually like.

I like V8 juice.

I like building Lego sets, particularly the Architecture series.

I like creating things—photographs, design, home projects, art...

I like taking a route that i've never taken.

I like playing my guitar along with The Who and Rush and Rage Against The Machine—loud and electric and distorted. I also noodle along to whatever Pandora or Spotify is playing, finding melodies.

I like pizza. I like pizza with pineapple on it.

I like the game "Dots" on my phone.

I like dogs—particularly medium-sized mutts. I divert my walking path to pet dogs.

I like playing and watching ultimate Frisbee. I like playing with strong women who play hard and kick ass.

I like ramen noodles over a bed of fresh pea shoots.

I like Apple products.

I like graphic novels and comics, particularly ones with strong female characters. I also like some creepy/funny ones like Lenore and Invader Zim.

I like baking chocolate chip cookies and brownies... and then eating them in far too short of a time.

I like snowboarding. I like teaching snowboarding to motivated people who want to learn, especially 9-12 year-old girls who show no fear and keep trying.

I like a good root beer. Goose Island makes the best root beer (and orange cream soda) but you can't get it outside of the Chicago area.

I like flat-soled shoes. Sneakers.

I like music. I like the right song for the right mood. I tend toward upbeat stuff.

I like being a little bit subversive.

I like being trusted.

I like meeting celebrities and treating them like normal people.

I like being motivated to complete a project because i'm doing it FOR someone.

I like dark chocolate.

I like snowstorms.

I like New Mexico.

I'm sure there's more...


I want to be in awe of your curiosity, and in turn, i want you to inspire mine.

I believe in living life to its absolute minimum. You only live about 4 times, so why not? I like short walks on searing pavement, awkward cold dinners below a humming fluorescent fixture, and stultifying chats about specific minutia.

My friends describe me as "that guy", "who?", or "I'm sorry, were you talking to me?"

I am geeky, competent, and loopy.

2011 Update: I slid into the Ski + Ride School snowboard lineup a couple days ago and someone asked me "how're you doing?" My response was something like "Things are going fine and i can't complain, i'm just missing one thing." "And that one thing is...?" "Have you ever seen me here with a girlfriend?"

So yeah, i have a reliable car, a big house, enough money, a pretty OK job, opportunities to hike, snowboard, and play ultimate, and 2 dogs that love me, so i feel guilty for complaining that i don't have someone to share things with, but dammit, i wanna complain! Gripe gripe gripe...

I know that, being a guy, it's sortof expected of me to be the one asking someone out, but in unfamiliar situations, i'm really shy and i find it very hard to do that, so usually nothing ever gets done in the potential romance department. I'd love to meet someone that i can hang out with and become great friends with on a relaxed basis, but that's really tough living in rural Vermont.

I'm ready to leave Vermont though... i can move to where you are (as long as it's not too flat or too urban. If i didn't have my dogs, i could live in a city, but i do, so i don't.) I have enough money to quit my job and hit the road. We'll see what the summer brings in my persistence of employment...


Geez, it's 2015. Ugh. I keep thinking that i should update this to make it swoonifying, but really, what else can i say? I've been on here for YEARS and it's not working, yet i still hope, every day, every night, every morning. One of these days, something's gonna click.
What I’m doing with my life
What am i doing with my life? Going broke at the moment. But hiking a lot.

Ooh, hey, i'm not going broke anymore, and hiking much less. I musta got me a job. This will probably mean that for the first time in 4 years, i won't be a full-time snowboard instructor this winter.

2010 update: Yeah, the job's good, even though i'm making the same as what i was making in 1993 for about the same work. A wee downer, but i get to go snowboarding for free. And i can still get out of the halfpipe, so nyeah!

If you find yourself skiing or riding at Okemo, go find a snowboard supervisor and tell 'em to call Adam in the signshop. Maybe i'll meetcha on the slopes.

Build a fire-tower.
Build a self-sufficient house.
Wake up with someone next to me.
Make a movie (or get a screenplay made into a movie).
Play ultimate forever.
Have a big influence on the company i work for.
Meet someone unexpectedly.
Take a sabbatical.
Travel with someone.
Nail a 360 in the halfpipe.
Record an album.
Get a 200+ point play in Scrabble.
Make a quilt.

Eat squid.
Get really drunk.
Own a car with an automatic transmission.
Listen to classic-rock radio.
Wear a tie.
I’m really good at
Apparently, i'm really good at proofreading, playing ultimate, and making chocolate chip cookies.

I'm also a good snowboard instructor (AASI Level 2 certified), but i'm also perfectly capable of riding with someone and NOT telling them how they "should" be riding. Pfft. Have fun.

I'm good at playing ultimate Frisbee too, and still play competitively in at least a couple tournaments a year. There's a fun pick-up game in Rutland during the summer that keeps me gruntled.

Yes, i said i was good at proofreading, which supposes that i'm good at writing or spelling or grammar or some combination thereof. Ya mighta also noticed that i'm fond of slipping in the creative non-standard spelling of them wordification thingies too. I corresponded with someone who taught highschool English and even though i was capable of constructing a somewhat fascinating compound sentence, replete with words like "replete" (and, notably, NEVER using spell-check, which bugs the crap outta me), my occasional forays into the g-droppin' home-boy dialect was gittin' on her noives pretty solidly. Word.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first thing people notice about me is probably that i'm odd. Or maybe just quiet. Or... come to think of it, i really have no idea because no one ever tells me, although i do remember that someone once told me (OK, people tell me i guess) that i was a hard person to get to know. I countered with, "yeah, but once you got to know me was i any different than when you didn't know me?"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A: Art, A-chord
B: Blueberries (wild), Black Books
C: Chocolate (dark), Carvin guitars
D: Dogs, Dada (the band), Discraft, Dr. Seuss
E: Electricity
F: Flannel sheets, Flat-soled sneakers, Futurama
G: GoPro, Golf (disc)
H: Hilltop Hoods, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
I: iPhone, The IT Crowd, Illustrator
J: Jurassic 5
K: Kit Kats (dark chocolate), Kick-Ass
L: Lego, Looney Tunes, London Calling
M: Morris Mini, Multiplication Rock, Miyazaki, Milk
N: New Mexico
O: Ovation guitars, Other Space
P: Peanut Butter (crunchy), Pixar, Photography
Q: Quisp, Quoining
R: Rush, Rey
S: Snowboarding, Seera (my dog), South Park, Scrabble
T: Two Dots, TextWrangler
U: Unicycles, Ultimate
V: Vermont Country Store
W: WeFunk Radio, Writing
Y: Yang (Gene Luen)
Z: Zim (Invader), Ziplines

Favorite books: True death adventures and smart well-drawn comics (no stupid superheroes).

2010 update: Just finished reading all of the Harry Potter books again. Wish i could come up with a grand idea like that. People have recommended the Twilight books to me, but honestly, i just have NO interest in vampires. I suspect that i will be in a writing-not-reading mode for a while now. I've written about 6 books, mostly children's.

Oh yeah, this is a good read too: http://www.thebbbb.com

Favorite movies: Unable to quantify and/or qualify this...

2010 update: Have now seen most of Hayao Miyazaki's animated films (awaiting Ponyo on Netflix) and i'm constantly in awe of their visual grandeur and their non-hollywood/Disney storylines.

Favorite music: Upbeat stuff, but once again, see movies. My tastes change by the minute, although i like what Duke Ellington said about music: "If it sounds good, it is good."

As of early 2010, the stuff that rises to the surface in my daily mix is: Flobots, Jonatha Brooke, Rush, DJ Format, Toadies, Rihanna (just the rockin' stuff), The Sugarcubes, Kirsty MacColl, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Lily Allen....

Favorite food: Is chocolate a food? Well, cereal, sandwiches, angel hair pasta with olive oil and romano cheese. Not all of those at the same time.

In the winter i pretty much live on crock-potted soups, and lately i've taken to making them with chicken or beef broth, but no actual meat in them. Still good.

In the summer i pretty much live on salads, although i must admit that sometimes the sweet thick dressing content of the plate of veggies is quite high.

2011 Update: TV shows that i've been digging: Futurama, The IT Crowd (UK show), Black Books (another UK show), Spaced (yet another... hmmm...) and as much as i hate to be in with the in crowd, i'm kinda liking Parks & Recreation.

My two fave movies from last year (geek alert!!) were Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Kick-Ass.

Been listening to Rodrigo y Gabriela, Florence + The Machine, Flobots, Tito & Tarantula, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros... and i completed the Clash section of my CDs...

AND... in late 2012 i published my first book, which, if you've read this far, you should buy and read and like and give to people and write reviews about. It's called "The Six Sisters and Their Flying Carpets" and you can get it at any fine online bookstore.
Six things I could never do without
6 Things i could never do without: Milk, cereal, chocolate, friendship, red blood cells, dogs.

Or... ultimate, flat-soled sneakers, cotton, sleep, plastic, music.

Or... trust, unexpected things, ball-point pens, snow, sunshine, unexplored trails
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about things that never happen to me.

Or what could be, or when i'm gonna find a way to make a zillion dollars, or what i want to be when i grow up, or what unexpected small decision will lead to running into the girl of my dreams right around the corner.
On a typical Friday night I am
...over at Evening Song Farm picking up my weekly CSA share, walking the dog, talking to the farmers, watching the goats, taking pictures...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The most private thing i'll admit right here right now? I stole a hardhat once. Whoo.

I hate the fact that i'm 50. Nobody thinks that i am. Most people guess high 30s/low 40s. And i'm SOOOOO not interested in women older than me. I'll date a woman with kids, no problem, but ideally, i'd like to start something with someone as something new with possibilities. Not interested in kids right away, but eventually. So the age range i look for is about 34-44, and i'm painfully aware that many women in that age range see me instantly as too old, which is tough to deal with, but i understand, because i am quite dismissive of those older than me. But really, if you're already a grandparent, i'm just not there yet.

Just pretend that i'm 10 years younger. I certainly do.
You should message me if
You should message me if you play ultimate. You should also message me if you're interested in illustrating one of the children's books i've written. And you should ALSO message me if you want to go snowboarding at Okemo.

And seriously, you should message me if i keep showing up on your feed somewhere somehow. I don't send out a lot of messages—too shy, not enough gut feeling of compatability, a resigned sigh of too much distance in age or geography...
The two of us