61Caloundra, Australia
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My self-summary
Hi! Happy hippy chick here! Right into music, play djembe with friends, whenever I can!
I am a lovely person that my friends cherish dearly. I don't let them down, and I tend to make them laugh! Pretty much the first one to jump up and dance! I keep trim, although not perfect, and eat only really healthy food.
Have limitations on diet, (Gluten, Dairy, & 220 free.)bit boring, but fortunately, SCOTCH has none of these!! :) Yay!!
Important things:
I don't tell lies, no point, and so expect the same in a partner. Would like to meet a really honest man, who worshipped me. Because, I am worth it actually, just being quite candid here, and that would be the last time you would hear me say that, as I am not vain.
Am trustworthy, and loving, and not after a player. Once a man is in my cross hairs, the world could fall down around me, and I would not notice. Very forgiving of other's imperfections, and stuff ups!! (To a degree obviously!!)
What would be really nice, is:........
Helping a partner do stuff in the Vege patch, or with the car, or fishing, or painting, cycling, walking up the beach, and swimming, is what I like. Playing music with him, would be a dream come true!!
Trying to be environmentally aware. I help organise beach and reef cleanups with pedestrians and divers in my area.
Am not "Tameable", "Usable", or "Controllable"! LOL
Can switch to being extremely serious rapidly when the need arises, don't you worry about that!! :)
Looking for a man close to me location wise in Australia. I live in Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, so guys, I am sorry, but I can't really answer anyone from overseas, as I do not have the funds to relocate, and have an ageing parent 1 hour away, that I would like to be near, reckoning on 2 years if that.... :(
Note here:
Um, I also dont answer people, if they are wearing sunnies, as I have to see your eyes hey!!
Well, I hope life is good to you, and that you have luck in your personal quests!
Cheers from Chrisdrumchick!:)
What I’m doing with my life
I am downsizing and simplyfying my life, by living simply, not using the car when I don't have to,walking more, not buying anything I don't really need. Have just had solar panels put on the roof, already had solar hot water, so raintanks are next!:) Getting down the beach more.Working as a remedial massage therapist.
Am still a Registered Nurse, but cannot work in hospitals. PTSD!! Try to be a greenie. Am healthy and happy usually.
I've recently signed up to do volunteer work which involves going into Schools, and Educating Kids about what happens to Ocean creatures when they swallow plastic bags in the Sea etc.
Am on a Committee (secretary) for a big foundation, and we are running the Eco Challenge at Tickle Park at Coolum on Sunday 10th Nov.
My life sounds busy, but I only fill it up to stop thinking about being lonely, and could easily offload what I did not need to do, to make space for a yummy man! ;)
I’m really good at
Being myself!! Getting on with people. Understanding people. Playing my Djembe with friends. Explaining things to people so that they easily understand something. Making people feel good about themselves. Cracking corny Jokes, (and some excellent ones,) Good at being the Icebreaker in difficult scenarios.:) Good at getting myself out of bed and achieving what I have to. :) (mostly!)
The first things people usually notice about me
I am apparently pretty, usually trim, and used to have wraps in my hair. Also smile and laugh a lot. Wear hippy stuff. I move a lot.
( Be yourself, cos' I will be!! :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Day of the Triffids. The long kiss goodnight. True lies. All men are liars, and other Australian movies. Don't like mushy movies. Prefer docco's, Commedies, or informative things.
Six things I could never do without
Fresh air. Clean water. Warmth and safety. Love of Family and friends, MASCARA! my drum, (and jiggy-jiggy!!) Maslow said there were about 7 in his Heirarchy of needs, guess he was right!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Being positive, but also thinking about how to hang onto my money, trying to make it last a long time. It concerns me at times. I think about my son a lot, how good life is, but will I ever find someone who will take me as I am, weird n all?! The environment, Health, and fitness, then music. I think most people consider these things. After these thoughts, I get happy, because I have a handle on these subjects, all you can be is your best, which is what I try to be.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working in my massage tent, or wrecked and trying to rest, unless one of my friends drags me out to a live band! Wahoo!! :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Have Caesarian scar on my belly, that's about it!
You should message me if
You are not fat, and don't smoke, as I have done enough nursing in my life!!
If you are a wonderful man, who looks after themselves, is honest, with a sense of humour, has a zest for life, and is a bit zipppy, or funny! Then ring me! Handsome, and great body would be awesome! ( I can but ask hey?)
You are a "Dog" person, not a "Cat" person. :)
Being a musician would be a great bonus :)
Alternative outlook, hippy, healthy is good too!:)
Not too serious, or negative, cos that's a drag.
I Like long hair, (clean!) shaved heads, and cropped grey is cool too!
[Warning, warning: I Cant stand bad breath, and that would be as far as it went my friend!! Sowwy]
Otherwise, Hippy hugs for you!!
The two of us