23London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I am part Swedish, part British and slightly Norweigen ancestry. I am open to new things to do, new ideas and thoughts. Quality conversation and interaction is something I really enjoy. I <3 intelligent people, which is part of the reason why I like China and other asian countries so much, their IQ is very high relative to most of the world. I just got back from a trip to China, I already miss it! I'll be going to study at university in China next year.

I like eating and exercising. My main sport is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), which is like kickboxing, mixed with wrestling. So if we are hanging out, I can be your bodyguard... grrr :p. Not really, I suck. My cardio is pretty good though, my resting heart rate is at 48.

Being vegetarian or vegan is a plus. (Because I am vegan). I'm more into it for health reasons, but I appreciate some of the arguments made from principle. Also, it makes it easier logistically, me eating a salad, and someone else eating a big mac wouldn't go well together, like some episode of Fat Vs. Skinny (Seriously, that show is so fucking stupid.)

I will not have a relationship with you, if you;

-Think hitting kids is okay (Most important)
-You believe in determinism rather than accepting free will
-Identify with feminism
-Already Have kids
-Have tattoos or piercings
-Get drunk routinely
-Don't read
-Work for the government (I'm not a drug dealer btw)
-Only care about sex
-Are abusive
-Are not monogamous
-Are promiscuous (No more than 2 partners in your lifetime)
-Do drugs
-are Religious

At this point of reading, you may be trying to figure out which political group I identify with, or what my angle is. The truth is, I don't care about tribal association, rather I prefer to think for myself as to what is correct or preferable behaviour.
What I’m doing with my life
Learning Chinese Mandarin, and Korean languages. I speak both at a basic level.

我的名字是弗雷泽。 我学习中文, 三十字学每个日, 不好中文技能对不起。 中文水平不好,想交中国朋友 :) 我喜欢唱u生他是很好歌手有 phoenix legend.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books by; Karl Pilkington, Jeffrey Tucker, Stefan Molyneux, Ayn Rand have been the most influential in my life. Not in any particular order (Karl Pilkington being the odd one out :)
The two of us