29South Petherton, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Update, I now have my new car. I couple of cosmetic things but all in all I'm happy with it. In relation to the whole driving thing, I can now travel a little further and it's another social convention adhered to, box ticked.

I don't mind if I find someone who ends up being a great friend but if I'm honest, I'm only on here with the intention of finding someone for a real relationship where we get to know each other, take it at our own pace and talk through any issues rather than argue.
Things in common would be a big plus but I'd be happy enough with a similar out look on life.

I'm an out doorsy science loving nerd with a fairly good job, a driving licence with the added bonus of being on track to buy a house on the next six to eight months. I'm calm and logical but caring and passionate. I've gotten to know myself over the years and am now ready to find someone decent with a mature attitude. It would be a little ironic to come this far and then remain on my own. If I'm honest I've grown somewhat accustom to being single. Seemingly comfortable just improving my own life and catching up with close friends now and again. Oddly I seem to forget I'm single and become too busy to look, suddenly I notice the calender and think, hasn't this last year gone fast. On the plus side I can now legally drive a car, although I have yet to buy one, as I'm still debating what sort to buy. I'm on track to have a mortgage most likely May-June of 2015 and things appear to be going reasonably well work wise I'm apparently an INTJ maybe with a hint of ENTP if for those of you who read that sort of thing. I don't agree with the description entirely as I make a point of at least attempting to overcome some of the deficiencies with my personality. People don't seem to write much about themselves on here and even fewer seem to respond to messages. I hope someone takes the time to read this. I've rewritten it a few times now.

You don't have to write me an essay, just say hello. I'm not going to be rude and ignore you. I look at peoples actions above the ways they look and I always give people a fair chance. After all I know I'm not the most physically attractive guy in the world. Yes I am aware this profile has become somewhat lengthy (again) I seem to rewrite it fairly regularly. As I'm sure you're aware even a "no sorry you're not my type" would be appreciated.

I should mention I'm quiet eccentric, not everyone’s idea of a perfect match.
I work as an administrator and I'm aiming toward getting myself a mortgage within the next year or two.
I enjoy cooking and I don't mind doing house work but I'm also good at DIY and repairing computers.
As far as music tastes go, I will listen to most things. I usually prefer mid-seventies to late eighties ballads but anything from classical through heavy metal and on occasion even pop music. I don't drink alcohol, smoke, take drugs or dance, never have never will, maybe slow dance at a push. (But I never suggested that)
I'm looking for someone decent. Basically someone who wants a relationship and is willing to work on it.
Intelligence is a turn on. A little sarcasm or a liking of music by Meatloaf, Bonjovi or queen would be a big plus but almost anything goes. I would say looks don't really influence my decision but I'd be lying. I generally avoid people to ware too much makeup or walk around in public dressed in cloths which would look at home on the set of a porn movie. I tend to remember certain films word for word. Apparently I can follow Primer without any issues.

For films virtually anything and everything goes. Far too many to list. Back to the future, Monty Python, Beetle Juice, The matrix, The Truman Show and The Rocky Horror Picture Show have been some of my favourites for years. But I will watch anything from romcoms to syfi to horror.
TV wise it tends to be game shows like millionaire, egg heads and QI but I like some of the older ones too. Bar that programs like Johnathan Creek, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Stargate and lately Sherlock.
Games , when I find the time, puzzle and strategy usually. Something like Portal or Tomb raider or mahjong usually end up being payed to completion.

I can come across a little cold and logical at times but I'm a caring person deep down, I tend to go out of my way to help people who deserve it. As a result it can take a little while to get to know me fully. More than anything I'm looking for that rare thing that is someone who can fall for me. I'm holding out hope it's not a once in a life time event. As far as children go I don't mind if you have them already but I would rater not rule out the potential of having one or two of my own in the future. Although I would like to have a things reasonably stable before going down that route.
I don't ever give up, I don't give in, not completely unless there is absolutely nothing left to fight for. That goes for everything I'm passionate about not just relationships.
It often takes me weeks if not longer to learn someone name. I tend to get by one way or another.
I really enjoy sketching and writing but above all, all aspects of science although lately, as other things in my life have taken precedence, my interests have ceased to be somewhat of an obsession and become more of a hobby. I am not a great fan of sports per say, I tend to find most quite boring. Bowling snooker/pool, swimming I can do, maybe the odd badminton game. However I know very little and have even less interest in football and rugby.

I always reply if someone sends me a message. If you're local I don't mind meeting up, it's always nicer to talk face to face. In general I prefer calls over texts but I tend to find it easier to express myself in writing sometimes.
Anything you want to know just ask. I look forward to hearing from you.

First date:
This section seems a little superfluous considering I've not managed to find anyone willing to meet up yet but who knows.

I'm not really a dating kind of guy. I don't feel that comfortable in a busy pub or restaurant.
Somewhere quiet so we can have a chance to chat.
Perhaps a walk in the countryside or a light lunch somewhere.

- Christopher Richard Johnston. [CRJEEA]

If you want to add me on facebook to chat there instead you're quiet welcome to. All I ask is that you send me a message first and you don't simply send me game requests.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently working as an administrator for a distribution business (I know it sounds "exiting") It's not too bad, more of a stepping stone and a means to an end than a career.
I'm still saving where I can, aiming towards getting my own place(hopefully to buy rather than rent). I rent a room, in a shared house, out in the middle of the country side. On the plus side I still only have to travel about twenty minutes to work.
I have quite a bit of free time, so I tend to write, draw, make things and generally enjoy myself. I like swimming but I've not been in a while.
I’m really good at
Problem solving, be that an emotional issue a friend is having or some technical issue with a computer or around the house.
Picking up odd little bits of "useless" information.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm quite ginger, eccentric, a bit shorter than expected I talk a bit too much when I'm nervous( I try and hold back on the geekyness when I meet new people these days so I don't bore them to death/frighten them away :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh that could be a long list :D

Books/Mo vies/Shows(tends to be tv rather then theatre)
Any genre really, horror, romance, comedy, scfi, a mixture of all of all of them.
Back to the future, The matrix, The rocky horror picture show, Shawn of the dead, spirited away, the corpse bride. Monty Python films. I will watch any film at least once. I enjoy most any literature from Steven King to Roald Dahl.

Almost anything classical, Most rock (apart from the screaming, shouting sort), some pop but not much mostly 80's.
From Meatloaf, Bon Jovi, Queen, Status Quo, Abba. through to Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach anything really.

Everything but tomatoes, beans and processed cheese/carrots.
Sushi, Chinese, I love a good full Sunday roast, gigantic sandwiches, fresh home grown fruit and vegetables. All but to name a few for my favourites.
Six things I could never do without
Bar the obvious things like air, food and water extra.
Keys, phone, money, pen and paper, friends/family and science.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
When I'm not planning day to day life I tend to be considering something scientific or philosophical.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out in the fields walking the dogs, sat down on the beach taking photos, meeting up with a friend or two for a catch up or reading something I find interesting while I take it easy for a few hours (:
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It took me a while to sort my self out. (and even longer to get around to updating this profile)
of course there are a lot more but I keep my self to myself a lot more these days
You should message me if
You would like to chat. Be that your looking for a friend, something that might develop or you are reasonably local and you want to just meet up and take the plunge so to speak.
I will reply back (:

If you are only looking for sex/a one night stand you lie, cheat, steal or you use any illegal drugs. (yes cannabis counts) respectfully don't bother messaging me (: I don't really want anyone like that in my life.
The two of us