40Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I have had writers block for months and I’m sure it will kick in again soon – so I’ll try to write this quickly.

Over a year of new experiences in life, relationships, and getting to know myself better has loosened quite a few of my personal boundaries.

I've summed up some recent thoughts with this original quote. "A person too cautious to climb a wall or open a gate to get to what they want, must settle for whatever is thrown over to them."

Me in 7 lines:
1. I've embraced my love of being of service.
2. I want to be more joyous – to feel as if I am dancing all of the time.
3. I love talking with people and finding out what makes them giddy.
4. My time is limited and finite - my love is capable of great expansion.
5. I can flirt with men all day but become painfully shy around a woman I find attractive.
6. The more important something is, the more I stress about it. (See #5.)
7. I am a career woman and love being the cook, maid, gardener, and nanny at home. I don't see any conflict between these roles.

I was raised to believe that it's poor manners to talk about oneself. That is still my default behavior both online and in person. As a result, I am an excellent listener who has a very hard time talking about myself.

A person conversing with me can tell if I like them when; 1. I ask further questions about them. 2. Start to share information about myself. 3. And if we're face to face, I maintain eye contact instead of looking for the nearest distraction.

I am shy, self-critical, and sensual.
What I’m doing with my life
To fix, to help, to serve; to make a process better, brighten a mood, make treats for those I love: This is me. This is what I do.

I have a career. I cook and bake. I spend my limited free time balancing home life and going out with old and new friends and lovers.
I’m really good at
Baking desserts and cookies
Being a hostess - serving others.
Wearing vintage style dresses and stockings.
The first things people usually notice about me
I presume it is either my blue eyes, fishnet stockings, or the plate of homemade cookies.

These three things often occur in combination.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My book collection is large and eclectic. I do stay away from horror or romance (shudder) novels.

My musical tastes are also fairly broad. In current rotation are: ABBA, Apocalyptica, Djam Karet, Erasure, Fred Astaire, Lisa Gerrard, Cyndi Lauper, Os Mutantes, Shakira, The Ink Spots, and Queen.

I prefer simple foods: sushi, steamed vegetables, soups, steak. I usually avoid desserts unless I have made them, from scratch, myself. The same goes for jams.
Six things I could never do without
My family
Honest non-monogamy
My friends
My own kitchen
Indoor plumbing
U-pick blueberries
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying a family night at home, or out on a date with a partner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still blush.
(Actually that's a pretty obvious trait.)
You should message me if
All of the people in my life were encountered in person, through dancing, work, or as friends of friends and relatives. I have never met anyone online before meeting them in person. I think that’s because I’m hardly ever just sitting at a computer. If I have a chance to relax, I do something low tech or go out. This is starting to shift more to a consistent online connection now that I have a smarter phone.

Speaking of free time and my goals for this site - I would like to add to my group of friends for craft and cooking activities. It would be nice to get to know more folks who have similar interests, similar social bents (I admit that I am quite bent), enjoy word games of wit and whimsy, or like to have polite intellectual conversations. (Polite means being able to agree to disagree.)
The two of us