41 Stockton, United States
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My self-summary
Updated: 7.21.2016

I've been playing a game called Parallel Kingdom. It's FREE to play and I'll get a huge bonus if you start playing. Just use this link to download on your phone or play on the PC. We can also network and get to know one another there... It's a pretty cool game. If I refer people, I earn food to use in the game rather then have to pay for it. There are other ways to earn free food too, I will show you how so you can play to the max and never have to pay.

Just look for CainO' or DD&D near the Stockton / ElDo area in the game - the game is location based and you can travel all over the world, but it signs you up at the location you are physically when you sign up for the game. I put my PK CainO' picture in my pix so you can identify me in the game when you see me. I use the game mostly for networking, but it's kind of addictive... lol - I have networked with a few guys from the area and may have made a couple friends and potential business associates through the game, pretty cool.

As far as the relationship stuff goes; I am lowing my expectations and I have less ambition then before. I am also changing careers soon, so I wont be trucking much longer. I will be around the Kansas City area mostly during the weeks and home in Stockton on the weekends.

If you wanna chat, say something. If not, don't. TTFN, CainO'

Updated: 6.18.2016

Well, that didn’t work out. She lead me to believe she was single… then I found out that she was seeing someone, but she made it sound as if she was on her way out of the relationship. So I did my homework into the situation, turns out the other guy was a really cool guy and more astrologically compatible to her then I am. So I backed off and encouraged her to work on her relationship, not to just throw in the towel so fast. I basically pushed her back to him and then she blocked me on facebook, so I guess we are no longer in the friend zone; and I thought she was better than that.

So… I am going to finally muster up the courage to ask out the other one I should have asked out a year ago and see what happens. As before; you will know by my next update whether I am still available and looking or not. Good luck and I wish you the best! CainO’

Updated: 7.11.2016

OK, I never did ask that other woman out... I'm not so much sure it would work out anyway... So I am still looking, just not looking so much right now. If you wanna talk, message me. If no one messages me, I wont be here. If you see me on here, it is because someone sent me something. Good luck and don't be shy, I don't bite too hard. I am shy, so it won't work if we are both shy. (I'm not shy when it comes to business, or anything else; only with women. I'm weird like that). Just send me your birthday and I will run our astrology, that is a great ice breaker (:

Updated: 6.11.2016

OK; how do I respectfully say this, without coming across too weird and eccentric?

Since my last relationship dissolved in 2014, I have only met a couple/few women I was actually interested in. One; I have been friends with for a year but I never approached, like an idiot. Two, I “ended up” just being friends with. (One of the two has become a close friend and we both cross analyze each other’s matches “spiritually, psychologically and astrologically” to help each other find the best match.) Another; we got into a huge fight over nothing and now are acquaintances. And the last one turned out to be a liar and a cheater; I was “the other guy” or at least one of them, only I didn’t know it.

The one I met in January 2015; I just found out that she stuck me in the friend zone because she didn’t feel good enough, adequate enough, and intellectual enough for me. I intimidated her. What the heck!?! And all this time, I thought I did something wrong. I never stopped liking her, but I respected the friend zone and moved on. Astrologically; we are almost twins, even though she is a few years younger than me.

What I am trying to say is… a couple things. One, I may not be available anymore; we will see. Two; don’t put someone in the friend zone if you like them, it might actually workout. But then again; being friends for a year and a half and still liking one another may end up working to ones advantage as long as you get out of that friend zone, if they don’t meet someone else before you wake up. Don’t just “like” their stuff for a year on FaceBook and never take action, you could end up wasting away with losers. If you see someone of value; don’t belittle yourself, go after what you want. (I have empathy for you, I have to work on all that myself too.)

So I don’t think I will be on here anymore from this day forward, unless things don’t end up working for whatever reason. When I remove or update my profile, you will know for sure. Hope this finds you all well and I pray you find what you are looking for!!! With love and prayers, CainO’

Updated: 6.6.2016

I'm looking for Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional compatibility.

I am also looking for astrological compatibility... I'm not just talking about Sun signs (Soul) (hey baby what's your sign); I am also talking about the Ascendant (Rising sign) (How we Appear), Moon (Emotional & Psychological needs), and Mercury (How we Think and Communicate), and Venus (Our Loves & Values), Mars (Our Energy and Sexual needs), and Jupiter (How we Work and do Business), and etc...

If you think we might be compatible; message me your Birth Time, Day, Month, and Year and we can go from there. You can look me up too; 8.20.1974 @ 11:02am, Lee's Summit, Mo. I am a Leo/Virgo cusp at 27 degrees, Libra Rising at 19 degrees to make sure your findings are accurate. I fit my astrology almost to the tittle (the dotting of an i and the crossing of a t). If you don't know where to do/learn this, you can find a free birth chart calculator at

I have a thousand dollar program that gives me readings and tells me compatibility; plus I have been studying all this since 2010, 2012 hard core. I am not perfect at it yet, but I am still learning and I have come a long ways. On one of the compatibility readings; it will show from 1-10 how we rink on long term compatibility and I am looking for someone who is at least a 5, the closest I have been able to find in real life is like 2.5's (which according to the program is good) (but I found better on paper, so I am looking for her in real time).

Astrology is not 100% but it is a piece of the pie. My longest relationship ever was with a 0.5, so free will plays a huge part in making a relationship work. Our Suns were semi compatible, our Ascendants were compatible, our Moons were semi compatible, our Mercury's were compatible, and our Venus's were compatible, only our Mars and Jupiter's were off. I thought we had what it took to stand the test of time; but the 7th year she went behind my back and destroyed everything.

For almost 6 years, we had the ideal relationship; we never fought, we were the wind beneath each other’s wings and we were on top of the world. It was like a fantasy, a dream come true, a fairy-tale story; but without a happy ending. I am looking for something of that nature (again); only with someone this time who can fight the good fight and wont fold like a house of cards when the going gets rough... Someone with hoosba, someone who is in it for the long haul and not just for a good time.

I believe in astrology; but I also understand that there is free will, culture, environment, upbringing and religion... I am looking for Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical compatibility. I am spiritual, but not religious, Christion-Other; I call myself an Othertarian. So if you think we are compatible, you are health minded, fit and active, into alternative health, into living off the grid (with technology) (not like the Amish), into organic farming and living; then message me your birth info and we can go from there. PS... I am a HazMat Tanker Trucker (mostly for the pay) (and I am good at it); but as soon as I get done paying child support in a couple years, I am looking at doing something else.

Even if we are not compatible; if you send me your birth info, I will make sure you get a free astrology reading out of it. Thanx, CainO’


Updated: 5.2016

I'm looking for Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional compatibility.

First off: Match is very important, and so is a message more than a sentence long! I am not good at initiating conversations, but I am good at holding one. I do look at Pix and our match parentage 1st, then I will read your questions before reading your profile. If I am still interested, I will read your profile before messaging you usually. I have an Aries Descendant and Mars in Virgo, so I like to be hunted. But I am a Leo/Virgo cusp, with Mercury in Virgo on a Leo cusp and Venus in Leo; so all you have to do is light the fire, and I will reciprocate.

That being said; I’m not going to communicate if we are a low match / you haven't filled out enough questions to be or not be a match, especially if your message is impersonal and brief. I don't care how hot you are, if you're not compatible, I am not interested. I am an intellectual; so if you are a one liner, you are not going to hold my interest.

CainO' - 8.20.1974 @11:02 am - I match my astrology almost to the tittle (the dotting of an i or crossing of a t); so if you like what you read, message me your birthday and time of birth. If you are afraid to initiate conversation, "like" my profile. If we have "Mutual Likes" I will message you and we can go from there...

My Aries Descendant at 19.55 Degrees

"You (meaning me) look for a partner who is assertive, self-confident and independent. The more active your mate, the better. You may even attract persons who are in Arian or Mars-related professions, such as police, fire fighters, members of the military or people who are outdoors types such as athletes or park rangers."

"With Aries on your Seventh House, you (meaning me) require a mate who can look at life with excitement and a sense of adventure. One word of caution: although you are looking for a strong and active mate, you may attract people who are domineering, overly aggressive and even bossy."

My Personal Path Reading:

My Spirit Success Reading:

My Numerology:

Updated: 04-2016 - I was kinda sorta not really seeing/talking to someone... sort of... her idea of communication was a couple/few times a week if I’m lucky, where mine is a couple/few times a day. So I wasn’t sure if or where we were and/or where or whether or not we were going. She acted as if she still likes me, and things went well for a couple weeks… But she was a one liner, or a zero liner; and that drives me freaking insane (more so then I already am). What was most confusing is that her astrology dictated otherwise, she should have been a talker like me; but she wasn’t. So I knew something wasn’t right. I later found out that she was playing games (not just with me, but a couple/few other guys too). She was secretly in a relationship with all of us, till she got found out. Well I am sure she is still playing other guys, leopards don’t change their spots; but she ain’t playing me anymore. So I am still looking... looking for someone who knows how to communicate and who is NOT a liar and a cheater. If you cannot be honest, loyal and communicate, or you like to play games; don’t waste my time!

Single Venusian Male Driver, seeking Single Female Driver:

I’m a trucker; I grew up in trucking & now have been driving commercially since 1995, Tractor Trailer since 1998 and HazMat Tankers since 2006. "It’s a Family Tradition". My mother was a trucker, my grandfather owned a trucking company, and a lot of my relatives are farmers/truckers. My mother taught me to drive, now she works on the railroad & my father is the trucker. I am the founder & creator of I am a fit, active & healthy trucker & I don't subscribe to lot lizards, cheating, nor having a woman in every port. I was looking for someone to come home to; but since most women want their man home all the time, I'm now looking for a woman to drive with me this home on the road. That and I have been cheated on too much, so I too don't think I can handle the long distance relationships anymore myself. I am tired of being lied to, cheated on and disrespected! I know there are still decent women out there, I just got to find the one for me. I have yet to find her; and so I am still searching far and wide, everywhere I possibly can, looking under every haystack....
What I’m doing with my life
A lot of things
I’m really good at
A lot of things
The six things I could never do without
1) Besides God, Food, Air, Water, Earth, Fire & TP?

2) You! That's why I'm here. & other loved ones like Family & Friends.

3) Mother earth, Essential Oils, Herbs, Minerals & Vitamins

4) My phone, computer & other techno.

5) Music & YouTube.
(I typically have 6-12 YouTube windows/tabs open at a time)
Mostly educational stuff and music (playlists usually).

6) Advertising material, I am an obsessive compulsive advertiser.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

Jesus was born in September, not December. How many other lies are they brainwashing us into believing???

How I really want to answer "it depends" for 50% of these questions.

Free Food & medicine:

1 Corinthians, Revelation, the missing books from the Bible, truth (I am a truth seeker), fitness, business, friends & family, Alternative health, Alternative energy & Alternative thinking...




And Astrology of course (:
You should message me if
If you think you might be astrologically compatible to me.

If you know how to communicate (meaning more then once a day or a couple/few times a week; and real stuff, not BS and/or drama). If you would rather talk (old school) rather then text. If you are not a one liner and/or zero responder! If you are attractive (supermodel not required) and at least an 82% match. I don't care how hot you are, if you're not compatible, I am not interested (But you must be healthy, and obese is not healthy). If you are looking for a long term (committed) relationship, and nothing less. Preferable being a trucker also, but I will make exceptions if you would be interested in driving truck with me in the near future or if you live near me and wont to help work the land and "are a communicator".

I don't typically contact women (but I am working on that), so if you fit my criteria, say something! I have an Aries Descendant and a Virgo Mars, I would rather be hunted then be the hunter. However, I am a reciprocater! All you need to do, is light the fire. If you have Mars in Capricorn, this is best for my Mars; Mars is Scorpio is second best.

I am also looking for astrological compatibility, but I am still learning; so I'm not 100% sure what's compatible and what's not. I am getting closer and I do know some of what wont work for my chart and that there is no "perfect astrological match" just like there are no perfect humans. Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Fire... and a few other things that I know of so far will not work with my astrology. I think Mercury in Gemini will work for me, maybe Mercury is Sagittarius; but I typically look for Mercury in Earth only.

Mars in Capricorn and Scorpio is best for my Mars in Virgo I think. Mercury in Earth is best, Moon in Air, Venus in Fire. Sun in Fire or Earth is best; Ascendant in Aquarius or Aries is best, Gemini Ascendant is second best but sometimes Libra Ascendants are better.

The best matches I have found on paper is:
Oct. 2nd, 1983, Libra or Aquarius Rising - 10 *s
Libra, Moon in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Leo and Mars in Virgo

Oct. 2nd, 1983, Aquarius Rising - 10 *s
Oct. 2nd, 1983, Libra Rising - 9 *s
May 25th, 1983, Gemini Rising - 8 *s
Sep. 19th, 1983, Aquarius Rising - 8 *s
Sep. 19th, 1983, Libra Rising - 6 *s
April 9th, 1971, Aries Rising - 5 *s
April 11th, 1971, Aries Rising - 4 *s

The best matches I found in real life are:
12.17.1975, Leo Rising - My second longest relationship
05.14.1977, Gemini Rising - My longest relationship ever
08.08.1982, Gemini Rising - 2 *s
09.07.1964, Libra Rising - 2 *s
07.23.1982, Libra Rising - 2 *s

I am a Leo/Virgo cusp, Libra Rising, Moon in Libra, Mercury in Virgo/Leo cusp, Venus in Leo, Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Cancer. If this is compatible to you, you NEED to contact me!

Aries is my best, but a Libra with Moon in Leo is a powerful combination for my Leo with Moon in Libra.