30 Lake Elsinore, United States
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My self-summary
Im Orlando, 25 Born in the O.C.,
Never thought I'd be on here lol dont knock it till u try it I guess
I like all music: Mostly ROCK, GOOD Hiphop, dub:), Corridos if the occasion calls for it,reggae for sure,and some weird stuff in between.
Rebellious, Passionate and Intelligent chasing dreams while laughing my ass off.
Sense of humor is a must. Dont be offended easily by sarcasm or a few cuss words if you say you appreciate life then relax and appreciate it lol Laugh with me or at me as long as your smiling ;)
Im looking for something that leads to a relationship just none of the pressure. just appreciate every minute and let things flow however they do for us
If we can have a few memorable conversations where we put silly ass smiles on our faces then we can take it from there... I just don't have time for the snakes, fakes, debbie downers or simple minded girls
Thats just a little about me we'll just have to take a chance and get to know each other.
Its more interesting getting to know you then reading about you anyway ;)
What I’m doing with my life
In school for business & finance, in the process of opening a staffing agency I am the operations manager.