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My self-summary
In Japan, I’m a regular single California executive male looking for my partner in global crime. However, in regards to the locally focused, mono-language, judge and discount everything, think you have a good bead on things but know nothing typical Sacramento type prospects? I’m deff a MGTOW guy.

No, I haven’t been hurt nor am I bitter. Point being when you've lived in a country for 10 years where a 20-year-old Japanese girl has more maturity and core fiber than a 40-year-old adult American woman, as a man you’d chose the same. Just read the crap that's on most woman's profiles Jesus! "If you contact me make it interesting" How about you contact me and you make it interesting. "I only date guys taller than me, he's got to have blah blah blah." How about women with kids, overweight, monolingual, never "lived" in another country for more that 3 years out of your comfort zone (traveling doesn't count), surround yourself only with people that look, act and talk like you just "click next" beta blue pill simps that's your norm.

For the vast minority not even remote mentioning of consciousness with regard to the unspoken bonds that bring spirits together? And woman are wondering why guys are not marrying? What man who takes his life, his legacy seriously that's able to look past the played out weaponized p$%@y card would choose such a woman? Plus legal risk?

Being an Econ guy I see trends. So why do 80% of the women here have kids and are overweight? And no I don't believe the played out victimized story "it's his fault." So a guys supposed to jump at the chance to be legally bound to take care of some other guys kid? And look forward to the days of rolling you around after your joint replacement surgeries? Top that off with true stats that 80% of divorces are initiated by women? And you have the gall to make demands? Topped off with your forced nesting strategy of "I'm not here for hookups, I'm looking for a real man ready for a real relationship." Of course, your job is to trap a guy and force him to nest then slit his throat with the legal system? And you're a good catch? Comedy!

Because of your lack of testosterone, you’re a train wreck of irrational thought and action. It’s amazing how Japanese girls openly admit and talk about this and take complete ownership in how F’d up they (women) are. Which is why Samurai’s get the bonus points.(And no that does not apply to other Asian groups. Yes there's a difference) J women they're grounded like that. Vs Western woman faked-up, glamor crap which ends in divorce after 5 years with kids…Great JOB girls you destroyed another American child and one more American family is down the drain. Thanks to your hens gossip nest, insecurity sparked with ego and narcissism. Well done!

And a clip for the feminists:

With that allow me to be transparent. You and I will ink agreements waaay before the State, you, and I ink a contract and cut the cake. ^^ and yes cameras will be on at all times. With you making a nice clear statement "Yes I (full name) consent" before you even get a glass of wine.

It still pains me that EPIC man Robin Williams...if he wasn't such a nice guy he was. He would have mandated any woman around him ink contracts and he'd still be with us today. Pay for a woman's standard of living after she files for divorce? BS! You leave the Kingdom then woman up and good luck! And no its not about securing resources for the kids.

Hmmm...with the above thought...I just realized why there are so many atheists. If you did already know you wouldn't be ascending. Yep that's you Ms. passive agressive. You won't be able to lie and shake your hips and bluff your way using masculine energy to alter the akashic records that's for sure.

I always wonder what lies all these women would come up with during their life review with the cosmic designer.

As they believe in more mature, conscious parts of the world. (Buddhism) You will have your life review from the perspective of every sentient being you engaged with in your lifetime. With the start of a dialog, something like "We sent you to earth school for you to assist in healing and enhancing humanity instead you promoted covert racism, separatism, idealism, now you will experience your life from the perspective of everyone you interacted with and feel every element that person felt." I wonder why western societies conveniently leave out this small process? Ahh the feminized posture of "We don't like that it restricts our entitlement and it's scary let's just ignore it."

And no I'm not religious. I'm just a guy that's lived outside the feminized matrix of this once great nation. I get it not everybody was raised by a Green Beret Special Forces officer but holly smokes people. wake the F up! Na on second thought that's not your purpose to aspire to be a better "human being" your terms are to aspire in material terms thus your actions are as they are. Consumerism is your value. Just MORE! With product from China. lol As you hurry off to your favorite authentic Japanese restaurant that's Chinese or Korean owned which uses Korean style rice to cut their costs yet charge you authentic Japanese prices. But again for dosen't matter, right?

Well about me... I'm an International Trade Specialist / Economist for the Golden State of California coming back from a long-term assignment of 10 years in Japan as I stated previously.

Being the representative for California to Japan and expanding California Ag. and premium boutique wines to support our Northern Cali appellations was an honor.

Lived in Northern Thailand N.E. of Chiang Mai toward the Laos border on an Econ Development project for 8 months. Seeing the distinct cultures the Thai, Laos, Cambodian, Hmong and Mienh was amazing. I would deff say it's they that hold the temple within. They focus on your center who you are as a person, very natural, very solid. Happy to be who they naturally are.

To save time for boh of us if the above wasn't enough. I will say this now. I’m not a fan of the entitlement, it’s all about me garbage that seems to be the prevailing voice here in Sac. There's a lot of big fish in the world and I can assure you they're not here. While overseas for 8 years I only heard Sacramento mentioned once. And the girl that mentioned Sac described it as a suffocating experience anyhow point being this region isn't even on the radar. Spoiled brats, and "I'm the bomb!" put up with my crap girl's... please click next.

And the same for the “I’m sarcastic” types…If I wanted more sarcasm in my life I’d give my legal team a call. My life is relaxed and pleasant and I plan to keep it that way.

My idea was to come home to marry another patriot. I deff need to rethink that point. I've lived for 8 years in a culture that there is no word "I" voice only "we". Seems things are "all about me" and what you can do for me" out here. And you think that's normal don't you?

I'm Bi-racial Black & German 4th generation on both sides. Both parents were from the conservative South.

Abroad most of the guys I hung with were Canadian, Aussies, Turks, a few Brits here and there, Kiwi's (New Zealanders), German, Saudi's and of course natives. All I can say is that time and time again life has proven to me we all share much more common ground than different ground. Sitting at a table with guys that couldn't be more different to you in every way at first look. But taking the time to discover those hidden treasures of common ground that bond you as brother. Priceless....

Well, color of eyes hazel green all the men in my family have them. No artificial contacts or any of that fake stuff made the old fashioned way DNA. Body type athletic.

My personality type very liberal and tolerant I rarely use the word “no”. But as you can see at the same time frank. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I’m an optimist, not a pessimist. Keep it simple. Those that complicate things usually are those that have time to waste.

In image casual, A short’s, T-shirt and Teva’s kind of guy. As far as the suit pic in the profile just displaying I don't wear my pants hanging around my knees.

I'm not an egotist nor guy that tries to cast some shadow over people nor do I size people up.

Everyone has the same potential the primary difference in people are the books they read and the people they meet.

I enjoy everything favorite activities reading Biographies, Econ, managerial, business development, Trade, and languages. Favorite activities, anything with water... scuba and skin diving, water polo you name it. White water kayaking is also a passion of mine. Other likes are Yoga, meditation, camping, dancing, martial arts ( Jujitsu, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, combat styles) Gym, clubbing, playing ice hockey, and cultural events.

So who am I looking for now that I'm back home? As you might guess not the typical gal here in Sacramento. For some reason, I click much better with women not from other regions. Different coding perhaps. She'll be a woman of maturity which means purged of ego. She'll be level-minded, global in perspective or at least open to things of difference.

Keeps men woman relations simple and direct. Deff not one that lives in fear.

Looks are not a priority. Yes for most guys they are…but from the above you can see I'm not "most guys". Point being I'm trying to prolong my life not shorten it.

I'm not looking for a perfection no way. As you can see I didn't write for mass appeal but for a niche product.

What I’m doing with my life
Econ / Trade Specialist for the State of California directing Cali Ag. and premium wine contracts.

Feverishly trying to finish the book I'm writing about the economic power shift and military issues between the United States, JP and China. 290 down just a few more to go!
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
Hazel green eyes and dance better than Neil & Chris Brown LOL
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ethnic foods, Louisiana Cajun dishes, Thai, Indonesian, Mexican food, Indian, Turkish,
Six things I could never do without
* A woman with a healthy sex drive! (Grow up we’re all adults / I’m a Scorpio)
* Modern Technology (PC, iPhone, com networks)
* Those that touch & fill my spirit
* Long night drives
* Coffee Houses
* Global Cultures of the World (Magica!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me we are adults.
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* You're ready for a solid guy in your life.
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