50Belmont, United States
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My self-summary
I have a range of social/romantic arrangements in mind to share via this. Am quite comfortable with my life and my values and progressive social space. Also? Darn right, I'm GGG. Aren't you?

I'm a forests and rivers person, mountains and swamps- only slightly appreciate beaches. Body surfing! Love New Orleans, San Francisco and tons of dancing. I stormchase and adore autumn most; I do and attend storytellings. I like meaningful traditions, group bonding moments. Organized religion, not so much.

"Calliope likes treats and all sorts of mental stimulation, ie: INPUT! She also likes space to roam and hills to climb and posture from..." Posture, do yoga, cavort, dance up there.
-- The above is about a llama named Calliope. It me.

I am audacious, sybaritic, and a bit loquacious
What I’m doing with my life
Dance, singing, theater, active athletic pastimes. Culinary experiments, container veg/herb gardening, seeing theater
Cycling, kayaking, running, hiking, x-c skiing, etc. Dragon Boat racing, this year! A 5K or cycling race soon.

work: a little telecom and finance, a little business analysis - the master's degrees had little to do w/ these

theater: some roles- dramatic, G&S operetta, 'live radio' shows, cabaret and choral performance too

travel: I manage to travel, almost yearly. In last 4 yrs. Peru, Colorado, to see polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. I miss Indonesia from about a decade ago.
I’m really good at
tenacious curiosity, analytical vigor. Disambiguating and disentangling number, financial, and other things.
Communication, interpersonal things, listening

banter, gentle extroversion, nonverbal interplay. noncritical appreciation
The first things people usually notice about me
My curly bangs. A certain flair I tend to give my eyes.
A third feature {'it's a feature, not a bug'} notable in the pics

an alertness, wryness, my open and plucky nature
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lit: 5 bookcases, man. Shakespeare, Barbara Kingsolver, Tom Stoppard, Edward Albee, Armistead Maupin, Vikram Seth, Milan Kundera. David Brin, Lois M. Bujold, Orson Scott Card(sorry), humorists like Cynthia Heimel. Also world folktales and epics. The Mahabhrata, Ramayana. Am drawn to S. East Asia.

Film: classics, animation, mockumentaries like the Aussie "Cane Toads" flick. Serenity, Hot Fuzz, the Marvel movies, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Me, You and Everyone We Know, Boston Underground film, ALL B/Pride and Prejudice versions, LOTR, Triplets of Belleville, Run Lola Run, Dark City, Sin City, Waking Ned Devine...

I'm very anti-tv! Yet... Dexter, Dr. Who, Six Feet Under, Downton Abbey, the British Sherlock Holmes. Generally after their airing. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow.

Music: 70's, 80's, funk, jazz, torch singers, blues, harmonica(harp!), brass. Björk, Etta James, Sarah Vaughn, NIN, Portishead, Cocteau Twins, Spearhead, Charlie Hunter Trio, Jamiroquai, Stereo MC's, The BOBS, Vampire Weekend... Play a little keyboards, sing incessantly.

Comestibles: Am a mad epicure, not that Thin Mints aren't wuv too. Love Moroccan, Indian, Thai, dim sum, sushi, mole enchiladas. I make these now, also bread, yogurt, do CSA/homestead-y activities.

Alcohol: Mead, mojitos, sake. Bourbon drinks, single malts. Dark beers, Dixie "Blackened Voodoo" lager, "Trois Pistoles" dark ale 'that lingers like old port wine.' It does!
Yet I spend hardly any time drinking.

TL:DR? Hey, I can't remember this list on demand either. :-)
Six things I could never do without
Career practicality.

dance, music (most of which I soon start) singing

friends and socialness, trust and confidences

witty repartee, verbal engagement, evocative and noire-y dialog

sensuality, in colors and textures, in touch

a host of brain-feeding pursuits, my broad set of 'geekdoms'
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the latest smorgasbord of news clips and clever links via social networking; just like you do, admit it.

the latest bit of lit I found at a used bookstore, creative ideas sparked by others' articles, theatrical offerings, philosophical rants

making my local and more farflung world better. You've got to try, with all the vitriol and cold hostility flying around. These Times, WTF.
On a typical Friday night I am
outta the work clothes and into a sarong, whatever the season
swing dancing
catching a movie, seeing a show, going to a party, dancing reading voraciously in my nest
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
that vocal nuance and word choice always pique my interest. *g*

that I have a strong sense of boundaries you should assume you stand outside of until I am comfortable; I extend the same courtesy to others. I dislike controlling, pushy, 'Type A' people who assume all data is theirs to demand.

that sexuality and sexual topics are something of a hobby. Yet the simplest touches and moments can overthrow me completely "the smallest twine may move me" (da Bard)

Darn right, I'm GGG. Aren't you?
You should message me if
something here intrigues you

you love dance and odd adventures

the whim of the moment moves you

Many of you make great impressions. If your seeking age range excludes me, I pass on messaging- but you might consider it. :-)

Oh, also, an opening message that's not even a full sentence won't interest me. Just sending standard form notes without profile reading, ditto. You need to put in a bit more effort to start out. I do.
The two of us