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My self-summary
Hello Woman…!
Every Time I write a summary of my life on this website… they delete it and say: Inventor Jack Hansen…. your Summary is too long, there’s simply no way, a human, could have possibly done as many positive things for our planet. SO, I am summarizing my summary:
I was born in Texas, when I was so young I couldn’t speak English, or even walk. i had no teeth, so, to survive, I sucked human-milk out full breasted women until my teeth, came. ( Today, I’m a leg-man, may prefer slightly bow-legged ladies. hhaha!!!)
While, I was in the military I was a Navy Seabee fighting the War in Vietnam and what I learned changed my life FOREVER :==> I should NEVER Eat “Really HOT food,” using chopsticks, when I’m completely NAKED..!
So far, I’ve traveled around our planet about 3.5+ times… mostly because, I AM a Patented Inventor. I am also a 2nd generation pro-photographer and I do construction/contracting on the side too…
> Regarding “me” being into Photography < Because, It Is Needed REALLY-BAD all dating-sites, I Offer all of the Women on this site “Free Pictures” to post.
JUST Let me know you are ready to have some more current pictures of yourself… If you would like to bring a friend along OK..
Some of my other work :===>
I professionally entertained people full-time in public in fancy night-clubs, singing & making Live-Music…up until I met the perfect woman? I married her…so, until, I was 36, I sang, played-music / guitar & told jokes 6 nights a week in fine hotels - restaurants & night-clubs across the USA. Butt, that changed WHEN, I fell in love with that woman I married. She was over-cum with my organ-work. After a year of marriage, we had 1 child. 5 years later a divorce happened.
SO, instead of being just a part-time, I became a full-time “scientist” which lead to becoming an internationally patented, builder of zero-air-emission, fuel-recovery, reactor-machines. i.e. waste-things/hydrocarbons are put into the Hansen Reactors, Gas/Oil Fuels flow into tanks. As an Inventor, I also work with other inventors and noted scientists from around our world.
At a very young age - to-date I work in area’s of the newest Earth Cleaning Processes —> I’ve been interviewed & shown in newspapers & interviewed on PBS-TV… On Front Page NEWSPAPER stories. I work in science / machines = lab/workshops,

Sometimes I think:…that.. I’d’ like to go back into >SHO~BIZ<:-) Making Music / Singing, allowing people smile/laugh in public, and, of course, watching them dance to the music I make… .is a lot more fun… than building machines that extract Gas & Oil Fuels from Wastes & Old-Tires.

I ALWAYS love being funny whenever possible. Show-biz is more FUN than, turning Wastes into Energy & Fuels WITHOUT Polluting the planet… yada yada…

Kind regards,
Inventor Jack Hansen

SO, I NEED TO FIND A NON-FAT WOMAN TO HUG & LOVE and even laugh at me and my off-the-cuff-joking-around.
If, You’d Like, I’ll sing a few songs FOR YOU…!
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, I am a R&D Scientist of Earth-Cleaning Processes that Completely Eliminate Hydrocarbon-Pollutions & Waste things from our planet’s environment VIA Energy Extraction, however, unlike other machines my patented machines extract Clean-Fuel-Energies from wastes streams “without burning it or using fire. Marshall University tested and wrote a book about my machines & then, PBS-TV did a News-Show that my new patented-processors, recover-energy "gas & oil" even from old tires, without causing "any pollutions at all." — I’ve got two patents — So, now, we can Clean-Up our Planet as we recover the Oil & Fuels that waste is made of.. i.e. old tires.

I am looking for a nice woman.. for all the normal stuff, to hug and hug me too.
(add this to my Summary )
I’m really good at
I am good at working with general - Patented inventors. i.e. help inventors getting their new machines to work for them.

I like to cook.
I am good at anything to do with my hands and brain….
building, electrical, inventing new things, FIXING broken things.
The first things people usually notice about me
It Depends, most women don’t seem to want to take their eyes away from me after, I’ve worked out and I’m standing in front of them wearing only my sweat-pants… it may depend upon how tall a woman is… or, whither she’s sitting down or not. …
butt, …one of the first things most women notice about me… After they become able to take their eyes away from staring at my groin area is;
My fantastic sense of HUMOR. and… I am 6’ft.1in
PLUS; I can speak English while I am eating & chewing ( Italian or Mexican food) without having a gag response… …most of the time.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorites …. I like ALL of the greatest things… in all areas.
Six things I could never do without
Eyes; to See aHead and learn from her behind.
Brains; to figure things out…
1; Nice WOMAN..!
a case of K-Y Jelly.
#6.) People Who Need People. . . .who love to hug & Laugh!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
WORK…. Getting my newest: Earth-Cleaning-Zero Emissions + Energy Recovery- from Waste… Off of the ground and moving forward-faster.
California has already said, I can set-up there without needing an air-permit. Marshall University has already tested my Invention and wrote a book stating that the Hansen-Process really works as stated.
Plus, PBS-TV did a Program showing my machines in operation. ( transforming an old used-rubber-tire: back into; Fuel Oil, Gas, without crating ANY Air or Ground Pollution.)

So, my WORK is One of the Things I think about.

I also work with the neighborhood kids: teaching them how to fix their-own bikes and more recently, how they can build any building… using carpenter tools. There are about ten Kids 6 to 11 years old.
Last Halloween, instead of CANDY for a treat… I handed out a REAL TOOL to each one of them. Since then, they have Not NEEDED my mechanical skills to fix their bikes. However, they still bang on my front-door Saturdays & Sunday’s At The-Break-Of-Day when they Need to use my Air-Compressor to inflate all of the bike tires they’ve FIXED - - without needing any adult help.
On a typical Friday night I am
Cooking dinner or getting ready to go out to eat at one of my favorite places…
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The most private thing I’m willing to admit… ????

I guess it will be THIS;

This PRIVATE THING took place is a War-Zone. I was on my tour of Vietnam, I was a “Fighting Navy SeaBee” assigned and working with TRI-SERVICE ATCO of the USA.
I had just come gotten finished a mission in the jungle. I had been shot at and I killed a couple who had been trying to kill me.
I was dirt-dirty and worn-out mentally too. SO,
I hired a very Cute-Little Vietnamese hooker at a bath-house and paid her to spend some of her time with me.

All I could find for the two of us to eat for dinner was some 3 cans of Pork & Beans.
Before, we got ourselves totally naked and into the nice hot bath, we ate the Pork & Beans for dinner.

After the FOOD, as I sat back in the big-tub full of hot water relaxing… I lit a little cigar that I had found in our camp.

A moment or two later my bathing hooker with her butt underwater Looked And GAVE ME A BIG SMILE… because, she had silently “FARTED UNDERWATER” I couldn’t Hear IT… butt, Oh My GOD Everyone in the building could sure DiD SMELL IT… ahahahahaha!!!!!!

AND THEN, I two minutes later I STARTED TO FART TOO..!

SO, rather than JUST Letting things happen Naturally and Just smell the place up.. and because, I had a lit cigar & a lighter too…

I spent My Night with a Sexy NAKED Vietnamese Whore in a Hot-Tub-Bath-House… LAUGHING my Ass off and being the cause of allowing Both Of Us to make, cute-little and BIG - FART BALLS OF FIRE.. … by LIGHTING EACH OTHER’S “PORT & BEANS FARTS..!”
You should message me if
You should message me IF:
You are mostly a human WOMAN.
And if You like Hugging every now & then.
BUTT; Please, Do Not Contact me, if, you are
“SUPER-over-weight and under 2 ft. Tall” or, If You Do Drugs.
It would be great if you could sing and/or play an instrument……HOWEVER, being an entertainer is ‘not’ any sort of deal breaker.
I’d like you to contact me IF.. you are a woman… who LIKES being around her man… and if, You have at least two-legs, with a Smile on Top… I also like a woman with all the normal stuff in the middle…!
I don’t know much about dating a real KINKY woman? But,
I peddle my bicycle about everyday… If, you don’t have one of your own… and we like each other I’d be happy to buy a new one for you to ride..!
The two of us