26Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
After much deliberation, I've decided to condense the essence of my very being into one section.

I'm a recent transplant to Seattle via San Francisco. I grew up in the PNW, and I never thought I'd be back. A two-week stint here last December changed that: I fell in love with Seattle.

Now I'm back, working for Disney in product design. It's pretty much the coolest job ever. I got my start after Stanford in product management & design and have since found amazing ways to design everything from video games to fitness trackers and even women's toys!

I do what I love. And I love what I do. But I s'pose I'll cover that in "what I'm doing with my life."

Outside of bolding keywords, I like learning. A lot. I've owned and dismantled every generation iPhone just to see how things have changed. I've made awesome, 3-D printed console mods. And I'm fairly positive I've read every publication by Richard Feynman and Carl Sagan (although that stems from a familial interest and being quizzed at home.)

I enjoy theoretical physics, but I completely understand if you have no interest. (Side note: No, I don't enjoy The Big Bang Theory." Not a fan of laugh tracks or stereotypes perpetuating that all nerds have Asperger's.)

I'm a bit of a clean freak. I even made my roommate's bed, but she doesn't mind. I'm bothered by dirty dishes.

I also love baking. I didn't start drinking until I turned 21. The most exciting part about it has been baking. Have you ever tried Belfast Carbomb cupcakes? Bailey's in the frosting, Jameson in the ganache, and Kahlua in the cupcake. Amazing.

But everything in moderation. I suffer from Former Fatty Syndrome. I had a neurological disorder that required that I abstain from anything that would increase my heart rate. Kinda left me unmotivated. But after medical intervention, I got really into hiking. Needless to say, my health means a lot to me now.

So why am I on OkCupid?
Simple. I want a new way to meet people. I work a lot and frequent a couple dive bars (I love playing pool), but I wouldn't necessarily consider either of those venues "suitable for suitors."
What I’m doing with my life
Giving it meaning. I'm thrilled to be able to say that I've found my purpose in life, and that purpose is changing the world.

World n.: From the Old English weorold (-uld), weorld, worold (-uld, -eld), a compound of wer "man" and eld "age," which thus means roughly "Age of Man."

Kinda reminds me of that saying, "to the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world." Though you may not realize it, small things can make a big difference.

I'm the kind of person who fills out comment cards when I get great service. I think managers deserve to know how wonderful their employees are, and who knows? It could be the one comment that gets them a raise or promotion!

I'm the kind of person who's at the aquarium every week, inspiring conservation efforts by demonstrating how wondrous and fragile aquatic life is.

I'm the kind of person who spends time recruiting likeminded engineers to come with me to Fiji and improve water sanitation and distribution.

And I'm the kind of person who will quit a job without another one lined up if I find a company heading down an unethical path.

When you give back, others want to pay it forward. It creates this amazing ripple effect of surrounding yourself with others who also want to make a difference.

So what am I doing with my life? That which makes me proud. I want to lead an exemplary life, and I think I'm on the right track.
I’m really good at
Puzzles. Not just floor puzzles – sudoku and crosswords are kind of my thing too. Also, Sporcle. I'm pretty good with memorization, so asking me to name the first 151 Pokémon in order is not a big deal.

I have a younger brother and we're pretty close, so I've spent the last decade playing first-person co-op shooters. I'm an excellent strategist and a damn good medic.
The first things people usually notice about me
"What kind of mutt is this?"
I have an exotic look. I get "Middle eastern" and "Hispanic" more than anything else, but I'm actually a Polynesian Jew. I can never find that box on the census.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Everything is Illuminated is a great read. I recently read David McRaney's You Are Now Less Dumb and loved it.
I enjoy books on behavioral economics and blogs about fun factoids and history, e.g. Mental Floss, Cracked, etc.

Mostly comedies, though not particularly romcoms. Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller – the usual. I enjoy thrillers, but I'm not into ghost flicks. Also, anything starring any cast member of the Expendables 2 is a must-see. And awesomely bad movies: The Room, 80's horror flicks, et al.

I don't watch much TV... but when I do, I watch entire series in one sitting. I'm a masochist when it comes to TV: I like shows that have been canceled (Party Down, Arrested Development, Freaks & Geeks, 30 Rock, Firefly, Allen Gregory... I could go on.)
Other than that, The Newsroom, Dexter, Mad Men, and Parks & Rec are regulars. Animated comedies: Venture Bros. Archer. South Park.

Sushi or spicy. Not complicated.
Six things I could never do without
1. My Chuck Taylors. I could open a museum. I'm almost at three digits.
2. My little bro. We're pretty close. He's 20 and in college now, but I still talk to him a few times a week.
3. The squat rack. My little bro got me started on it, and I keep with it because it makes me look and feel sexy. I get a lot of compliments on my figure, and I kind of love my hard-earned curves. If I ever ask if my butt looks big, the correct answer is yes. Because I made it that way.
4. A moleskine notebook. I always have one on my person. I've managed to fill a few 192-page notebooks several times over with my ramblings.
5. My iPhone. Or perhaps more accurately, mobile Internet. I'm really bad at reading maps, haven't used the white pages since the first Bush was in office, and hate when I can't remember where else I've seen that actor. I use my phone for everything... except the phone part. Not a big talker/texter.
6. ???
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how my dad wanted a son. It explains a lot. I often think about how things would be very different if he'd had a son before me.

Also, since joining okc, I've wondered a few things:
• Do people really sort by income?
• If you're planning on meeting people, why would you lie about your appearance?
• Why are "curvy" and "fit" mutually exclusive options? When did curvy become less "hourglass" and more "fat"? This bothers me more than it should.
• Is it just my area, or are there really that many bi- guys?
• I've read the terms and conditions of OKC. Nowhere is it stated that you must have a shirtless/iPhone/MySpace/bathroom mirror shot. Who started that?
• If you message "hey" or "hai sexxi," do you really expect a response?
On a typical Friday night I am
checking an item off my Seattle bucket list. So far, that includes a bunch of cafés and restaurants, although I've gotten to do some other fun things as well – I recently performed my first set at a coffeehouse (a huge personal victory for me)!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
• I don't think I'll ever understand the appeal of baseball.

• Alternatively, I don't understand how you can NOT like American football. I should preface that with the fact that I've been to every Stanford game played in the state of California for the past six years. I'm convinced I'll never be able to leave the Pac-12 region.
The two of us