28San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
:::This profile is best viewed using desktop site in 1920x1080:::

The following profile contains: WORDS!

+ Know me/Don't know me... I'll care if you care.

Things you may notice if you continue reading:
+ Ellipses... Alliteration... Rhyming.

"Today is... the greatest day of me life!"

Personal Quotes / Mottos:
+ "Hylo Thyr!"

+ i'LLchangeLives!

+ I thought. Therefore... I think. At least I think that I thought.

+ Whatever happens... happens.

+ I am EXTREMELY ADVENTUROUS... and I try to keep meslef balanced, and me mind opened.

+ iAm a Taurus!

+ I Built the computer used to make this profile.

+ Who needs multiple friends when you have multiple personalities!

A note to those who are quick to block:
I don't hold anything against you. Do what you have to do. If you do happen to block me, I won't get angry or depressed, because I understand. I understand that you who are reading this might be looking for something very specific and you don't want to "waste" time on anything else... I also understand profiles and pictures are only surface level and can only reveal so much; which I'd hope you would understand as well, but there are some out there who are that quick to judge.

As for me, when I look at someone's profile, i'm trying to look past that surface level to find something about your personality that may be hidden there. So if you get a message from me, just know I had a a good feeling about your potential personality. Sometimes I am wrong, and that's perfectly fine.

Gifted Adjectives: (Words others used to describe me: In any order, separate or in combination)
+ Sweetheart + Sexy
+ Funny + Weirdo
+ Nerdy + Awesome
+ Pretty + Adorable
+ Gorgeous

Me eyes change colour:
+ 70% Green
+ 20% Blue
+ 10% Silver (transition)

LABELS:(Incase those out there like them)
Gamer; Skater; Goth; Nerd; Musician; Writer; Actor.

To create one book, one movie, one video game, and one music album.

Personality & "Strong Interest": (if it matters x_x )

I = introversion: inward thinking, gains energy from solitary activity.

N = intuition: takes information through patterns, understands bigger picture... focuses on future possibilities.

T = thinking: decision making based on logic, using analysis of cause and effect.

P = perceiving: has flexible & spontaneous approach to life; likes to have open options.


--- The rest relate to job preference ---
A = artistic: music, writing, acting...
C = conventional: computers...
E = enterprising: business, management...
What I’m doing with my life
+ 06-19-15: Performed me first show in over a year.

+ CAR RECLAIMED!!! Her name is: 緑の火の鳥

+ Me current life events are strait out of an exaggerated TV show...

+ Mourning the loss of me dearest cat, Pudgjyllina.

+ Hosting me own Radio Show every Friday 2-5pm

+ 07-24-13: Hit by a Car!

+ Personal Music Website Created

+ Attempting to reconnect

+ Playing Video Games

+ Making / Performing me Techno

+ Interned a commercial radio station!

+ Creating awkward comedy videos

+ Acquiring transferable credits

+ Biking around the city

+ [12-14-12] Broke me nose.
I’m really good at
Standing on me toes and moving about in silence. No seriously... I scare the fuk out of people. I don't even mean to do it. It doesn't matter who, so I apologize in advanced.
The first things people usually notice about me
Me hair, and then realize i'm a boy a few moments later...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
~~I am willing to try anything thrice!~~

Shows: (Mostly Anime)
Cowboy Bebop; Speed Grapher; Zoids; Tenchi; Dragon Ball; Black Cat; FMA (old and new); Fairytail; Texhnolyze; Shuffle!; Beavis and Butthead, Workaholics, Rocko's, Invader Zim; Psyche; Breaking Bad; Burn Notice; Kablam...

Music: (Industrial, Techno, 80s, Classic Rock)
Mind.In.A.Box; VNV Nation; Combichrist; Assemblage 23; Pet Shop Boys; AC/DC; Ozzy; Pink Floyd; Boston; Imperative Reaction; Neuroticfish; Rammstien; System Syn; God Module; Apoptygma Berzerk; Funker Vogt; Daft Punk; Infected Mushroom; Eisenfunk; Ladytron; Depeche Mode; Covenant of Thorns; Backandtotheleft; Nine Inch Nails; Neuroactive; Magic Machines; Tiesto; Scooter; Ladytron...

Movies: (Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance)
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist; Lord of the Rings; Lucky Number Slevin; Underworld; Tommy Boy; Black Sheep; Beverly Hills Ninja; Billy Madison; Happy Gilmore; Aladdin; Mission Impossible; "James Bond"; Mystery Men; Zoolander...

Video Games: (RPGs, 3rd/FPS, Platformer, Racing)
Legend Of Dragoon; Legend Of Zelda; Max Payne; Halo; Final Fantasy; Mario Kart; Grand Theft Auto; Metroid; Prince of Persia, StarCraft, Elder Scrolls, Diablo...

Sex: ummm... *tee hee* hehe ;P

Food:(Healthy, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, American)
Apple pie; Sushi; Ramen; Chow Mein; Pasta and... Chocolate chip cookies! OMG COOKIES --- I am a cookie MONSTER!
Six things I could never do without
1. me teddy bear
2. me computer
3. me hands
4. me senses
5. me ability to understand
6. me patience...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
iLike when iLaugh so hard me face hurts!
You should message me if
You are not afraid of who you are.

You might consider yourself one/some/all of these adjectives:

+ open minded
+ kind/caring
+ accepting
+ thoughtful
+ outgoing -or- shy
+ conservationist
The two of us