55Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
Hi to the world. In Victoria since Nov 08. I am single (no kids), non-smoker, non drug user, rarely drink, and expect my significant other to be the same as me in those. I like camping, fishing, kayaking, reading, gaming (RPG's and computers), Scifi and cooking. I hate doing dishes, ironing (who does?), pain, and bugs!

I am starting to get to know some people. (not enough to keep me happy though, I need to get to know more people!) Even if we are not dating each other, we may know just the right person for the other person!

I finally bought a suit. first one in 30+ years! I wear comfortable clothing, and wouldn't know what to do if the style bat hit me. I need a significant other to help me there. Since getting to Victoria, I have not been to a place where I need a suit, so not sure what I would need one for short of interviews. Sweats for painting/getting dirty in, and a pair of dress pants and shirt for the other stuff I guess...

Coincidence that I only know one way to tie a tie, and it is the same knot they use for hanging people? ummmm... ya... coincidence... (grin)

I am the only one in my family on the island, with the rest of the extended family (sister, Dad) back in Ontario/Quebec. I will not move back to the mainland short of being brought there in handcuffs! I am reasonably well behaved, so the chance of the handcuffs is somewhere between slim and none. Willing to visit family there but only with a return ticket back to Vancouver Island.

I HATE being cold, so winter is almost a swearword for me, and that white stuff that falls from the sky in winter... IT IS a swearword to me.

I am talkative, and affectionate. I will never be a follower of Christ. Hence I am spiritual and not religious. People have asked me to change, but I am fine the way I am. Do what YOU want to do.
What I’m doing with my life
My life? I have one??? You mean it is mine? Crap, I thought you got those on sale at Wal-mart! Hmmm...ummm... errrr... ahhhh...????

sigh.... Ok.

I play online computer video games, I volunteer some time with various organizations, I am re-learning how to play the trumpet / flugelhorn, am getting back into kayaking, setting achievable goals, cooking different healthy kinds of meals. My pasta sauce is close to vegan, but I still need help getting it fully vegan. Lack of knowledge about vegan stuff prevents me from getting it 100% vegan for the moment. As is, it is so yummy I make huge batches and freeze it for later. The house smells SO awesome when I make it!

I am working on improving my health so I can get back into the workforce. So doggone bored being at home all the time so I am volunteering in opportunities where I can learn the skills I need for the type of employment I can do.
I’m really good at
I write, but am not qualified in the least to do it professionally. This is why I have been published in a magazine article. Twice! I have never taken a journalism class! I know I am not qualified to write for magazines but I did! Go figure! Recently I got the highest mark in my class for Business Communications 2 (aka business writing) in English. English is my second language.
The first things people usually notice about me
I walk with a cane.

That I will help even when it is not needed.

This means pulling over to help a stranded motorist, helping with Sunday service at the church, helping an elderly friend move what was a 3 day drive away, and helping another elderly lady deal with the insurance company when a tree fell on her car.

Someone has to do something, and when no one else has the initiative to know what to do, I step up. Even if I don't know what to do. Doing something, such as stepping up is a start! Guess that military training actually did work!

I limp. I don't walk right. No it doesn't hurt every day, but other days it plays havoc.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Une bonne poutine! Avec un cheeze! That is my favorite food... Oh ya, I am French! Not Quebequois, but I did live there for a year. They kindly told me that I had an English accent. Me who was raised by French parents and went to school in French schools have an English accent! Right! 14.5 feet of calibrated measured white stuff in my front yard. -40's. Oh ya baby!!! THAT was paradise in Quebec!!! NOT!!! Did I mention I am not ever moving back to the mainland?

Books. Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" Best book evah!!!

Movies scifi, Summer Glau is just amazing as a Terminator! Her expressions just make the character! She was great in Firefly as well.

I like 80's rock such as Rush, Pink Floyd, Pat Benatar, Darby Mills, Heart, Queen, AC DC. I also like Celtic music, Hayley Westenra, Sarah Brightman, and "some" country singers. If you want me to laugh at you, suggest I put on some rap, dubstep or dance music!!! I could use a good giggle, or even a good roflmao. Seriously... They call Rap music????
Six things I could never do without
A comfortable bed.
My family.
A computer.
My sight.
My hearing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my skills, my lack of some skills, abundance of other skills, and my ability to figure out how to use them.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading online, possibly with friends, or listening to some music somewhere.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
One of my foibles is that my eyes are usually closed in pictures. To find one picture where my eyes are open usually means about 20-30 pictures were taken of me. (They get so annoyed at me at the drivers license bureau.) That also means I usually have a surprised or odd look on my face if my eyes are open! Note the picture above! Means someone actually surprised me! Hence the odd or surprised look on my face...
You should message me if
You are between 32 and 38 and looking for long term commitment, possibly a family, you are sweet, adorable, wants someone to care about as much as you are cared about and more.

You are smart. You are nice. You can dress up for a date or dress down to go mudding it on the beach. No illicit drug use. None. I am firm on that. Not a smoker. I am firm on that too. You think a great pair of legs has different hues depending on what a woman wears. You think g-string undies are tacky. When you see a girl with low rise jeans your thought is that she must be a plumber if she is showing that much butt crack.

If you are into dance clubs and dancing all night, get out there and shake your thang. You just won't be doing it with me. Couldn't pay me to do that.

Yes, I am looking for someone younger than I am but if I am going to possibly have children with someone, it might help if they can have children! Someone my own age although maybe compatible, is not going to have children with me, or already has children. Possibly even grown up children! They might have daughters who might be the right woman for me!

So, even if you are not perfect for me, you might be perfect for someone I know or you might know someone who is perfect for me! We have to network to be able to help each other!!! Lets find that perfect person!!!
The two of us