27Newnan, United States
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My self-summary
I'm just a poor boy, and nobody loves me.
I'm just a poor boy, from a poor family.
What I’m doing with my life
Sparing my life from this monstrosity.
I’m really good at
Being easy come, easy go, I will let this go now.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I won't really let this go.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Now let me go!
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Will mama-mia, mama-mia, will mama-mia let me go!
On a typical Friday night I am
With Beelzebub, he has a devil for a son in me me MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Don't think you can stomp me and spit in my eye.
You should message me if
#1 Are you female?
#2 If you aren't, do you look good in hose?
#3 If you are, can I have your address & phone number?
#4 Do you mind if I play with my hard drive? My floppy drive? How do you feel about large capacity storage devices with large transfer rates? (CD-ROM)
#5 Does computer dorkishness bother you?
#6 Will you psychoanalyze me?
#7 If you do, will you please leave me alone?
#8 Do you have a kleenex, a fishing bobber, a mathematic book & a purple pen on your desk too? (Yes, its a desperate attempt at a pickup line.)
#9 Do you like Josh & John's Ice Cream?
#10 Do you go there at least once a week?
#11 Do you go there more than once a week?
#12 Do you see me there very much? Do I look funny with dutch chocolate ice cream all over my face? If so, its my roommate you saw.
#13 Do pocket protectors excite you?
#14 How about checkered hunting pants and taped glasses?
#15 Do you know how to program in more than one language?
#16 Do you know how to program in more than two languages?
#17 Can you program in Swahili?
#18 How about Yiddish?
#19 Speaking of yiddish, did you like the movie YENTL with Barbara Streisand?
#20 How do you feel about cross dressing jewish girls then?
#21 Me too..
#22 Do you shut up when people hit you? Will you hit me very much?
#23 Are you available Friday night?
#23.5 How about next Saturday?
#23.7 How about Sunday?
#23.9 Ok, the Friday after that?
#23.999012 Ok, any time soon?
#24 What brand of pocket calculator do you prefer?
#25 Do you have more hair on your upper lip than I do?
#26 Do you eat Chili? Do you burp chili? Can you burp chili in Utah?
#27 Ok, now can you classify your burp as a Slickrock Toad's mating call?
#28 Do you like REM?
#29 Do you like INXS? PSB? ACRONYMS?
#30 How do you feel about the Northern League's party stance for the secession of Italy into three separate nations?
#31 Can you add more than two numbers simultaneously?
#32 Can you do my Calculus homework on series for me then?
#33 Can you play racquetball?
#34 Can you play it really well?
#35 Can you lose to boost my ego?
#36 Do you drink?
#37 Do you drink a lot?
#38 Don't you think you should drink a lot in order to avoid dehydration?
#39 Do you find drooling on pillow attractive?
#40 I don't really drool on my pillow, but isn't it a good way to meet people?
#41 What is the ln(2). How about ln(|2|)?
#42 Do you have a better computer than I do? Can I play on it?
#43 Will I have more fun with
a) going on a date with you
b) gnawing my arm off rather than risk waking you up by moving it
c) run for a political office in a remote third world country
#44 Can you come up with long lists at random seemingly out of thin air?
#45 How about at sea level where the air is thicker?
#46 Do you feel that PV=nRT is an appropriate equation when we really don't have an ideal gas that it can model?
#47 If you only have one M&M is it just a M? Or is it M&M/2?
#48 What's the fastest land mammal?
#49 How do you feel about premarital holding hands? kissing? sex? wild passionate orgies involving lime green jello and rice krispies coupons?
#50 with Cheerios coupons?
#51 How much do I have to pay you to go out with me?
#52 Do you know the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
#53 Is that an African or a European swallow?
#54 (Bonus Points) Can you quote Monty Python from heart?
#55 (Major detraction) How about Yentl?
#56 Do you brush your teeth with denture cream?
#57 Do you brush your teeth with New Crest bubblegum for kids?
#58 If answer yes to #57, would it be considered statutory rape?
#59 Do you find hemmerhoid commercials that air during dinner appetizing?
#60 Do you have more than one computer?
#61 Do you wear glasses?
#62 Are they bifocals?
#63 Do they get in the way of kissing?
#64 Do you have your own protective case for them?
#65 Do you tape them?
#66 Do you clean them with spit & your shirt tails?
#67 Do you mind if I clean my glasses with your shirt tails?
#68 What exactly is a shirt tail? Where's the head?
#69 Do you think that it should be termed a head or a restroom?
#69.1 If its a restroom, why don't people rest there?
#69.2 Do people get lots of rest when they die?
#69.3 If you die, does that mean you can't go to McDonald's any more?
#69.4 Why did McDonald's stop using animal fat on their fries?
#69.5 Do you like ketchup? (On your fries)
#69.55 How about other condiments?
#69.6 how about mint flavored condoms?
#69.7 Who came up with that idea for the stealth condom anyway?
#69.8 Doesn't the Stealth Bomber carry nuclear bombs?
#69.9 Did you know that nuclear bombs cause lower SAT scores from low level radiation fallout that invades cow's milk? They also cause nuclear war, which as every good debater knows, restrooms cause nuclear war!
#70 Did you ever debate in high school or college?
#71 You are in college aren't you?
#72 Ok, past junior high?
#73 Do you know my friend Scott? He's got red hair. He lives down the hall from me. His dad and my dad went to school together too?
#74 Do you know any of my friends named scott? I know three scotts, except two spell it scot.
#75 If something has a scot type nature to it, does that make it scottish?
#76 Do you shoot people for having bad puns?
#77 Will you laugh at my bad puns in order to make me think that I might stand a chance at going out with you again?
#78 Do you find diversions like this one humorous if not a good way to avoid working on homework?
#79 Can you name the five cardinal directions of the compass? What if there really were five, what would the world be like?
#80 Will you hold past relationships over my head? Can I hold past relationships over your head?
#81 Are you a bigger nerd than I am?
#82 Close to the same?
#83 Actually normal?
#84 Popular enough not to be seen in the same time zone with me?
#85 Can you tie cherry stems in knots with your tongue? Can you tie a bowline with it?
#86 Do you like Meatloaf as a musical group?
#87 Do you like meatloaf as a dinner dish?
#88 Do you think that both Meatloaf and meatloaf could use a little seasoning and that both are pretty much despised by the civilized world?
#89 Do you think Yentl is a good movie? Wait, I already asked that. Never mind. Do you think that a remake of Yentl with the lead singer of Meatloaf taking the lead role as the cross dressing jewish woman would be a good flic?
#90 Do you ever find yourself staggering to come up with a question #90?
#91 How about a question #91?
#92 Please explain in 1000 words or more, with the advent of the medium, fine, and thick point ball point pens, how will this impact reindeer trade in Scandinavia?
#93 Is 42 really an appropriate answer to Life the Universe and Everything? Don't you think 34 would have been better?
#94 Do you ever find people staring over your shoulder? Does it bother you when they get drool on your sweater?
#95 How about a question #95?
#96 Asphinctersayswhat? Was it better in the first movie or the second?
#97 I think that Saturday night live was much better in the past. That's a statement, not a question. Just thought I might share that.
#98 Do you use a jig, a fly, salmon eggs, or live bait when fishing?
#99 Would it bother you if I told you that I really was a fish in the ocean that was a toaster imagining it was god? Would you send me for psychiatric evaluation, or just tell me that a rose by any other name would still be called Ray Charles?
#99.5 What if I just suggested that I might tell you that? would you still suggest psychiatric evaluation?
#99.7 What if it was a carp?
#99.9 Did you know that 9^9^9 is the biggest number you can represent with only three digits?
#99.99 Did you know that $0.32 is about the biggest number I can represent with my check book?
#100 Hi, I'm Adam. What's your name?

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