56 San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
After 12 years on in Shelter Island Village, Point Loma, I have relocated and now finally settled into a new place in North Park and can play with my new friends and toys. I am dominant and open to Ideas. I love to live life out loud, and with respect for others and myself. Those activities that involve the senses, the emotions, (Films, Photography, Eroticism, Sailing, Sexuality, Adventure etc.....) intrigue me the most. I'm intelligent, with a warm heart and have a great, if not wry, sense of humor. Love to explore the mountains and the sea and share those activities that go along with...... {sailboats, diving, motion pictures, camping, horses, skiing etc.} I am quite creative and open minded sexually as well as in my other professional endeavors. I am not shy or closed to any sane close sensual play with both sexes. There is no drama and there are no negative surprises with me. I would welcome your long lasting friendship. I have a loving and long tongue and adapt instantly to an others sensual joy and find great pleasure in using my cock, lips and hands to share pleasures with selected partners.
Yours in respect,
Captain Jack
I’m really good at
I have always loved horses and when I was a kid I went against the mainstream of family and friends and my parents circle of friends just to be around horses anywhere I could find them. When they sent me to a great summer camp, I went to one of the directors on the day I arrived and asked where the horses were that were that were pictured on the cover of their brochure. "Oh" he said, with some hesitation thrown in,"If your really going to call us on that, we would have have to get you to the stables in the back of our only pickup. Now you must realize that you will have to miss all of morning activities and teaching here at Camp P***********." "GREAT" I jumped, " what time tomorrow should I be in the truck?" My summer had meaning at last.
>>> That took care of my adolescent horse addiction for four years, But what could I do, as an imminent teenager, to avoid the New England Summer humidity, and improve my lot? Had Mom and I searching the classifieds for a ranch or working ranch camp for greenhorns. BINGO!. A three day coach seat from Boston TO WYOMING and I was in heaven. The following summer I was accepted as a [trainee] hand at a working horse ranch in Rock Springs Wyoming. Had my gear a duffle before I was out of school. When you are taking one of the last traditional train trips through the American plains..[you find sleeping on the coach luggage rack, hiding behind your duffle bag, fun.].then WYOMING, [ and the stations were named after all of the ones in the best western movies] and finally ROCK SPRINGS, in the back of a dusty pick up, with my ration of nylon rope dragging behind, we headed toward the horse ranch....
>>> I was so excited that when when stopped at the cluster of ranch buildings, I jumped out and blurted "Where's my horse ,Sir" {pause} "We'll be brining the two-year olds in from the range tomorrow, finish makin' up you lariat tonight, and rope the one you want to break." was my first lesson from the foreman.
>>> Later an older me bought my first little ranch house on only two and 2/3
>>>acres in California. Sunk my own post holes, built my 12' [30 year] gates and turned my four 30' x 30' box corals and ring/paddock and tack room into a Jr. 10 horse ranch.
>>> Well you get the picture.
>>> Respectfully,
>>> Captain Jack
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Remains of the Day, The Stuntman,