28Redwood City, United States
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My self-summary
I'm from Oregon, then Hawaii, and now California. I just moved to the Bay area, so if you have any recommendations of where I should explore, I'd love to hear. I always try to experience new things, even if it's outside of my comfort zone. Life's too short to do the same thing twice, right?
What I’m doing with my life
I graduated from UHM with an accounting degree, and now I'm working in the real world.
I’m really good at
Well, my thumbs are double jointed
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read as much as I should, but I just finished A Song of Ice and Fire, which I got into because Game of Thrones is awesome. Catch-22 is my favorite book. I listen to all types of music, but my favorite genre would easily be indie rock, and Modest Mouse my favorite band. I like watching hour-long dramas like Lost, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and the Wire. A few great sitcoms are 30 Rock and Community. I love to seek out obscure or critically acclaimed media. If I hear about something that has good word of mouth and the premise is at least slightly interesting to me it will usually take root in my subconscious that I need to experience that piece.

Catch-22, Cat's Cradle, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, A Song of Ice and Fire, 1984, Harry Potter

Blade Runner, There Will Be Blood, American Beauty, American Psycho, Sunshine, Cloud Atlas, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Three Kings, SLC Punk!, Oldboy, Attack the Gas Station!, Collateral, The Thing, No Country for Old Men, Up, Monsters, Inc., Wall-E, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Slumdog Millionaire, The Devil's Double, Ghostbusters, Children of Men, Star Wars, Alien, Casablanca

Lost, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Hannibal, Adventure Time, 30 Rock, Community, Dexter, Cowboy Bebop, Portlandia, Superjail!, The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development

Modest Mouse, Pixies, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Aquabats!, They Might Be Giants, The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Deltron 3030, New Order, Cake, Queen, U2, Gorillaz, The Killers, The Mountain Goats, My Chemical Romance, Daft Punk, Pearl Jam, Prince, Streetlight Manifesto, Third Eye Blind, Train, The Unicorns, Violent Femmes, Xiu Xiu, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whatever catches my attention for the day, such as analyzing artistic works, politics, social norms, or whatever crazy thing happened the night before
You should message me if
You found anything on my profile interesting. I mentioned I love doing new things, so a message from a new friend will always be welcomed

P.S. if you voted for Trump kindly leave me alone
The two of us