65Athens, Greece
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My self-summary
I've had a great life of six decades, and it promises to stay not only interesting but become extremely pleasurable. I mean, it's possible!
I am by choice car-free and have usually been low income. That's green as all hell and can contribute greatly to fulfillment. How about you, can you relate?
I'm a comparatively happy person who has pursued personal liberation and fought for others' liberation (including other species' liberation from human"kind"). I love to have a good time, meaning maximizing fellowship, catching up with friends and family, making music, making plans, making out (if only), hashing out ideas, and getting to the root of big questions about humanity and the universe if possible. I've travelled a lot, and although it can be arduous it can be enriching and fun.
I'm relatively eccentric and unusual, in the sense that my parents were quite hip and turned me on to very progressive ideas, world travel by sailboat, and gave me ideals that led me to self-discovery and helping others. Activism is normal for me, but I realize that emphasizing self-care and good health are most essential.
What I’m doing with my life
I go for the gusto, the adventure, and I like to make people laugh too. I found out decades ago that I like to take a stand and defend it.
I’m really good at
Can I be immodest and say I write a good tune sometimes? I believe that overall one must be good at the balance of living. There are many practical skills one ought to have in a changing world, when specialization and technology have let us down. I don't have many skills, although I have a few good ones, but I've found that COMMUNITY makes up for one's not having all the skills!
The first things people usually notice about me
Apart from the physical? Well, assuming I open my mouth and give an opinion, I seem to be unusual for wanting to discuss serious issues, such as what's up with the Occupy movement (oooh, as I edit this section it's painfully clear that Occupy is nowhere now). Funny how few people want to discuss matters affecting the biosphere. Most people seem to want to avoid heavy topics. This doesn't mean I don't like to hear or tell a good story about mundane matters.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, Overshoot by William Catton, several by Tolstoy. I appreciated The Matrix and Fight Club for their message, not the violence. I like various kinds of music, such as a Schubert Quintet, Faure's Requiem, Strange Days by the Doors (which I figured out on guitar), several Pink Floyd albums, lots of jazz, Balkan folk, Roma, India, Japanese. I like fresh raw organic food, and I cook homemade Mexican food from scratch, for example.
Six things I could never do without
I have found I can do without a lot, but I guess if we're talking material things, my guitar is tops. I have some souvenirs of travels that I like. Gotta have humor, heh heh! For the Details column at right, I wanted to change "Fit" to Fit to be tied" but no dice. For "Sign" I wanted to put "Picket sign" but no such luck.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sex, music, food, changing the world, improving my creature comforts, being victorious in my honorable conflicts. That list doesn't have a hard & fast order. I have a lot of friends, and I manage to keep in touch pretty well, and in the case of family, I spend a lot of time wondering how they're doing, wondering when they might contact me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Unless I'm having to travel, I seldom plan a Friday night. Why bring up Friday night? For working people without flexibility, Friday night and Saturday night are special. But my time is my own, any day, sez I smugly.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Depends on who I'm admitting it to. As a writer of public essays, my beliefs and discoveries abound in my works. With my songwriting, the lyrics come from the heart (especially as they often come from dreams, as does the music even more so). Okay, to spill the beans, I have occasionally enjoyed the sin of picking fruit by reaching over other people's fences as I walk by!
You should message me if
you deserve the best in a friend or love. And if you love the sea and at least appreciate sailing!
The two of us