29 Martinez, United States
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My self-summary
Hi, stranger! I'm Kyle~

I'm just a big, twisted kid, only-just settling into a sense of professional belonging, which I find pretty fucking rad. I've an affinity for spicy cooking, veteran friends, and walking. The walking bit is important, since I'm mostly paid to do that. :3
What I’m doing with my life
Right now, it almost all makes sense. I'm on the verge of a proper, stable lifestyle, with that fabled small circle of good friends, and a slice of net worth to speak of. Here's hoping that doesn't get Trumped in the years to come! Ah, Independent Optimism...

The last couple years were a pretty hard, soul-draining experience, which I'm pleased to say I've mostly recovered from! Once I start getting hikes in again, I think I'll be my usual hyper-puppy self. ouo

Update 7/2016: I'm hiking again! And walking around town, thanks to Pokémon Go! I'm really just a big, nerdy puppy. o_o
I’m really good at
I'm highly analytical. With enough details, and a little time, I tend to pry situations open to rummage through their underlying mechanics. It makes people-watching lots of fun! :D

I'm pretty damn handy with tools, and my engineer friends give me plenty of reasons to pick up new projects.

Being all but bottomlessly curious, what I should really say is that everything mentioned in this box is representative of my capacity for trouble. I'm really. Really good at trouble.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Most recent read: The Go-Giver
Super-short, packed with good things. I think I'll be re-reading this every few months just to make sure I stay on track.

I read... sometimes. It's silly, 'cause I really do love to read, but the existential dread following the end of a book/series is a pretty strong deterrent...


Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction
Welcome to Night Vale
The Black Tapes

Chain Attack
Privateer Press Primecast

Guys We Fucked
The Art of Charm
Target: USA
Hardcore History
Common Sense
Sex Nerd Sandra

I... don't use my TV for TV... not to be that pretentious "No TV" dude, I just get plenty of media from the internet, and don't feel the need. I like GoT(Need to catch up! D:!), loved Breaking Bad, and I'm fielding recommendations for my next series.

My music runs from Kaki Cole, to CellDweller, to Tricky, to Nickel Creek, and really all over the map. Recently I've been listening to a mix of Barenaked Ladies and various metal groups... Oh, and Steam Powered Giraffe! A thing happened about four years ago that damaged my voice, but now it's pretty much better, and so I'm getting back into singing as much as possible. :3

There is a thing that happens, where I'll ask "Do you want to go on an adventure?" That always, /always/ means I'm looking to push my limits with spicy food. That said? I like most ethnic foods! If I could, I'd let my weekly diet revolve through Burritos, sushi, curry, and my home-made Red Beans and Rice. :D
The six things I could never do without
Dark/twisted humor.
A project.
Something to sing.
...Um... I can really do without a lot. People factor into almost all of these, but I don't know that I can really get specific on that part~
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Energy, cyber-security, radiation, the dangers of pseudo-science, business stuff, enjoyable narrative, relationship mechanics, The Future, the ridiculousness of politics, a comfortable balance of intersectional feminism and people skills, nihilistic absurdism, singable music!

That's a pretty good sample, anyway. :3
On a typical Friday night I am
Working! Or not. My schedule is normally all over the place, with a couple weekly islands of stability. The craziness I work with these days leaves me happy to chill at home, though good friends and new foods often call to drag me away from my comfortable bolthole.
You should message me if
I don't really have rules for this. I think you'll know if you "should." I find messages in general to be exciting, so maybe you just want to feed into the optimism of someone who doesn't get harrassed here on a daily basis.

Seriously, though, the ladies here have to deal with a lot. o_o

P.S.- Maybe you want to find out why I bought a locket and put my own picture in it.

Or you want to know what the farmer said when he lost his tractor.