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My self-summary
Does anyone know of a site that's largely like how OkCupid was around 2005, plus the more recently added option to see others' question answers and the since removed one to add your own without them poofing if they're not accepted into the main batch? Because just about every other change over these past several years has been dreadful and it'd be nice to find that again somewhere...
Not sure what I mean? A place focused on tests and questions and a neat matching algorithm, with an unusually high percentage of the userbase being geeky and/or otherwise weird in a good way, many of whom caring little to nothing about that dating part but largely being open to potential Internet friendships with people far and wide.

I'm still poking around partially out of habit and largely out of the lack of knowledge of a less shitty place, as stated above, but things keep going from bad to worse here, so here's my site and here's my Facebook profile, just in case.

Oh, if you're about to "like" me just to see if I was the one who "liked" you, don't because it wasn't. And if you're about to do that for any other reason, again don't because it's just annoying to see that notification there if you won't let me know who you are anyway. Thanks.

Misery seeking company. Offering and looking for a shoulder to cry on when it comes to personal matters and/or, on a more global level, someone to complain with about how rotten most people and this society they create and maintain are. Have nothing to do with incurable optimists, cheerful people, those who believe everything happens for a reason or those who advocate accepting things as they are, be it on a global or a personal level, or letting go and moving on. Needless to say, they also have nothing to do with me.
However, hope is desperately needed and yet always on a diet, so if you're in a relationship that has been rekindled and is currently great despite having ended, apparently for good and especially if purely out of your partner's choice, at some point in the past, please share. And, to add the global aspect after the personal, we may also have a lot to talk about if you're involved in meaningful social change in a direction I agree with. (More details on this last part under "you should message me if".)

The first thing I need to say is that I really was mainly here for the tests (the quality of which has unfortunately been plummeting for years, so I haven't even taken any in a long time) and perhaps hoping to find a new friend or two. I mean it when I say my promises are forever, and I know the meaning of "forever"... The fact that she left in 2005 doesn't change how I feel and nothing ever will. So, in case it's still not clear, that means I never have and never will see or use this as a "dating" site.

If anyone wants to know more about me badly enough to read a 5000-word post, have a go at it. May as well use it since I spent all that time writing it...

I am idealistic, socially awkward, and stubborn. (For those who don't know, these are the three adjectives each user needed to pick to describe themselves upon joining. Once the fields were removed, they were moved to the end of this section, and here I'll keep them.)
What I’m doing with my life
Moping around and feeling like shit?
(In truth, just filling this in to have a chance to keep the field in case it'll go the way of the dodo if empty or for new users, as others appear to.)
I’m really good at
(In truth, just filling this in to have a chance to keep the field in case it'll go the way of the dodo if empty or for new users, as others appear to.)
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm really withdrawn, behave awkwardly and can easily get snappish if approached. Which, depending on their view of things, they can either correctly identify as a fight or flight response caused by social anxiety or mistake for arrogance (or plain evilness).
That's if I can hold it together somehow, because otherwise if I end up physically around people I don't already feel close to they're likely to notice that I'm just having a panic attack, in case my mind tips towards "flight" in that particular situation but it's either impossible to do so or I'm aware that'll only make it worse, leaving me with no options to consciously choose from.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Mainly fantasy, especially epic fantasy, high fantasy. Occasionally historical fantasy or science fantasy. Some selected science fiction or alternate history.
Excepting the obvious Lord of the Rings, I really liked Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy, George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (well before it became a TV series), Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher Saga, Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle, Greg Keyes' Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone, Gene Wolfe's Book of the Short Sun, most of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and some of L. E. Modesitt, Jr.'s SF books (but I didn't read any of his series yet).
Yes, I'm also on Goodreads.

Movies: I don't watch many movies, but... Mostly the same genres as the books, plus some good ones set in the middle ages or ancient times and a few silly comedies. Some particularly weird ones can also catch my eye on some occasions, depending on mood.
In case of fantasy or science fiction, as well as for most of those set in the middle ages or ancient times, if I watch a movie it's mainly for the battle scenes and special effects. A good story, well-developed characters and a deeper meaning are obviously great to have, but if I'd be looking only for those, I'd much rather read the book instead.

TV series: I'm only adding this category here for Babylon 5. If you ask me, that was, and still is, the best TV series ever made. Period.

Music: The more melodic kinds of metal; keep growling away from me. Female-fronted symphonic metal comes first to mind; then power if it's low on guitar solos and preferably with a very epic sound and clear, soaring vocals; then the softer kinds of gothic and doom, especially when the lyrics are particularly deep or sad. Some folk metal also sounds pretty nice, but it seems oddly difficult to find any without harsh vocals.
Hard to believe that anything will replace Nightwish in my preferences, regardless of vocalist, and there are a couple of others that also hold special, if lesser, spots for certain reasons, but otherwise I tend to know of far too many good bands to keep track of, so other preferences change every few days or, at most, weeks, as I frequently get stuck on a song or two and often only get over it when I get stuck on another instead.
For sample songs from the bands I may fall back to when not stuck on something or looking for something specific, I made a playlist.

Food: Uh... Pizza? Maybe that, because otherwise I can't really say I have favorite foods. I might say I like some foods due to, shall we say, their sentimental value, since I link them to Andra for one reason or another, but otherwise... Quite a long list of what I don't like, on the other hand.
Six things I could never do without
Leaving the obvious (such as oxygen, water, etc.) aside... First would be Andra, and the fact that I'm forced to do without her since 2005 is why I've been dead in every way but the strictly physical since then. Then, in no particular order, daydreaming, thinking, a good computer and Internet access. The sixth would normally be books, but I seem to be doing without reading for painfully long stretches of time since mid-2006, unfortunately.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
No "about". I spend a lot of time thinking, period. Actually, often it can be said that I do little but think, and plan... And, most of all, worry. You probably don't want me to start making a list here when it comes to this.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing whatever I'm doing any other night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hm... When I was little I wanted to cut down all the trees, because I thought trees created wind and high winds scared me. It's something that still makes me feel pretty bad.
But really, I have nothing to hide, just ask...

For a list of things about me, read this. 3500 words and a couple of the listed things can also be found in the longer post I linked to above, but most aren't from there, so take your pick. If you consider any of these things to be private, well, there you have it...
You should message me if
You're female, most preferably no older than 35, childfree, don't work for money*, have the emotional availability (and the time) for a very close friendship, at least one of your main ideals matches one of mine**, and none openly clash. You are a person who can't function in this world and isn't in any way bothered by that, quite the opposite, thinking that adapting to such a rotten world means you're badly flawed yourself. Bonus points if you're also deeply hurt, emotionally, and won't get over it but at the same time don't shut others away because of it, being willing to leave yourself open to others who do the same.
* = If you're an activist or do volunteer work, particularly for environmental causes, or contribute to open-source software or a wiki or some other similar project, or are an artist without aiming to earn income from your work, or work the land just to grow your own food, or do anything else that makes you feel fulfilled without resulting in material benefits, awesome, tell me all about it, but no job in the current sense of the term, no career plans, no rat race.
** = Briefly, the top ones would be getting the population back down to sustainable levels without killing people or allowing them to die unnecessarily, protecting the environment and the other species we share this planet with, switching to a fair resource-based economy that'll do away with any need to "earn a living", giving much greater importance to personal relationships than current society tends to expect or even permit, and guaranteeing each person's right to live as they please as long as they don't harm others who don't deserve it or the environment. For a version of my causes that's still brief but not quite so insanely so, check my blog.

A more detailed version of this section is on my blog, but note the date of that post in case there are conflicts with the above.

It appears that I must stress that I don't believe what I described above to actually exist. So if you miraculously match that description, do message me... Pretty please? But if you don't and yet still have something to say, or I messaged you first and you weren't repulsed by something I said or something you read here, say something and we'll see how long we'll manage to keep talking.
The two of us