49 Scottsdale, United States
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My self-summary
I feel that I'm at a really good place in my life - successful career, outside interests that I finally have the free time to spend time doing, and 2 awesome kids (who I have ½ the time). All I'm missing is a really great woman who loves doing things like getting great seats to concerts, trying new restaurants, will indulge my love of pro hockey (and will come to the odd Coyotes’ game with me), and who generally doesn't get uptight about most things.

My life has had peaks and valleys, but the peaks way out number the valleys. I feel lucky every day. I’m a partner in a small boutique law firm that has offices in Minneapolis and Scottsdale and most days, actually enjoy what I do. My job involves some travel as most of my business is out of state, and if I’m lucky its to a place I don’t mind going, like L.A. or Chicago.

I'm originally from Canada but have lived Scottsdale since 2000. After living in the north my entire life, its been a great move.

I don't have a checklist for who you should be. I appreciate people for who they are, their life experience, their outlook on life and how they treat others. Ultimately, I want to look over at you in the middle of the night and wonder how I got so damn lucky. At that moment, I'll know what was on the checklist.

A random list of things I like a lot:

* Scoring great seats to concerts;
* Finding new, interesting things to decorate my house with;
* Great restaurants, with cool ambiance;
* Sushi;
* Jazz bars and cocktail lounges over crowded nightclubs anyday;
* Convertibles
* Big dogs, mostly hunting breeds (Springers, Pointers, Labs, Goldens etc., although I don’t hunt);
* Fitness. I like going to the gym after work for some cardio and a long steam every day. No one is banging down my door to pose for an underwear billboard in Times Square, but I work hard at eating healthy and staying fit;
* Hanging out by the pool or if I’m lucky, the beach;
* Summer in Arizona - Yes, I actually love the heat here in June-July;
* Golf, but only if we’re playing fast (I actually like playing in summer best when courses are dead and I can get a round in a little over 2 hours);
* checking out different museums and galleries when I have time when in other cities;
* The Stones, Black Crowes, U2 and Police are my all time favorite bands, but also like the standards like Sinatra and Tony Bennett, great solo artists like Sade and Jack Johnson and a lot of new alternative stuff (Decemberists, Black Keys, Kings of Leon etc.);
* Attempting to cook (Not great by any means, but its something I strive to get better at);
* Phoenix Coyotes hockey games (A passion since they used to be my hometown team; have season tix);
* Living in a warm climate like Scottsdale after tolerating the frigid north (Canada, Midwest) for the first 30-some years of my life;
*The following movies: James Bond flicks (but Sean Connery-era are the best); Scarface, Miracle, Dazed & Confused, Animal House (I’m still a bit of an 80's geek, although the hockey hair mullet is long gone). Least favorite movie ever- Inception- was completely lost before the opening credits even ended and spent the next 2 ½ hours staring at my watch.
* Favorite book: Up and Down with the Rolling Stones by Tony Sanchez (there’s a thing about the complete debauchery of the mid to late-60's/early 70's that’s fascinating to me.)

A random list of things that I just don't get or enjoy:

* Hunting, (but not fishing);
* Techno music, hip-hop, or rap;
* The Kardashians;
* Foo Foo dogs that people dress-up or carry around in designer bags;
* Fox News, the Tea Party and Sheriff Joe;
* People who think the 2nd Amendment necessitates maintaining the right to buy an AK-47 assault rifle at the corner drugstore;
* Indian food;
* ignorant people.

If you’re up for some new adventures, hopefully leading towards a solid relationship, send me a message. Would love to hear from you.
The six things I could never do without
My Kids
Living somewhere warm
Dogs (although I just lost my two)
Hockey (big Coyotes' fan)
Concerts/Live Music (At least a few a month)
My Gym