43 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
**Update Dec.: There are an insane amount of 'bots' and fake ads in here, so I'll 'like' you, without messaging till you like me back, because I'm not going to waste my clever charming messages on someone who has nothing better to do than make fake ads.

Just to be clear right out the gates...Cellarboy is not in reference to an underground brick room where I like to tie, or be tied up in. We're talking wine cellars people, relax. Also, I'm impressed by wits, not tits. If your personality is so lacking that you need to show massive cleavage in every pic, I'm not interested.

**PREREQUISITE: To be considered for this position, this lovely lady needs to be crazy easy on the eyes, as I will be admiring that face several times throughout the day.

***TAKE NOTE!!! I did not say Crazy, and easy on the eyes. Nope...I said crazy easy on the eyes, as in radiant. I have had my share of crazy, and I'd just as soon avoid it this time around. Sound good? THANKS.

That being said, I am seeking like minded individuals that want to explore this amazing world we live in, and are eager to make a difference. I may be the only person here that is paying attention to the friends percentage as well as the match. However, these percentages don't define us.

Regarding my own quest, I am proceeding with much caution with a bar that has been risen possibly higher than it should be, but settling isn't fair for either of us.

Now that I have the brutal honesty out of the way, I AM the most amazing person you will meet on this site, but I'm sorry, I just don't do autographs. :)
However if any of the following brands blow your proverbial skirts up, you can just refer to me as Mr. W. Knight.

Breakfast maker while you sleep more.
Oil Changer of your car so you don't get your lovely nails dirty. Bonus points if you know how to do it.
Toilet seat flipper downer.
Door Holder *duh*
Male clothes shopper for when you don't have a gay friend handy. :P
Towel grabber when you are stuck in the shower w/out one.
Toilet paper changer.
Medicine man when you are sick.
Glass of water getter after "Hot Yoga"
Towel grabber after "Hot Yoga"
("hot Yoga" being a creative metaphor here for something a little more intimate)
Smile maker when you have the yuk's.
Driver of vehicles so you can text freely and not kill us both. :)
First Aider for your bumps and bruises from playing too hard. (Is that possible?)
Tent builder.
Fire stoker.
S'more builder.
Patient coach of various boarding activities.
Waxer of various boards.
Best PB&J maker.
Gym buddy.
Kisser of sore body parts to make them better.
Accountability buddy for your fast food cravings, if any.
Shoulder to cry on, whenever you need it.
Ear to listen, whenever you need it.
Tissue grabber for said shoulder.
Chest for you to punch when your boss isn't available.
Sushi buddy.
Encyclopedia of crazy useless trivia, news, and correct spelling.
Laugh maker.
Warm snuggler when you are freeeeeeeeezing...even if your toes are ice cold....I'll be there.
Planner of weekend road trips to get the f out of town.
Take the kids (when applicable) to schooler.
General handyman around the house. LOVE it.
Designer of your custom bathroom.
Hot tub buddy (sounds good right now, doesn't it??!!)
Planner/co-planner of all nights out involving live music.
Finder of new and unique establishments to water our whistles.
Bringer of the rear when we enter a room for two reasons.
1. You compliment me immensely and I want everyone to know it.
2. I'll make sure your dress doesn't get caught in the door. ;)

Ridiculous bonus points if you can do a majority of those on your own, and I can simply offer assistance. Haha
What I’m doing with my life
I'm somewhat of a Jack of many trades. I work for an incredible aerospace company with soooo much room for me to grow, and I look forward to the growth. When I am not there, I design and build custom wine cellars (hence the name). When I am not covered in saw dust, I am behind a camera. I am also an ordained minister, who is now responsible for two happy couples out there. One such couple are my two best friends, yes, it is possible for a man to have a female bestie that he is not sexually attracted to. When none of those apply, I am shopping, working out at the gym, on a board of various sorts, swinging at a little white ball, or sampling a new Malbec...or a Pinot....or a Sangiovese....orrrr.....

To sum it up, I am a sponge for information, constantly growing/evolving both mentally and physically. I'm just about done with my BA in Project Mgmt...and am anxious to see where this road leads me! If you are the type that is stagnant, content with life, afraid of challenging yourself, or a couch lover, we are likely just friends.

Also, I'm a part time caregiver for my Dad who had an unfortunate accident a few years back that left him paralyzed to a wheelchair. I carefully balance my life around all of the above, my relationships, and a few days a month with my family. My brothers, Mom, and I make it work as best we can. It's not an ideal situation, I would give anything to have my Dad back to his old self again, but these are the cards we're dealt. If you have ANY issue with this, please move on. My family is a priority, as I expect yours to be.
I’m really good at
Asking better questions than this website.
Making people feel good.
Being a friend...though there is always room for improvement.
Designing stuff.
Figuring out how to make something I see in a store.
Meeting new and interesting people in new and interesting places.
Finding kick ass parking spots.
Not being bored.
Making sure you aren't either.
Road trips.
Turning my imagination into a reality.
Figuring out how to fit sushi into the Paleo plan.
The first things people usually notice about me
I smile.
I'm crazy cool.
Laughing is always nearby.
I'm not as intimidating as you think I look.
All kids love me.
All dogs love me.
All moms love me.
I'm not conceited.
(Still smiling)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This list is endless, really. Spotify is my very close friend.

Currently reading. All you need to know.

"I'm in love with your strict machine." If you know what that is from, kick ass bonus points for you.
The six things I could never do without
Besides the obvious elements we need to survive....
In no specific order of importance:
1. Wine
2. Friends/Family
3. Love/Intimacy
4. Laughs/Smiles
5. Knowledge
6. Music
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Planning getaways, events, get togethers, new places to explore!

Wanna go?
On a typical Friday night I am
Chris. As opposed to Saturday thru Thursday where I pronounce it Chris. Can you hear the difference? Me neither.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am straight, and I LOVE shopping clothes with the opposite sex.

You should message me if
You want to chest bump with the mayor of awesometown. Ok, maybe just a pound until we get to know each other better.

(None of the preceding text was meant as a sexual reference...though looking back, it really sounds like it! Haha.)