25Columbus, United States
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My self-summary
Hi, I'm Topher. I think of myself as a geek. My geek "study" is animation; TV-14 rating and lower, as well as TV-M and lower when it comes to non-american animation.

I enjoy geek like stuff, hanging out with friends, playing videogames.

I am also avid congoer of multiple fan conventions. I've been going to conventions since I was 3-months old. So longer then I can even remember.

I am also a haunter. I work at the Scare-A-Torium every year and have been since 2009. A haunter is someone who works in the haunt industry (AKA haunted houses and Halloween related items) (a paranormal investigator is not a haunter. at least the occupation isn't)

I want to develop my writing skills, I work on writing stories and poetry. I think that my poems are better than Vogon poetry now, just a bit.

I'm a cat person at heart. But I love corgis and a few other dogs. I've owned three cats in my life. One I still have. I had a Pembroke welsh corgi, that I only regret not playing with more.

I'm not a big sports fan. But I do have many favorite teams. I love the OSU Michigan rivalry. And root for both teams, except when they face each other, then I only root for OSU. Reason I root for both is because I like to see a good game when they face each other. Like the game in the 2016 season. The two sports I always enjoy watching are Hockey and Soccer (or Football as I call it). The Blue Jackets and Penguins are my favorite Hockey teams. CBJ because I grew up watching them every so often. And the Pens for there Mascot. It's only a coincidence to me that the Pens often do good. While we're on Pittsburg, I root for the Steelers is NFL. Though I actually despise the NFL. The Crew is my favorite Soccer team, since they won The MLS Cup. Probably never changing what MLS team I root for. So again I'm not really a sports fan, I just grew up with sports fans as friends.

I enjoy traveling and have done a fair amount of travel, all over the United States, and I have also been to Japan and the Philippines.

One of my pictures is from a three day hike through the wilderness in the high sierras at Yosemite national park in August 2012, it was amazing!

I want to do new and fun stuff, and enjoy sharing it with a friend.

I am straight, but I find myself to be very genderfluid.
I would like kids in my future, just not right now.
What I’m doing with my life
I am working on becoming a great Writer. I also practice guitar in my spare time. I also draw every now and then.

I Stream and make videos of myself gaming. Mostly Stream really. I'm on Twitch & Youtube as Luna T Nox. My youtube hasn't been updated in months.
I’m really good at
I have a vast knowledge of random things.

I have an unusual knack for coming up with new ways to season and cook things. I actually learned a lot of it from my dad and his favorite shows off of the Food Network.

I'm not particularly skilled for being a seasoned video gamer. I also tend to like to play co-op more then competitive. I love playing Overwatch though.

My geek side has set me on an expedition to watch as many new animes and animations as I can. this is endeavor to learn more about anime and animation. (Still ongoing)
The first things people usually notice about me
How my hair defies gravity, that I am goofy and kind, and wear mostly dark colored clothing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Since I'm not going to list music down below. Here is my way of choosing music. Everyone says this, I'll listen to anything, for me that is true. But I don't choose favorite bands or artists. I choose songs on a song-by-song basis. Though there are artists who I do have nearly half their songs saved on Spotify. Oh and Spotify is my main source for music. Youtube is second.

Other than the categories, these are not organised in any other matter.

All Categories: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic , RWBY , Rooster Teeth , Achievement Hunter , Marvel , Black Horse , Raven , Rogue , Wolverine , Iron Man , Hulk , Batman , Green Lantern , Nick Fury , Moon Knight , DC , Toradora , Shuffle! , Happy Lesson , Harry Potter , Dance in the Vampire Bund , Clannad , Blood , Blood+ , Claymore , Ouran High School Host Club , Black Butler , Fruits Basket , Girl with the Dragon Tattoo , Lilo and Stitch , Redwall , Horror , Ever After High

Movies: Green Hornet , Dead Poets Society , Amelie , Rocky Horror Picture Show , How to Train your Dragon , How to Train your Dragon 2 , Frozen , Zootopia , REPO: Genetic Opera , Equestria Girls:Rainbow Rocks

TV: Doctor Who , Phineas & Ferb , Glee , Bones , NCIS , Eureka , Warehouse 13 , Supernatural , Littlest Pet Shop , Adventure Time , Arrow , Flash , DC:Legends of Tomorrow , Agents of Shield , Steven Universe , Librarians , Gravity Falls , Star V.S. The Forces of Evil

Books by series: Looking Glass Wars , Artemis Fowl , Septimus Heap , School of Good & Evil , Series of Unfortunate Events

Food: Sushi , Empress Chicken , Pansit Canton , Pizza , Unagi Don , Squash Ravioli , Spinach & Artichoke Dip , Bacon Burgers

Interests: Darke , Other Kin , Magick , Nyght , Anime , Horror , Halloween , Gothism , Wicca , SteamPunk , Lovecraft , Manga , Mythology , Potions , Brony , CyberPunk , Dark , Night , Animation , Furry , Otaku

Favorites: Wolves , Penguins , Puffins , Dragons , Halflings , Elves , Unicorns , Black , Violet , Navy Blue , Faeries , Werewolves , Vampires , Anthropomorphs , Luna , Ravyn , Ruby Gloom , Witches , Wizards , Pegasei , Alicorns , Bats , Cats

There are lots of other things and I will add them as I see fit.
Six things I could never do without
My Cellphone & Computer.
My Friends and Family.
My Creativity.
And Soda, definitely can't live without soda.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My current relationships (friends, family, ect...) and my carreer future.

I also think about the concept of human existence. For that being so generic, I will say I have spent the last 5 2-hour or more long travelling trips thinking about that very thought.

I also think a lot about how to develop the characters I come up with.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing video games or watching a Stream. I also like reading.

I actually would like to not be at home on Fridays. This is actually one of my reasons for being on here.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an open-book as long as you ask the right questions.
You should message me if
I like chatting. so message me if you like any of the same interests. If you message me give me something to play off of(i.e. a question or something to react to). Don't just say what we have in common, give a opinion on it.
The two of us