48 Ottawa, Canada
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My self-summary
OK, so in an effort to come up with something to write about myself here, I asked a couple of friends of mine to come up with few words that they would use to describe me. They came up with the following:
1) Healthy,
2) Fun,
3) Nice,
4) Smart,
5) Happy,
6) Charismatic.

Then I read somewhere that you should not just list attributes about yourself but you should provide examples of why these words apply to you.

In other words, "show" don't just "tell". Here is my quick attempt to "show" you...

(1) Healthy - I run 6 times a week, work out at the gym, cook and eat healthy gourmet meals every day (my dad was a chef!), take Massage classes and have endless energy.

(2) Fun - I love to make my friends laugh and have a good sense of humour. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, watch several movies every week, attend special shows and can get down right silly at times... (in a good way though! ;-)

(3) Nice - I take a genuine interest in people and love to give back. In my job, I help people every day and they depend on me all the time just like their Family Doctor. In other words, a true down-to-earth caring gentleman!

(4) Smart - I love to read (have a huge library at home) and I am always looking to learn something new every day. I majored in Engineering at University and graduated with Summa Cum Laude. Sounds geeky, and at times I am, but I am also lots of fun too...see above... LOL

(5) Happy - Now this word describes me and my character perfectly! My friends ask me what's my secret recipe for being ALWAYS HAPPY? They say it is contagious. Some call me Happy Face :-) I guess people are either BORN Happy or not. I am one of the lucky ones!!

(6) Charismatic - Hmmmm... now how would I "show" you that? Maybe my profile picture is a start? Well, my female friend is also not the first person who has told me this. Most of my clients feel the same way too!

Perhaps it is just best if you do not take my "word" for it...connect with me to find out more! I would love to share with you some of my secret recipes :-)