32Ellisville, United States
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My self-summary
Hi there! How's it going? Alright so where to begin? I guess I'm a strange guy. I have an extremely low interest in 99 percent of sports. I hold a lot of weight in other peoples feelings, sometimes putting them before my own. I can at times be oblivious to fairly common sense things and I can sometimes be in my head too much. I usually combat that by saying EXACTLY whats on my mind instead of trying to be smooth or elegant in my delivery. Which can be good if you like directness and dislike playing games in social settings as I do. At my best, I am laid back, honest, intelligent, empathetic, generous, hard working, sensitive and i tend to enjoy making people laugh.

A wild list of things I enjoy appears: Art, Music, Video games, board games, science fiction (oh my god it's a nerd!), horror (both good and terrible), stand up comedy, playing guitar (don't get excited I'm still only learning) , drawing, smoking weed, working out (OK I don't enjoy working out but its helpful for many reasons), sex positivity, intellectual debates, scientific knowledge, learning and growing as a person, petting furry animals without being in any way responsible for their wellbeing, (followed immediately and perhaps inappropriately by...) And hanging out with and taking care of my amazing and beautiful 1 year old daughter on our weekends.

I know what your wondering, want to know what kind of traits I value in other human beings. Well put your mind at ease friend, for I have compiled a comprehensive list for your inquisitive mind.
Personality traits I admire
By josh chaoticgeek
Honesty, spontaneity, quirkiness, sarcasm, wittiness, mild temperaments, nerdiness/geekiness, the ability to go with the flow but not afraid to make decisions, self aware and introspective, problem solving, conflict resolving, intellect, atheism (not that I mind religious people as a rule but I blaspheme...a fair deal lol), artistic, creative, individualism, high integrity, strong willed, and the ability to see beauty in the dark. (That can be taken 3 ways, all 3 work for me)
Theoretically all people should consider themselves at least one of those adjectives. If not I'd love to hear more cause maybe I forgot some.

Just a few miscellaneous notes just in case they are deal breakers for anyone whose made it this far. I'm a divorced part time father, I'm a feminist, I am a LGBT supporter, I'm pro choice, I'm clearly liberal but I don't really support our terrible 2 party democracy anymore, the more i think about it the less ok I am with capitalism as a whole, and cruelty, hate, and intolerance of any kind is unacceptable to me.
What I’m doing with my life
Well I'm in the process of reinventing myself a bit again. Trying to keep myself in high spirits and motivated. Exercising and playing guitar. Keeping on top of my responsibilities and the day to day grind. Working on the fears and anxieties that have been a bit of a hindrance recently. Also I just enrolled in fall classes. This will be my first time back in college since 07. So I am excited about that.
I’m really good at
Super smash bros
Being trustworthy
Back rubs
amusing myself,
Being a good friend
Making angry people smile,
Doing stupid things to make myself smile,
remembering useless information.
Having fun and interesting debates and/or discussions with friends about everything under the sun. Usually science, religion, politics, video games, and stupid people lol.
The first things people usually notice about me
They don't notice me because I'm hiding right behind them ready to strike.
Alternative answer:
My height or smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books = American gods, John dies at the end, Indian and the cupboard, Zombie survival guide, Dresden Files

Comics = Watchmen, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, V for Vendetta, Sin City, Dark Knight Returns / Strikes again, Bone, Marvel 1602, Kingdom Come, Johnny the homicidal maniac, Squee, Spiderman: rain

Movies = I like a lot of movies, my favorite genre is Horror/Comedy.It's a small niche but the ones that are good are the best. But usually i stick with comedy, adventure, action, or science fiction. I have a soft spot for the subgenre of fantasy that I'm not sure what it'd be called but it would include Alice in wonderland, Stardust, Labyrinth, Wizard of Oz, Neverending story, Mirror Mask, and Peter Pan. Basically where the protagonist gets sent into a surreal dream like world and meets a variety of strange friends that help them to their destination and get home. I tend to steer clear of dramas. I like em when they are good but I'm seldom EXCITED to watch a drama. I hate watching war movies or tragedies. I'm just never quite in the mood to be depressed.

Shows = I'm a huge nerd so basically any science fiction show that's good I am a fan of. Doctor who (have a tattoo of a dalek on my left leg), star trek, BSG, Dollhouse, Firefly, etc. I also love comedy shows like Always sunny and workaholics. I also love to get super stoned an watch cartoons. Ren and Stimpy, Invader Zim, South Park, and even a couple new shows like the new Teenage mutant ninja turtles or Gravity falls are great. P.S. Joss whedon is my god.

Music = Everyone says it, but i like most types of music. I hate country and for the most part I hate rap. There are exceptions to those rules but for the most part I like indie music, metal when i'm in the mood, 90's music, Punk and Ska. System of a down is still probably my favorite band.

Podcasts: sex nerd Sandra, welcome to nightvale, nerdist, terrified with Dave Ross, star talk, how did this get made, mental health happy hour, harmontown

Food = I like many things.. I like steak, sushi, mexican, seafood, pasta, chinese, burgers, pizza, chicken etc. I am not big on's on my list of things to try to work on is eating more healthy.
Six things I could never do without
My child, Art pads, Laptop, Smart phone (just got one but it's amazing how fast it becomes your lifeline), My friends and family (i'll count as one because my friends in many cases i consider my family), and my zombie killing machete.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Other people and what they feel, experience, and what in their lives made them the way they are.
Human evolution, like how instincts and evolutionary traits affect our thoughts, desires, and other things.
What I don't like about my life and how to fix it.
Space, infinity, and time.
How to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.
Video games.
Sex and how poorly its represented and treated in this country. Also the other thing
Story and drawing ideas.
The next big idea, like facebook, or microsoft...but where i make millions of dollars off of it.
My daughter and what kind of person she will become.
On a typical Friday night I am
making fat cash at my job. Possibly drink afterwards with friends
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am recently divorced from an extremely abusive and manipulative relationship and am attempting to get myself back to the confidence and state of mind I had before that whole thing.
You should message me if
I am working through some shit before I consider myself available for any manner of sexual or romantic relationships. So for now I'm just looking for friends but if things work out between us there's no reason it can't become more later.

You are laid back, don't take yourself super seriously, and enjoy laughing and having a good time doing whatever it is that your doing at the moment.

You gain bonus points if you can Nerd out with me about any of the things I have mentioned on my profile.

You need to be 420 friendly...don't necessarily have to smoke it...but it's definately a plus.

P.S. I hate drama...if you are a drama monster trying to reek havoc on my brain let's just skip it and move on with our lives yeah?
The two of us