33East Brunswick, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a passionate, artist/entrepreneur/coach/who figured out how to make a few bucks Doing what i love, while enjoying one adventure after another.

I believe in "working smart - playing hard". So when it’s time to get away, you’ll only find me in the most exciting of places... From spontaneous cross country road trips... to a random dart in map flight to anywhere fate lands me.

To me, the only time worth having is a good time and I will leave it at that.

I love to have a great time, socializing, meeting people in general, my family, Art,,quiet nights at home, movies, reading, internet, great food, music, listening to the ocean at night, watching the sun set and self improvement. I love life.

My family comes first. Amazing parents who raised me right. I find family important at all ages.

What turns me on are people whose hearts are deep and loving, and who dream big -- and will do anything to see their dreams come to life.

Too many people are jaded, unhappy or negative, but you aren't and neither am I. That's why we get along so well right?

I am passionate, respectful, kind, firmly supportive, truthful, flirtatious and like every man ...I want a woman who can keep me on my toes.

I am not interested in women who share George Costanza’s obsession of overly picky and shallow physical or behavioral traits when it comes to dating and I don’t want a self-absorbed girl who’s focused solely on herself — her friends, her job, her hobbies, her goals, etc. Life is to short for that bs.

I love women that love bringing out the best in a man.

If you write me, please have something to say. Show me that you've read my profile. This is quality real estate here. I am an authentic man who has real and warm gifts to share with a passionate, ambitious beauty.

One thing that drives me absolutely crazy about meeting women on here is some want to "fall in love" SO badly, they really don’t care about the person - it’s more about "them falling in love". It's honestly desperate and unattractive.

I just want to find an attractive woman who’s cool, genuine and fun to be with. Where things go in 3 months or 3 years - I don’t know. Life can't be planned, it must unfold spontaneously, so BE OPEN.

If something grows deeper over time, I welcome that.

Don't be shy -- if you would like to meet, please feel free to write me and lets see if we "click"

Who knows? I might like you too. At the very least, maybe we can be friends.

There's a lot more to know and I would tell you more -- but it wouldn't allow me to leave you on the edge of your seat wondering just how awesome I am. lol

Let's talk about it over a glass of wine(or a cup of coffee) and see where things take us. Life's short, why wait?

Just message me already.
The two of us