30 Santa Ana, United States
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What I’m doing with my life
Hopefully taking the next step on the yellow brick road to greatness. One day I will meet the great and powerful Oz!
I’m really good at
Attempting to be humble when asked about stuff I'm good at.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm left handed, and never think about it until someone every once in a while notices and says something, and then I feel happy and special for about 12 seconds, then forget all about it and go about my merry way.
You should message me if
1. Like to talk about/have questions about food/restaurants/cooking
2. Would also like a new friend
3. Are into learning, teaching, exploring, relaxing, laughing, soccer, fresh pasta, showing me the area, riding bikes, photography, hiking, snowboarding, breathing, riding motorcycles, rock climbing, doing nothing, doing something, cooking, eating, surfing, copious amounts of wine, books, movies, art, pop-up books, words that rhyme with urple, and traveling

4. Have ice cream and you're willing to share/give it all to me
5. Want to find out more about me
6. Don't want to find out more about me but have a free minute to message me

P.S. - I'm pretty shy, can't take a hint most of the time, and kinda suck at making the first move. So, If you add me to your favorites or passively engage me, I honestly probably won't do anything. If you really want to talk to me, I'm pretty easy to talk to, just message me. I really will try to get back to everyone, even if it is to say I'm not interested. I'm not giving any guarantees to how fast it will happen, super super busy at work these days, but it should happen.