65Overland Park, United States
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My self-summary
I am not like any woman you've ever known...

I'm looking for KISSES:

I am a sapiosexual INFJ looking for a light-hearted extrovert, an ENFP to revel in love and live real magic: conscious creating (quantum macro-mechanics). (I am currently seeing someone.)
...Just found a fascinating page on introverts at
- - -
I am intellectual, sexual, spiritual, sweet-tempered, and kind...And feel like a twenty-year-old. You, too? Maybe we should meet! (Maybe we have in another life.) But please wait to contact me until you've read the whole profile.

I choose to be with a man...
❖ healthy and hefty enough (but not overweight) to catch 100 pounds of joy flying at him in her “hello.”
❖ crazy enough to do a Cary Grant and climb into my bath with all his clothes on.
❖ to live with me in a cozy bungalow so full of love and laughter that its windows glow.*
❖ who will live or vacation with me in the Northwest's life-giving air, lush greenery, and Spirit every year to renew our spirits. (I love trees and flowing water.)
❖ who appreciates a shy girl who transforms into hot woman.
❖ who thinks I'm awesome, and one I shall cherish and revere.
❖ who resonates with emotional Cancer; passionate and unorthodox water dragon; patient and complex INFJ;
Individualist/Bohemian/Peacemaker (and a Mac enthusiast).
❖ mature enough to know that chemistry, communication, commitment to partnership, resonance, emotional availability, and efforts gladly made — not out of obligation — and gladly received make for a successful relationship.
❖ whose desire moves him to move heaven and earth to be with me.

* Especially if we build or remodel it ourselves. (A capable carpenter really turns me on.) You get a gold star if you know what the Arts and Crafts Movement was, and how to build a kiln in the backyard!

Are you creative? I am a Renaissance woman — writer, editor, award-winning poet and poetry judge, artist, desktop publisher, self-taught architect/landscape artist — as well as a Master Reiki healer, Alzheimer caregiver, and substitute teacher. (See for artwork, books, and weekly inspirational writing.)

In fact, guess what! My book, "Quantum God: How Life Really Works," is out; I hope my partner will help promote it and the QG workshop! This may involve some traveling, and creating a home for each other consisting of our own company, affection, and creativity while on the road. (I'm wishing for RV and soft bed!)
You can find a slideshow about it on youtube and decently written blogs and other info at' target='_blank'>www. (You'll REALLY impress me if you are kind enough to buy a copy and want to discuss the ideas!) There's also a review of the book in/on-line: October's issue of "Evolving Magazine" (2014).

Cool so far? Okay, here's more...
I can help you feel good about yourself.
At my best I’m beautiful, radiant, passionate, affirming, and have an infectious aura of joy and a ready laugh.
At my worst, I need a pair of loving arms around me and you saying those six magic words, “Everything will be all right, darlin'.”

I love the smell of sawdust, decomposing forest leaves, frying bacon, coffee, and pipe tobacco; the feel of garden soil on my hands; the music of laughter, symphony of sea, and song of rain; word puzzles, and fitting together dry-stone walls. Children and friends in the Kansas City area are very important, but I have discovered the pleasure of a warmer (moist) climate while the Midwest digs out of its latest snowstorm.

I am ready to release smoking from my lifestyle but need three weeks by the ocean, immersed (A man who fascinates me so much he keeps my mind off nicotine, knows the difference between fucking and making love, and can do both!)

I have a raunchy sense of humor and admire great wit.
Extremely loyal, I believe that for two people dedicated to each other, issues like fidelity and honesty do not even arise.

My spirituality is eclectic and includes Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, Christianity, mystical Judaism, Sufism, and panentheism — Spirit in all — whatever has struck a chord in my heart. Your spirituality is your affair, but there are energy principles at work, no matter what one’s spirituality, such as:

❖ We need never be ill, and need not deteriorate as we age. (A Course In Miracles)
❖ We create what we believe in and at the frequency level we're emitting. (Abraham, Unity; various)
❖ We are all connected (quantum physics, etc.), and everyone is living at his own level of self-evolution and must NOT be "judged against." (Vivekananda)
❖ If we take no offense in the first place, there is nothing to forgive. (ACIM)
❖ When two creative people come together, ideas fly like a host of sparrows. (Lange)
❖ When two people are in love, their joy creates prosperity. (Lange)
❖ Nothing has any more power over us than our fear gives it — NOTHING! — not genetics, germs, so-called karma, environment, etc. We are creating every moment of our lives through our habitual thoughts and passions. (Seth)
❖ We tend to be, however, highly suggestible. (Wolinsky) Pharmaceutical companies (and all advertisers) count on this. (Lange)
❖ At the core of every being is a vibrating life-force (shem-light). WE are each the Messiah, the Christ, the Buddha, the angel we think we need. (Kabbalah, Yogananda, etc.) Many "angels" walk upon this earth.
❖ Living substandard lives without using our innate (para-)normal abilities, we are more powerful than we realize: miracle-workers and creators, whether we know what we're doing or not. (Yogananda, Seth, Quantum God, John 10:34, etc.)
❖ We are here, spirits in flesh, on a field trip. (various)
❖ Finally, we were created good and holy, healthy and powerful like our Maker and do NOT need saving... (Unity)

p.s. Under the "Personality" tab, everything is true except "More Political" and "Less Pure." Under Language, it's really HTML, not C++.
What I’m doing with my life
I just completed two weeks as a laborer for a contractor, since my Alzheimer client of the last four years died last year. Now out of work — do you have a project we can work on together, one that will fill the pantry?

I'm still learning how to have fun. (Eldest child.)

I invite my last and greatest love to make our house rock with laughter. To make love through the best part of our life, now that we have experience in what works. To explore our "para"normal abilities. As a psychic/empath, I ask you, "Do you feel me calling?

I am NOT living life to the fullest; I miss being part of a partnership, sharing self and time and talent, the communion of laughing and "rising" spirits. Such a relationship requires resonance.

I'd love to visit Oregon with my photographer-lover and put together a coffee table book with pix and poetry. And I'd have a ball if you'd teach me self-defense moves, laughing as I trip over my own feet, or dance steps, laughing as I trip over YOUR feet. :)

I believe that All That Is benefits from our blessing, and kindness is the law I live by. Do you?

Okay, guys, this is what I'm shooting for:

* Us laughing with delight when we talk together.
* Talking about ANYthing, and feeling aroused when we speak, as in INTELLECTUAL INTERCOURSE: interactions and reactions building, bursting upon, and bouncing off each other until we come to a climax of falling-to-the-floor laughter...and then the regular kind!
* Speaking passionately, with hand gestures and eye contact and touching and smiles (or lusty grins).
* Having a "connection."
* Feeling comfortable, with our personal spaces easily intermingling (after, of course, that first tingling standoffishness created by sexual tension).
* Rushing through what we're doing in order to be together again.
* Saying the same thing at the same time.
* The feeling that we've have known each other a long, long time.
* Smiling when I/you remember how your/my voice or laugh sounds.
* Working well together and for each other.
* Communicating; working to stay "on the same page," so our relationship is a true partnership. (Emotional honesty.)
* Caring about each other. A relationship involves less sacrifice than heart-deep dedication to "us."
* Feeling as if something vital is missing if we haven't spoken with each other lately.

In short: Love and laughter. Rousing conversation. Freedom to be yourself. A feeling of familiarity and ease. Resonance/magnetism. Complementary strengths and weaknesses. The desire to touch and be touched. Dreams in common. — These are more important than ANYTHING else...Did I leave anything out?
I’m really good at
shining when I'm happy or feeling "Connected."

I'm good at looking inside people and recognizing their goodness (even if they're not aware of it). Organizing and completing tasks, visual conception and intuitive perception, communicating, abstract thinking, math...I have a good eye (publishing layout), a good ear (near perfect pitch; audio editing), and near-photographic memory.

I am utterly devoted to those I love, and my capacity for love is great.
[WARNING!] I learned a long time ago while driving in a blizzard the import of telling people how I feel about them before it's too LATE. So if I say, "I love you," I have "recognized" you and want to affirm you — and I'll damn well say so, even if it scares you! :)

As an Intuitive, I may comprehend "where you're going" with your thought and arrive at the conclusion before you get there, or stop speaking in mid-sentence, waiting for you to finish my thought — which [WARNING!] REALLY IRRITATES non-Intuitives (just ask my ex-). As a Judger, I can help you actualize your dreams. (M-B again.)

Enthusiastic, affectionate, intense, and literate, I don't do "casual" or confrontations. I don't really know how to date. :(

In 2012 I had the chance to try some aerial silk work at a Ren Fest campground and was proud this 60-year-old had the moves! (I'd like to learn how to play the harmonica and drive a stick shift, too.)
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile. Then my size, maybe 100 pounds with cowboy boots on — It'd be great if you'd make it your mission to fatten me up some — and I'm rather pleasant to be around. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just read Dave Barry's hilarious "Big Trouble." Other books: cozy mysteries, Rowling, Tolkien, Don Westlake's comic crime and Alistair MacLean's adventure; Frost and my own poetry; word puzzles, metaphysics (Braden, Yogananda, Vivekananda, Chopra); The Holographic Universe, The Matter Myth, Infinite Mind, chaos theory, etc. Barbara Parks' hilarious series about "Junie B. Jones." Neil Simon. And a beautiful old play called "The Maker of Dreams" by Oliphant Down:
"When flowers fade, have you never wondered where their colours go to, or what becomes of all the butterflies in the winter? There isn't much winter about my workshop...It's a kind of lost property office, where every beautiful thing that the world has neglected finds its way."

Movies: adventure; Harry Potter; Frequency, Die Hard, Sherlock Holmes, the new Star Treks; old movies like His Girl Friday, Some Like It Hot, Inherit the Wind, 12 Angry Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, It's a Wonderful Life, etc.
*Heads-up: I'd LOVE to act out our own private version of the "leaning" scene in "While You Were Sleeping." And I think we'd have lots of fun doing a read-through of my screenplay, "Ten Million Pennies: The Adventures of Nick and Shelley Marsh."

TV: Leverage, Touch, Alphas (all cancelled, the idiots!), Perception, Once Upon a Time, White Collar, The Crazy Ones, Burn Notice (now I know how to freeze and break a padlock), some British comedy, and shows about nature and the cosmos. (Also the old Dick van Dyke and Andy Griffith shows. And Serling was a genius! Carlin, too.) David E. Kelley, Bochco, and Keiffer Sutherland's productions (24 and Touch).

Music: '70s oldies, Joy of Cooking, Motown, R&B, and Bubblegum — NOT loud music at concerts or bars, places rife with chaotic energy. (Not good at it, but I love to waltz and swing dance and two-step.) I've also written songs, one to a Celtic tune.

(There's a whole slew of songs I cannot listen to, glide to, without a lover: Keys' hauntingly beautiful "Never Felt This Way," the Pointers' "Hypnotized" and "Come and Get Your Love," Orr's "Stay the Night," Alabama's "Feels So Right," Jett's "Black Velvet," JJ Whites' "Crush," Broussard's "Home," Strait's "You Had Me from Hello" (a lovely slow-dance song); Doobies' "Long Train Running," Mercy's "Love Can Make You Happy," Al Green, Al Jareau, Bonnie Raitt; the Pointers' "Dreaming as One" and Dixie Chicks' "Lullaby," both beautiful tunes — and OMG, Toni Tennille's so sultry "Do That to Me One More Time"! In a progression from slow to "hot-blooded" to slow afterglow...)

—If you want to know what I'm like, listen to those above, along with "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes," "My Baby Loves Lovin'," "Make Your Own Sweet Music," "Get Together," "Weave (Us Together)," and "Lady of the Flowing Waters"—

Food: Dark chocolate, home-fried chicken, Mexican, anything with brown gravy, homemade soup, chocolate ganache cake, and my children's chef-quality cooking. But I can very nearly live on love alone. :)

Flowers: Old-fashioned roses, dayliies; fragrant lilies, lily of the valley, lilacs, and peonies; irises, pansies, violets, daffodillies.
Six things I could never do without
Six? Ha! Friends and family — and we are ALL family — books, flowers, dark chocolate, stimulating conversation, laughter, intimacy, and touching. Flowing water and greenery. The challenge of writing a formal poem. Driving through the dark (yes, are you awake? real and innuendo)...and 42. (A gold star if you understand these last allusions.)

But that intimate, romantic relationship is TOP priority.

(So many of you list "air" as necessary, but the Indian swami Trailanga often spent hours beneath the Ganges. We are leading substandard lives and are capable of so much more than we even imagine! When you say, "I am..." you are CLAIMING whatever you complete that sentence with!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
connections and self and writing. I'm considering re-translating the Tao Te Ching, and am working on an alternative health guide. Have two screenplays looking for someone who wants to produce them, and "Lessons from the Brick Wall School," which needs the attention of a graphic artist.

The focus on self is not egoism but the INFJs' constant drive for self-evolution and that ever-elusive "Ideal Me" that beckons and taunts us. (As in blessing with every thought, every word, every touch, and...standing on a cliff with high tide crashing on the rocks below and dark night surrounding, my Self a light bright enough to be seen by ships out at sea.) We are our own masterpieces, and the task often daunts the INFJ.

As for connections, the lack of connections among us "solitary souls" is a wound I have always felt at the core of my being and one I would repair by reaching out to whomever crosses my path, while still inviting that oh-so-special, one-on-one bond between man and woman, in which touch on all levels is vital.

For the Love of Darkness

It is you who put your hands
before your eyes and say it is dark.
Take your hands away and see the light.

I take great comfort in the night
when the presence of a single light
appears to shine more brightly than
the summer sun on the long white sand
of some warm coastline, with the glint
of waves of sparkling breakers bent
toward laughing children on the beach.
That lonely light! It seems to reach
out rays from one, to one, to link
us solitary souls. I think
there is no dark or cruel damp
that can’t be overcome by lamp
and love...
and love of darkness, which
defines the worth of flaming wick.

I'm getting ready to make a big change. Where and with whom has not yet been revealed.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home. What can I say? I'm a homebody. That's probably why we haven't met yet.

But a lovely first date would be walking a wooded trail or stream, then coming home to cook (me reading aloud while you cook) and bless the food, eating in comfort, and giving last bites to the dogs. And if we resonate, somewhere down the line...for dessert my red velvet dress (feels great against bare skin), something chocolate, and a slow dance (which may involve me standing on your feet, ha!).

...And, dear sir, the best kisses for me are progressive, like a story: first the hand, the palm, the forehead, the corners of the eyes, an enticing brush of lips...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't hide much...

I have "real" glasses but don't like to use them as a "crutch," and my eyesight is actually getting BETTER.

I love to sing while I'm working or skipping down the street...

Oh, also [Warning]: great homemaker, lousy housekeeper; just ask my ex-mother-in-law! I joke that someday my kids will find me buried under piles of books and papers. :)

And I can't stand cilantro — smells like kerosene, tastes like ****!
You should message me if
If you have made it this far, oh wonderful you! You have tenacity and are sincere and passionate about connecting with your lady love!

Still, please contact me ONLY if you know how rare and wondrous INFJs are, and if you have some of these qualities...

❖ You know that you are NOT an "ordinary" man.
❖ You have an interest in metaphysics, "Seth," or quantum mechanics.
❖ You stand in awe of the wonders of Mother Earth.
❖ You like PDAs and LOVE making love.
❖ You are kind, intuitive, and want to live with a gentle spirit.
❖ You are intelligent, articulate, intellectual.
❖ You are a playful ENFP, XNFP, ENTP, or INFP — NOT a controlling sort. And I have a Grr-eat incentive plan for those slow-moving Perceivers. :)
❖ You speak with integrity; that is, you mean what you say.
❖ You answered the STALE to STEAL, "definate," "Wherefore are thou" and "next in this series" questions correctly.
❖ You have the smarts to recognize an abiding love and the balls to hold onto it for dear life.
❖ We laugh, laugh, laugh together!
❖ You understand the power of words. (See "The Power of Words" by Andrea Gardner on youtube.)
❖ You value the sensuality of touching.
❖ You are accepting of ALL people and their idiosyncrasies.
❖ You concur with Rupert Sheldrake's views. (See "The Science Delusion,"

❖ Intelligence, generosity, a masterful mien, a ready laugh and twinkling, mischievous eyes are REALLY sexy! (So is a nicely trimmed, tickle-me beard! Sweet-talk and love letters, too.)

❖ Kindness, humor, integrity, healthy self-esteem, and sweet-temperament are musts.

If you'd like to meet, come find me in the balcony at Plaza Unity Temple on Sunday morning or learn more at my webpages. I will really appreciate the initiative you take! I've driven 500 miles one-way through a blizzard to meet a potential match, and one match drove 1500 RT miles to meet me. Are you that committed to finding your lady love? We can't really know if we have potential until we meet and feel each other's energy.

More power to you, and

*WARNING: The poetry is under copyright protection. You are quite welcome to use it as inspiration, but NOT to claim the written material as your own, which constitutes copyright infringement.*
The two of us