45 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Hey there, I'm a single 41 y/o male. :(
I am here to date a woman and maybe find someone special.
On my first date.. I prefer to go to a dinner and maybe a drink if there is sparks/chemistry ( not necessarily in that order).
I am Gainfully employed. (speaking of which, where the hell are my lottery tickets?) :-)
I have a lot of good qualities (band a few bad ones, like everyone) and a good personality and would like share them~with you perhaps :o)~
I live West Seattle-ish
I can at the very least give you a good run for your $$ on Jeopardy.
I'm T-shirt and jeans! But I also have a really nice suit- for such occasions.
I have a crazy eyebrow hair that grows really long no matter how many times I notice it and pluck it.
I like to bowl and watch movies, UFC (of course), go to almost any event.
I'm a good cook, but a terrible dish washer!
Rock is my favorite music hands down- I also like popular 70's 80'90's - for that matter some 60's doo wop too lol.
Over all, I'm pretty mellow, CUTE, well mannered/good intentioned man looking for a good woman to spend time with.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was in contact of (hsv) last year - careful folks not everyone will tell ya- no one told me :)