51London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I've become a fan of this dreamlike OKC world ...

You: you're a bit of a rebel girl, tactile, warm and playful.
Me: tall, confident, engaging - with a quirky sense of humour.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm learning how to make life as good as possible.

Drawn to warm, interesting people, enjoying anything, anywhere - seeking new experiences: exploring a city, going to small gigs, dancing (a little wildly), meeting people, visiting galleries, visiting Europe. I haven't lost any of the curiosity or playfulness of the very young - and hopefully neither have you - untamed, but socialised.

I live and work in London, sometimes Cambridge - and love to meet with friends elsewhere .. if you're going somewhere (from the nearest town to the furthest jungle) and want a positive and resourceful man to add to the experience, let me know. We can see your aunt in Abingdon, drive around Europe, nurse a tut-tut to Goa.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at:
A) Naked Vodka Scrabble [expert level]
B) Considerate, friendly company as ...:
.... a plus-one at weddings
... a plus one at parties
... any other location that you would like to add one male to ...

* Terms and conditions apply - normally only one male available per request though more can be assembled for special circumstances - delivery times may be variable - service levels guaranteed: check out service level agreements for details.
The first things people usually notice about me
The real me is incredibly warm - the friendly, playful me is the most obvious.

People often say that I look 'very rock and roll' it's probably just the longish hair and relaxed attitude.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm s fan of film that stimulates and provokes - more if it opens my eyes - is irresistibly funny - or contains great observation of people and other worlds - i'm looking for film-going, art loving, music appreciating buddies if you're up for it.

Other arts ... Anything that connects at a deep level - or gives pleasure. Vyner Street on a First Thursday is fun (come along with me), as is immersive theatre like Punchdrunk; I'd like to check out Burning Man one day and go back to the Edinburgh Festival and Latitude.

Books - I'm reading far too little and trying to change that (looking for some great non flowery prose)

Music ... I like it best in small(ish) venues - or scooped off the internet.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Figuring out how to combine work and pleasure ...
Wondering if online dating is the place to find a great woman ...
The rest of the time it's pretty normal man stuff going on in there ...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I pass by your profile to hoover up your list of good music, films (and books).

When I find attractive photographs and an interesting profile, I read the answers to all your questions - see how compatible we might be - add you as favourite, visit you a few times, maybe more - attracted and interested to the point that I want to meet you - but, I can't tell whether or not you are interested so I don't write to you - and nothing happens.

I've listed myself as 47 - this age dependent dating machine makes for strict cut-offs to invisibility. I don't feel any different to when I was 28 - maybe I don't look in the mirror often enough to notice. I had to tell a very, very smart 37 year old my actual age three times before she believed me - I really look quite a lot younger. I'm 51.

... if you want to find out more about me or meet up and check out the chemistry, let me know. Write now?

We can go to a small pub gig, First Thursday, a private viewing at a gallery or Friday lates, check out somewhere interesting in the east end, west end or Hackney, go for a drink, a walk in the park or on the river - or something that appeals to both of us ... it would be great if we ended up holding hands - and kissing.

What's your number?
You should message me if
Message me if:

You are young enough or old enough to want to have fun.


- you have something really interesting/enjoyable/challenging/amusing to do and want someone to join you


- you are not in a relationship
- you think we might really fancy each other


- you're looking for a relationship
- you think we might really fancy each other

A clip from Play it Again Sam on dating - I saw it on another OKC profile:

Are you free on Friday?

first date ...

Option 1 (plain vanilla): quick drink, walk by the river, walk in the park - something like that.

Plan B (for the confident): a companion for parts of the weekend - galleries, dive bars, east end cool, walking, escape to the country, a plus 1 for a wedding, a party - or something simple and enjoyable ...

Mystery Tour #1 (You the Dictator): I turn up at your chosen location at an agreed time, you take me to places that you'd like - duration, number of stages, number of dates flexible - depending on how we get on. I pay for all costs that I incur - gig / event entries, transport etc You're in charge! Let me know what sort of clothing to wear, what else I need and find out how long I'm free.

Something quite special:
Mystery Tour #1001 (You surrender. Completely): like mystery tour #1 only I'm in charge! I pay for all costs that we incur - gig / event entries transport etc. I let you know what sort of clothing to wear, what else you need ... I'll need to know which dates you're free - and how long you're free for ...

No. 5: You want to do something unusual - and you want to plan it together.

. . .. . .... .. .. . . ... .. ... . .. ..
... ... . .. . .... .. .. . . ... .. ... .
The two of us