35 Lower Heyford, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
A 'ChrisChicken' is a young nomadic soul installed within a sex-positive, poly-faun woodsman. He's often propelled through this world on a bicycle - and usually to be found inhabiting comfortable clothes and drinking good coffee. You might see him holding a hip flask, or getting excited about dinner. He lives on a boat around Oxford with his wife, JustSpeckles, and frequently visits his girlfriend HelloRosa in London.

He likes hummus, fitness, yoghurt with bits in, peanut butter, a dancefloor to shake on, bananas, dramas, sutras and Sartres, questions, dreams, explanations and answers.
Touches and crutches, splotches and crotches, naked sunbathing and not wearing watches. Sarcasm, trust, fireside ruts, perspicacious moments and tangerine huts.
Love and compassion, embracing our actions, cooking the supper, opening shutters on dawn, dusk - a time-lapsed thrust into future and past, the things that do last are affection and trust - all that hippy stuff - beautiful embraces and green secret places. In the whirlwind of life my focus is a bright moment: running through trees , getting a quotient of outdoor air, energy - living hand to mouth, experientially.

He has a penchant for tinkering with things, and has had more addresses than he has years. He tends to read books, XKCD, and other science-type humour. His childhood hero was Snufkin. His animal selves are cats and satyrs. Apparently, on delivery to his parentals, his box was marked 'ENFP'. He likes to talk about what to make for dinner while eating lunch. He likes women with brains, and thinks wordplay and foreplay are similar indeed. His idea of fun is lightweight camping, bush-walking, map reading, adventure having (regardless of back garden, or outback) He has travelled fairly extensively, and is very comfortable living out of a bag. He likes moving meditations such as walking, cycling, snowboarding and other fast moving 'ings', plus static motion, such as riding crops and paddles, knots, ropes, and that wonderful dance between bodies. Also, movement from within: Chanting in the shower (great acoustics!) chemical stimulation, board games.

In terms of dating, he's more interested in ongoing relationships that can be built into beautiful towering edifices of LOVE!!

Both of his established relationships would enjoy a third person of a bisexual nature, and new relationships are always welcome, be they friendships or more. Bonus points for being a pixie-haired, bisexual female who likes to be in charge of other ladies. Further bonus points for being an open minded male who would like to assist in catapulting these ladies into phalalalalalalasised bliss.

His skills include, but are not limited to: Wearing waistcoats, growing beards, cooking wholesome stews and breakfasts, building shelters, making coffee and cocktails, cunnilingus, puns, word-smithery, using power tools, travelling, planning adventures, building fires, fixing things, explaining science, tactility, taking photographs, knots, getting drunk in cafes while reading books, non-vanilla fun, design problems. He finds messaging over the intertubes to be a bit boring, and much prefers a five minute meeting over a drink of some kind, in which both parties' radars can be exercised. For money, he works as an assistant and carer to a doctor a little like Stephen Hawking. He also writes things.

Christopher has never really understood the concept of ownership, and is not a monogamous chicken. He believes in ongoing, open, honest, and respectful relationships. His idea of fun is making things, or long walks and adventures in the countryside. He also enjoys loud music, and is a fan of cinema, massage, and sturdy footwear. He misses the sea, and is attracted to water generally. He is often mistaken for a vegetarian, but mostly cooks with organic veggies and happy meat, though is resolutely an omnomnomnomnivor, and can eat most things.

He would like to see an end to bigotry, cars in cities, and outmoded ideas such as religion and 'representative democracy'. He believes that a utopia is within our reach, and is saddened by how far away greed and ignorance make it seem, by the continual destruction of the biosphere, and the promotion of hollow consumerist bilge.

He's always held to the belief that seizing the day is the best thing to do, and frequently spends all of his money on the next adventure, which is often undertaken alongside the lovely Just Speckles.
What I’m doing with my life
Exercising. Burning incense. Fixing things. Planing adventures and tattoos. Snuggling. Cooking. Cycling to distant places. Drinking tea. Yoga. Taking photographs. Sexing beautiful people. Running. Trying to make sense. Trying not not be lost in myriad. Trying to save the world. Trying not to watch crap films. Trying to drink all the wine on the aircraft. Recreational trespassing. Situps. Writing. Writhing. Permaculture. Camping in forests. Making inappropriate comments. Admitting that I'm ignorant - trying to learn more.
I’m really good at
Planning elaborate sexytimes, engineering elaborate surprises., planning trips.

Making lists.


Board sports.

Drinking tea and listening to the rain outside.

Drinking good whisky on transport.

Being a cuddlewhore.


Using tools.


Walking in the countryside.

Being on top.


Keyboard shortcuts

Winding up small children and then returning them to their parents.

Talking rubbish to the general public.
The first things people usually notice about me
I wear hats. I have a beard. I have rainbows tattooed on my forearm. I'm unusually cheerful and make bad jokes at inappropriate moments.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Most things fantasy, magic realism, or SF. Also history and popular science. Murikami, Iain M Banks, Jorge Luis Borges, Albert Camus, PK DIck, Douglas Adams.....Currently reading some Verner Vinge, but also some Anne Rand. Also reading a great book on anti-gravity, which I can't put down...

Shows such as GoT, Outlander, and Breaking Bad are fun.

TED. Dan Savage. Infinite Monkey Cage. Radio 4.

I'm not a fan of Hollywood. I tend to enjoy films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Darron Aronofski (though not his last two!), Studio Ghibli ,Terry Gilliam.... something that makes us think, makes us cry, moves our souls, gains us another perspective.

Music tends to be electronic... dark and psychedelic, but not trance. Classical, cello and piano, soundtracks and instrumental big bands like Cinematic Orchestra. Some folk and jazz. Electronica..... ripping bass, high fidelity sounds, entrancing melodies, music that brings us up to another level. .. .

Food: All homemade - eating with friends. Orgasmic. Candles. Well prepared - with a glass of wine. Healthy, with a touch of decadence. warming from within.
The six things I could never do without
Aside from the normal responses.... the six things that I really value at the time of writing are:

My wife. Good company. Laughter. A home. Home cooked food, shared. High fidelity sounds.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Utopia. Our future as a race. Sex I had. Sex I'm going to have. Sex I want. Science. Film. Journeys. The majestic reality that surrounds us. Cooking dinner. Beauty. Compost. Altered states of conciousness. Adventures outdoors. What tattoo to get next. Will the breakdown of society happen soon? Or should I buy some more milk?
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying life.
You should message me if
You like to meet over steaming cups, make love in the heather, and run in the wind. You are nomadic, and not blinkered by shopping centres and advertising. You tend toward practicality, flat shoes, and don't bend to the marketeers' will too much. You accept the idea of non-monogamy. (Unless you just want to be friends). You want to go on an adventure. You are curious, bright-eyed, and enjoy climbing over fences to see what's there. You want a pillow fight. You like to watch and then talk about films.... as my lovely lovers don't really do this - there is most definitely a space in my life for a human that does!