44Raleigh, United States
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My self-summary
I'm confident but kind. Mindful and patient. I'm a free thinker. I always keep my word. I'm open and honest, but I don’t always say everything I think.
I like to communicate, negotiate, and compromise. I’ve found that successful relationships need all of these things. I'm not afraid to share my feelings and I’m a good listener. I enjoy philosophizing about many aspects of life, but I’m not that into politics. I have many political views however. I meditate most days and I like a relatively calm and relaxed environment most of the time…although, I’m not always quiet myself; I like to sing. Of course I also like to go out and have fun too, but prefer the ambiance of great music and dinner on an outdoor patio of a great restaurant over a club at 2am. I often like to spend much of my time outdoors when it’s nice out. I enjoy hiking, biking, travel within a few hours of Raleigh on the weekends or across the globe when I have time off. I also spend some evenings at home with my dogs and something on the science channel or working on a DIY project. I love my dogs – beagle pug mixes, Jack and Lily. I enjoy the beach and the mountains… as well as the valleys, rivers, pastures, and starry night skies. I’m a Geologist, so Earth itself is something I really enjoy exploring. I still love to hop a fence, run a red light, and sit on the hillside and watch a freight train go by at 2am. I like evenings spent sitting on my back deck with a drink, and nights with friends around the fire pit.

I really like to spend my time building things as well. I enjoy making my home and backyard into a paradise to enjoy a little touch of relaxation every week .. every day. I’m affectionate, caring, and can also be goofy and playful. I do like spending time with someone I’m dating, but also enjoy time alone. I don't like much keeping up with technology, but answer my texts within moments. I prefer the buzzing of bees over the buzzing of my phone, the rustling of leaves over the rustling of papers, and the tweets of the birds over Twitter. I think society should slow down a little and stop judging naps. I’m definitely not lazy or too mellow though. I have completely renovated my home by myself… ok, the mudroom is not done yet… and I have so many more ideas of things I want to do. : ) In the meantime, I love the spaces I’ve created around my home.

I believe in equal rights for all humans and protection of all animals from suffering. I don't believe in anything supernatural, but I think being kind is very important. I stop if someone has a dead car battery, and will do everything I can to avoid running over a squirrel. I’m not one for picking or finding the best restaurants, but I’m willing to eat anywhere.
I’m looking for a woman who wants to live a similar lifestyle – someone who is open and honest. Who wants to focus on “being” not material things. This doesn't mean I don't like nice things, I do. I love my beautiful home and try to look stylish, it's just not my focus. I like a girl that likes to be herself, likes to be independent, but enjoys our time together and misses me when we’re apart. Someone who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, smiles a lot, and looks beautiful with makeup on but doesn’t always need to wear it. Jeans and a t-shirt are awesome, too. She's comfortable with her sexuality and appreciates connection and intimacy. Although it can take some time ...if a connection is there, it can’t be denied. If it’s not, it can’t be created… and that's ok too... sometimes it's just great to hang out and have fun together.
What I’m doing with my life
Continuing to learn about Geology and the dynamic processes of this Earth. Trying to be present for the moments.
Spending time with my dogs, taking walks, riding my bike.
Looking for someone to share fun and different experiences with.
I’m really good at
Everything! Ok, no .... I'm pretty good at DIY projects and building things around my house. I'm also good at listening, massages, being a dog dad, and living mindfully.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea
I have been told I present much better in person than profile
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not sure I have a whole lot of favorites. I like The Shawshank Redemtion and other good dramas. Dexter. NOVA, and most things on the science channel. Not really into action films. Music ... I really like Damien Rice, Wilco ,Jack Johnson...
Food? ... I find myself eating peanut butter bagels these days. Normally chicken mostly. I seldom eat red meat
Six things I could never do without
My Dogs (Jack & Lily), a dream, quiet, connection, touch.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
learning, connection, travel, friendship, spending this Fall with somebody special
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually out to dinner with friends then maybe a drink, but usually home by 10. Nights on the deck or screened in patio with a fire pit and some music. I'm always down to snuggle up with just the two of us after a long week too.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm pretty open and nothing is really taboo, but it just seems weird to put some random thing here.
You should message me if
You have ever thought to yourself "all the good ones are taken"

You're the type of woman that would say hi first if you liked my profile.

You're looking for an open and honest guy who enjoys showing affection. Enjoys talking and sharing stories and feeling, but is not at all clingy or too sappy either.

You just want to have fun together and see what happens organically.
The two of us