26 Monona, United States
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My self-summary
As much as I seek to do good, I've got quite the list of things I'd love to "seek and destroy". Broad statement? Not in the least.

My short list: apathy, WI Republicans, the Tea-Party Movement, B exits, fast food America, religious bigotry, stereotypes, hatred, and utmost, people so anthropocentric that they disregard the environment as a commodity rather than an integral component of our being (Whew...deep breath.)

Alright, that's a little heavy, I agree. However, it definitely is more real than "Heyyy qTe, u HOt. wazz up gUrrl?? Hook-UPz? pIcz?". If you're into that, GET REAL, and I hope for both of our sakes that you see the light sooner than later. (If you follow my rationale, keep reading).

Regardless of if you and I hit it off or not, I'd throw it out there that this profile is probably worth a whole lot more time than at least half the egocentric male pricks and creepers on this site-- you know, the complete douchecanoes. They might treat you as just a commodity, but that's horsecrap. I don't stand for that shit and neither should you! If you're looking for some reality, you're wandering has led you to the right place.

That said, my profile, lengthy as it is, is a product of thoughts and insights into me, but by no means a way to peg me. It can give you a little taste, but we best talk or interact before you drop your gavel. I live in dynamic equillibrium, am vocal about things I care about, and defend those I care about til my dying breath, whenever I become a product of Darwinian Theory.

Although professors, teachers, parents, and friends alike have known me by the nickname Chulupa since 4th grade, my name is actually Aaron. Feel free to call me by whichever tickles your fancy.

If there was ever a set of words to define this time period in my life, Anias Nin hits it right on the head when she stated that, "We do not see things as they are, [Rather,] We see things as we are". I am a product of my experiences, my struggles, my journeys, and hopes, encompassing who I am and what I shall become. I posses an ever-unsatisfied hunger of gaining knowledge and to live through things, which will only lead to my further definition as a person and define the impact which I will make (and am already making) on this Earth.

Outdoorsman, naturalist, environmentalist, realist, mild optimist, activist, politically-charged, and anti-materialist are all terms which give you just a quick vision of who I am. I don't futz around and play stupid games with people, and strongly feel that the trust I have in other people is directly proportional to the degree which they can trust me. That said, I am who I am because of where i've been and where I'm going, and the sooner one realizes that, the sooner they can have faith that I give nothing but my best and truest to them, no matter the type of relationship I have with a person, whether acquaintance, friend, or anything more.

Although OKC got rid of the box in which one filled in three adjectives about themself, I choose to keep it as I feel it is a great summation of me. As I've stated from the first day of starting this profile, "I [was and still] am zealously zany, mildly medational, and care compassionately".
What I’m doing with my life
...could be considered a big question at this point, but there are a few things I'm sure about. Helping others, the environment, and doing my best to make this world a better place through my actions everyday are of extreme importance to me! I'm proud to say the my education and life experiences have made me a well-rounded, well-educated global citizen ;)

If you get to know me, you find out very quickly that my travels have defined and continue to refine my life motivations and overall perspective. I have been on 4 study abroad trips (short term/semester) throughout college and they have impacted my life forever.

I have high aspirations to use my talents and knowledge to help conserve our natural resources and help others understand the importance of the environment.
I’m really good at
...being able to laugh at myself, putting myself in people's shoes, exhausting my possibilities in life to their fullest, listening and hearing people out, being a friend,, speaking German, making other people look good at bowling, helping others, volunteering, "sticking it to the man", and creating decently tantalizing cuisine.
The first things people usually notice about me
...range usually from me telling them how it is, or possibly my big smile or hearty chuckle if things are chill. Probably also my dimples, but who am I to know? My rather peculiar syntax makes me colorful speaker. Some also say that I'm more helpful or considerate than the "Average Joe" because I really DO care, not just do the motions because they're what one is supposed to do.

I'm conversationally pleasing anyone with an open mind who's willing to listen and willing to be heard as well. It's usually apparent from first meeting whether things will go well or not with me, because chances are, the only way we won't get along is if you've lost a complete concept of reality or are ignorant/very narrow minded and stubborn about it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
NOTE: Feel free to skim this section. It's a little long, but if you so choose, there's a great deal to learn embedded within.

Some of my favorite literary treats, when I have the opportunity to read include: Der Vorleser (The Reader), Durcheinandertal, Walden, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Grapes of Wrath, Dr. Doolittle, The Outsiders, the Hobbit, Oliver Twist, anything related to the environment, Current events (newspapers, online, etc.). (All in all, I have a huge list of things to read before I die, and maybe if I get some time someday, I can actually get on that.)

Although often being described as "cinematically deprived", I indeed do enjoy to see a great flick every now and then. I will admit that my list of movies seen is smaller than most, but I'm willing to expand and receive further enlightenment for sure :-)
Some of my favorites include the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, V for Vendetta, Sin City, Stepbrothers, Zombieland, From Paris with Love Grandma's Boy, An Inconvenient Truth, Super-Size Me (the last two because I thought they were great documentaries), The Medicine Man, Goodbye Lenin, Nirgendwo in Afrika, Beerfest, Superbad, Accepted, Man on Fire, Brassed Off, Drumline, The Sandlot, Heavyweights (these last two being child favorites), and I enjoy watching any war/political/humanitarian/environmental documentary known to man.

I'm so musically eclectic that it's not even funny. My flav literally encompasses all genres, except for that stuff that they play on christian radio stations (my mother drives me insane with that bogusness) and overzealous opera. I am an amateur musician of sorts, and I just feeeeeel the need to absorb it all =D

Food...where do I even begin? I am the guy who goes to a restaurant and tries the most interesting looking thing on the menu if it's yet to reach my tasting pallet (sometimes leaving a rather large void in the wallet....whooops :) ) I love just about all types of food, and hate the obvious things like way-overcooked vegetables, and for lack of a better description, this shitty, over-processed, artificially flavored, colored and "enhanced" terrible stuff we as Americans call "food" that most Europeans, especially Germans, would be scared to touch with a ten foot pole!!! Therefore, I'm all about local, all about organic, all about good quality, and maximizing efforts to make my eating habits sustainable whenever I can, even if this means slowly decreasing my intake of meat as a venison addict. (Although, really, venison does fit all of the mentioned qualities I seek above)
The six things I could never do without
-Loyal, Caring Friends
-Nature/ The Environment, and my inseparable bond with it
-Wholesome, Nutritious Food (see above)
-Compassion and Interpersonal connections
-Intelligent, yet simple conversation
-Extensive traveling and journeying to absorb up everything I can about other cultures and places
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-the environment and personal sustainability
-how terribly I want a tattoo, but can't decide on what to get that symbolizes what I want it to
-the world and my role in it
-Germany, and all my time spent there
-where i'm going to travel next (and how)
-unique ways to make my diet more eco-friendly and healthier for myself
-how some people can be so ignorant/intolerant or apathetic
-different cultures and what I can learn from them
-how mankind is like a cancer to this planet and the environment
-musky fishing...or just being out on the water in general
-what i can do to make a difference how I can put it into practice
On a typical Friday night I am
...either on the hunt for awesome beer, or gearing up for a weekend outdoors (either for work or play!).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1) I speak to myself in German pretty frequently when alone, and translate things into German from English out of the blue. I'm not particularly sure when this trend started, but I think I subconsciously started doing it to keep up my proficiency and because of the lack of people able to speak it around me. (Sidenote: Nice job, USA. Look what xenophobia did to our country the last time we tried that. Dipshits.)

2) My tuba playing skills are Bad-Ass, and I redefine the "stereotype" typical to those who frequent the same instrument. If you're in doubt, demos are free.
You should message me if
-Enjoy speaking German, love the culture there, or are even remotely interested
-Share a love for travel, being in the outdoors, the environment, and enjoying the simple things in life
-want to talk about starfruit, why flamingos all move together in tandem, politics, or why cheese and beer happen to be the greatest substances known to mankind
(Or frankly, for any reason at all :) )

All in all, I'd love to chat with someone who's not just masked and complacent with a shell which society tends to put on people. Let's chat. Let's learn from one another. Who knows what might happen, right?