29Tampa, United States
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My self-summary


I feel pretty good about myself in general. I am outgoing and friendly most of the time, but on occasion get super awkward and self conscious. I will make fast friends with someone out at the bar one night, then on the next feel too weird to approach them again. I'm an ENFP, if you're into the Myers-Briggs thing.

I have a little bit of knowledge about a lot of nerdy things. I like to read, but honestly I've been kind of neglecting physical books since I got a laptop.

When I send my friends links on the internet, it usually has something to do with one of the following: sharks, weird sexual fetishes, a webcomic, recipes, or adorable pictures of animals.

I hate both laughter and having fun, so please note that I'll abide no such tomfoolery.
What I’m doing with my life
Apparently wasting it online.
I’m really good at
Spelling, making good first impressions, taking tests, thinking up witty retorts half an hour too late, getting along with almost anyone, back rubs, whooping your ass at Super Mario Kart, getting my ass whooped at pool, infecting people with my awkwardness, making a simple task more complicated than it necessarily has to be, Text Twist, Super Mario World, eating the chocolate off Heath and Skor bars while leaving the toffee centers intact, getting along with animals(especially big dogs), cooking, and being messy.
The first things people usually notice about me
I make a lot of goofy faces. Also, I'm kind of short.

If they see me often they'll notice that I wear a lot of dresses.

At the bar: "Who is this drunk girl who just complimented me/something I did and is attempting to give me knucks?" or "What is that nerdy looking Asian chick doing rapping and gesturing along to Brooklyn Zoo/Big Pimpin?"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Obviously I like way more than I'm putting in these lists but here's a sampling.

Books: Charles Bukowski, David Sedaris, John Steinbeck, Kurt Vonnegut (big surprise)

Graphic Novels: The Boys, Fables, Frank, The Goon, Preacher, Y: The Last Man

Webcomics: So very many. Achewood, A Softer World, Hark A Vagrant, The Perry Bible Fellowship, Questionable Content, Scary Go Round, RIP Pictures for Sad Children

Movies: Amelie (duh), Assorted zombie flicks (28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, etc), Brick, Delicatessen,

Shows: Adventure Time, Archer, The League, Venture Brothers

Music: 90's rap/r&b (I have an extremely epic playlist), Andrew Jackson Jihad, an embarrassing amount of current rap, Black Eyes, Gang of Four, Modest Mouse, Murder By Death, Spoon

Food: I will try just about anything. I love cooking and feeding people.
Six things I could never do without
This whole damn profile needs a revamp.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whenever I'm by a large body of water (going over a bridge or whatever) I always wonder how many sharks are near me. What I'm doing with my life. Anagrams of random words. What I'm going to eat later. Sex. How my various astrology/horoscope/numerology/Briggs-Meyer things tell me I'm destined for greatness, and how long will that take to kick in.
On a typical Friday night I am

Just now I ordered a Domino's pizza and forgot to turn on the tracker with a funny voice, so I guess I'll just spend all of this Friday night crying.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am completely unashamed of being on this website.

Sometimes I feel like I'm too nice to be on the interweb. Then I think about the humorously dark conversations I have with my friends and realize I'm doing just fine.

My real slut test score results aren't actually 0%.

I'm totally Cherokee orgy.
You should message me if
You're a rad chick who can bring a little more estrogen in my life.

Let's be real with it, the super old/clueless/creepy guys that I don't want to message me aren't going to get down to this point anyhow.

Message me if you want, I'm honestly kind of terrible at correspondence. If I think you're rad, I'll end up just trying to get you to take it to gchat.
The two of us