32San Mateo, United States
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My self-summary
Rosstin Murphy, Gentleman Adventurer
Physicist, Prankster, Professional Cat-Remover.
Fortunes read, mysteries solved, boredom cured.
Apply within.

Prices range from three packets of splenda for minor consultations to seven packets of granulated sugar for day-long adventures.

I'm quirky and weird and honest and crazy. I like to hang out with people who are creative and active.

I don't do dates; I have adventures. Sidewalk chalk art, costumes, vertical nighthiking, and street theater are my domains. If it's exciting, weird, or involves being underwater, I'm in.

I'm a game developer by trade. This is my portfolio:

Right now I'm developing these game:
• Queen At Arms: Deluxe Edition (on Steam Feb 4th, 2016)
• An Unnamed Open Source Virtual Reality Experiment For IBM (at various conferences across the USA in 2016)
• I'm planning to start a new project for 2016 but I haven't decided precisely what yet.

Game Dev is my life these days. By day, I develop games. By night, I develop games. It's basically a lot of coding, team management, and hard work.

I am a desperate man, with a hostage, and so, click, or BAM!
What I’m doing with my life
I got back from a 2-year service with the Peace Corps in China in 2011. 我很想美国! 我的心飞扬!

I just finished a Masters in Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon, and am now a Game Designer!

I'm looking for a partner to live with and do art projects together with. If your idea of romance is reading in bed, drawing eachother, using the same typewriter, and dressing up in period costumes, then you may enjoy my company.

I like: writing, claymation, photography, singing, game design, illustrating children's books, digital painting, Letraset pens, rotoscoping... anything creative.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
One of the weird little one-off games I did recently was called "MONSTR: Tinder For Monsters", which was basically just a big pile of jokes about online dating.

If you've done any amount of online dating you'll probably recognize some of the profiles we made fun of... rock-climbing obsessed person, completely cliche profile person, person who only puts a massive list of the movies they like, guy who does nothing but talk about how sexually amazing he is and also hey this is my dick, etc etc. If you're here on OKCupid browsing profiles for the umpteenth time at midnight with a bottle of wine, sifting through an inbox full of dick pics and form letters, you'd probably appreciate some comic relief right about now.
You should message me if
You. Are. Weird.

You know who you are.

I'm interested in meeting:

-Anyone with an unending font of manic energy!
I never run out of energy or creative ideas. If I could meet someone to match my insatiable appetite for activity and adventure, it would be pretty badass. Just think of all the trouble we could cause! If you think you're a match for me, bring it on.

-A fellow prankster. I LOVE pranks. If you share this passion, we should get together and come up with some evil schemes. I'm ruthless when it comes to practical jokes. I'll embarrass myself on camera, spend inordinate amounts of time on elaborate plans, and invent arcane devices in order to create and film a good prank. On my practical joke resume- dropping engagement rings into champagne at restaurants, staging a musical in the quad, having a (fake) messy breakup on BART.

-An exercise partner, someone who enjoys working out, running, hiking, surfing, or doing other aerobic activities regularly. Maybe we can make a regular thing of morning runs or boogie boarding.

-A platonic cuddle-buddy. Someone to chill and play videogames with.

I don't spend a lot of time browsing OKCupid. If you're interested, message me and don't be shy, take initiative! I won't bite! :-3
Let's go see a movie or go hiking!
The two of us