28 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
No, I won't grow a beard for you. They itch. Sorry.

Feminist, secularist, democratic socialist, transhumanist, part-time futurist, full-time hedonist, and militantly geeky. Chaotic Good-ish. Also, I really like dogs. And pasta.

Mostly I'm here to kill time, because I'm tired of first dates but the odds against a successful long-term matchup are too high to really want to gamble on consistently. But at the same time I'm still a sucker for intimacy of all types and it would be nice to have a relationship of some kind develop. If it's worth anything, I'm open to either monogamous or open/poly arrangements.
What I’m doing with my life
"What do you do?" is invariably interpreted to, "How do you sell your labor?" I work in aerospace in a position that I'm actively trying to escape, that's it for now. Previous dates have noticed that my eyes reflexively glaze over when the topic comes up, so that should give you an idea of how I feel about it. If you and I ever end up meeting, do me a solid and don't ask about it.

Otherwise, I have a wide variety of interests that are split relatively neatly between technology, gaming, civil/labor rights, church-state separation, and their related ongoing political discussions. Church-state separation is my "pet" issue as it were, and I help build a small community of activists for this cause and coordinate our movements around the greater Seattle area. Doing things with friends pretty reliably eats up my weekends, but they're rarely set in stone to the point where I can't take a raincheck in favor of quality time with one other person.

I also do video games and a bunch of online classes. Data science is fascinating from what little I know of it at this point. Also I play D&D semi-regularly with friends and am usually taking notes or doing reading on how to be a better DM.

I'm also slowly teaching myself to cook real food. You should send me your favorite recipes, especially if they involve pasta or sweet potatoes.
I’m really good at
Whatever I need to be at the time. I'm like a Swiss army knife of situational competence. Being a hedonist, that usually involves trying to make as many people around me as comfortable as possible.


Oh, also I like singing. Take me karaoke'ing pls
The first things people usually notice about me
1) Love of theatrics. Puns, physical comedy, wild gesturing for emphasis, I do it all!
2) [Redacted]
3) Love of pasta and food in general. It fills the empty spot where a sense of shame should hypothetically be.
4) Terrible music/literature/game references
5) I fidget a lot.

Some people tell me that I intimidate them. I don't really understand how, but I don't do it on purpose, I promise. I'm a teddy bear. Or possibly a slightly hairier version of Marvin the Paranoid Android.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Stuff I read:
I read a lot of political history and social issue books these days. I'm very much pro-labor and anti-(oppressive structure of your choice).

I'm spending 2017 making a lot more time to read than I have been before, because collecting books without reading them is just embarrassing. So I'm doing this 52-book challenge that I found on Reddit, and every month is a different theme of some personally interesting/important issue while I run through my library. Currently reading: A History of the Devil

But obviously, just sticking to politics and the real world would be incredibly boring, so some of my favorite fiction titles and authors:

Most of the Forgotten Realms series by RA Salvatore
Ready Player One
Fahrenheit 451
A Clockwork Orange
The Harry Potter series
The Alchemist
A Canticle For Leibowitz
World War Z (no really, my last tattoo is a quote from this)
Random stuff by HP Lovecraft
Anything by Mira Grant

I have a bad habit of buying large numbers of books at Value Village because of their damn "Buy 4, get the 5th free!" deal. So I collect classics, tech manuals, whatever - but I've been trying to refresh and expand my fantasy and scifi tastes more recently. Name me an author! (I love homages to Lovecraft and classic mythology)

Stuff I listen to:
My taste in music defaults to, "What, at this moment, will do the best job of keeping me awake at work until the caffeine kicks in from the shitty office coffee?" I play hopskotch across all genres and I can't vouch for the quality of my taste at all. I'm just as likely to listen to Tchaikovsky as Ke$ha.

I default to classic rock/hair metal because Joan Jett is the sexiest woman alive and probably will be even if she lives to be a hundred. Also electronica/trance. I'm especially huge on Ghost, Iron Maiden, and Infected Mushroom.

I also listen to a lot of standup these days, thanks to Pandora. I love Louis CK, saw Hannibal Buress live, and have a huge crush on Iliza Shlesinger.

Stuff I Watch:
Lot of sci-fi/fantasy stuff, mostly, and TED talks.

Rick and Morty
Invader Zim
Bob's Burgers
Warehouse 13
Person of Interest
Lost Girl
It's Always Sunny

I also have a tradition of watching Colbert's White House Correspondents' Dinner speech on a semi-regular basis, because the shit-eating grin on W's face will never get old.

I'm generally addicted to older Disney movies, because the soundtrack for The Hunchback of Notre Dame is absolutely amazing and never gets old. But I like pretty much any kind of movie if it's done well (but I have a soft spot for zombie movies regardless of quality). Most of my movies are sci-fi, action-drama, and Pixar. Lord of the Rings marathon, anyone? Or a marathon of the MCU movies, because Iron Man is my spirit animal.

Stuff I eat:
I eat basically everything that either isn't miso soup or doesn't have olives or mushrooms in it. Preferably pasta. You could bribe me with lasagna or Nutella, and possibly even with Nutella-covered lasagna. I love the royal hell out of BBQ anything, though. Also I really like curry. And most other ethnic foods, come to think of it. Variety is the spice of life. And so are actual spices.

Also, Chicago-style pizza > all other types. Fight me.
The six things I could never do without
Barbecue sauce
Extra batteries
A notepad
A plan (with or without the canal: Panama!)
An internet connection
A quick one-liner
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Basically everything. It's really not healthy, I know, especially with this whole "we have a fascist president" thing going on that's making me have a serious look at going into politics. But I have no idea what that looks like right now. So in the spirit of preserving what little productivity and emotional health I have left, I've tried to pare it down to the simple things I like most - good food, good music, good friends, and the heads of my enemies on stakes arranged tastefully on my lawn. You know, the essentials.

Oh, and I take fun seriously. Like, it's a very close second to my actual political cause of church-state separation in terms of how important it is. We have a finite amount of time every week, and we have a moral obligation to ourselves to maximize the amount of time we spend actually enjoying it. Even moreso when it regards tabletop RPGs, MMOs, and other forms of social gaming, in which case maximizing the fun that everyone else has, as a return on their investment in sharing time with me, becomes basically a religious calling to me. :P On a related note, actively working on being more GGG whenever possible.
On a typical Friday night I am
wondering why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and probably cussing out at least one other driver on the road.
You should message me if
Basically, if you're not a bot or a libertarian and you want a companion of to-be-determined levels of closeness. Friend, fling, whatever. I'm like the Man in the Iron Mask, I'm just happy to be there and flexible enough to adapt.

If I've visited/starred you and haven't said anything, it's because I'm terrible at introductions. So, yeah, go nuts. Also include your favorite type of cheese, because I'm going to ask you that sooner or later anyway. CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!