28Epping, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm a 26 year old dude wandering aimlessly and blissfully through my youth.

At this juncture, I am most interested in making my life as interesting as possible. To that end, I'm always down for just about anything. "Wanna drive to Long Island for no reason?" says a friend. "Fuck yeah I do," I respond. "Hey I know its three in the morning but you wanna go running through the park?" another friend asks. "Why the hell not," I say. "Hey, wanna come get your ass kicked in Jeopardy by Watson, that IBM supercomputer?" someone else queries. "Abso-(infixed expletive deleted)-lutely." Now here's the kicker, I can't help but notice it was all more fun with someone else along for the ride. What you hopefully take away from this is that I make an above-average effort to have interesting stories in my life whether through the mundane, random, and hopefully more of the extraordinary (this one's kinda tough I find) and I'd love it if you're someone who'd think it'd be appealing to be my primary partner-in-crime in this endeavor.

I DO NOT like to just accept my world as is without analyzing why it is such. I enjoy any conversation which broadens my understanding. (If you think I'm full of shit and everybody likes to think they're perceptive, see the "things I think about" section.) I could win prizes at over-analyzing stuff.

I'm told that I have extremely good prospects as I'm allegedly verifiably intelligent. As the years wear on I become more and more mystified by this assessment. I have degrees in Neuroscience and History from Pitt which I still keep in the Fedex envelope they were sent to me in if it interests you.

I self-identify as a nerd, and on a scale where 1 is "briefly into Dragonball Z in sixth grade" and 10 is "Live action roleplaying guru," I'd say I rank around a 7-8. To give you an idea; I play a lot of videogames, know way too god damn much about Star Wars, have played D&D and similar games multiple times, regularly leave the state to play laser tag, and have played on collegiate-level competitive trivia teams. I have NEVER dressed up in costume for anything, paid more than $10 for anything that could be considered a collectible, and I don't speak nor attempt to speak Japanese. So yeah, that's what I mean by 7-8.

Hopefully this paints a decent enough picture
What I’m doing with my life
Half-heartedly job searching. Quarter-heartedly considering whether I think post-graduate education is worth the money. Wholeheartedly enjoying my time on this earth.

I'm independently wealthy for someone my age so I slum it at a cheeseball job and sprinkle in some volunteer work now and again.

This summer was a lot of mini trips that involved more Arcade Fire concerts than someone might strictly call "normal."

This winter is the one where I become a boss at winter sports and learn to play guitar.
I’m really good at
....getting good at things to the point where I can only improve by actually putting in effort, then quitting.

Memorizing useless information. Semi-good at competing with other people about how much useless trivia.

Laser tag. Competitively. (Don't judge me, WTH are you national champion at?)

Playing videogames.

Travelling. (People seem to get very agitated and stressed when travelling. I always know where I'm going and never show up to an airport three god damn hours early.)

Fixing things: Cars, computers, my cantankerous PS3.

Doing things as cheaply as possible.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no clue. My friendships tend to develop slowly and I feel like people often have a more fully-formed, gestalt conception of me before they're close enough to me that they'd feel comfortable telling me. And by that point they've forgotten. I understand that this was not a useful answer.

I do my best to buck this trend on this site.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
*I could go all day if I don't take the word "favorite" seriously enough, so pardon the sparseness of it all.

Books: House of Leaves, Snow Crash, Ender's Game.

Movies: The Big Lebowski, Children of Men, Pulp Fiction, The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

TV: Futurama, Home Movies, Simpsons (through like season 15-16), Stargate SG-1 (up until the albino space wizards showed up), Adventure Time.

*If you think it's weird that these are mostly animated I will pre-emptively respond by saying animated shows are the only ones I "re-watch/put on for fun," hence their inclusion. I've watched plenty of serious live shows but I never feel a compulsion to go back to them...make of that what you will.

Music (Nailed on Favorites): Beck, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, AIR, Fleet Foxes, Of Montreal, The Flaming Lips, The Black Angels, Gorillaz, and pretty much all classic rock except for Genesis, Bruce Springsteen, arena rock and some early metal. (Since you're probably from Pittsburgh, basically anything that isn't country or played on 96.1) Also, I've noticed a strong correlation between liking songs and the amount of instruments they use uncommon to your typical modern band. IE, sitars, harps, horns, violins, etc. . Perhaps concomitantly I also seem to like most music that could be described as genre-mashing.

Music (Not loved/varied enough to have "favorite bands" status but still music I listen to a lot and in some ways am more interested in; sometimes quality can be TOO obvious (Lookin at you Led Zeppelin)): Can, Streetlight Manifesto, The Go! Team, The New Pornographers, Modest Mouse, Tame Impala, Animal Collective, Beach House, Broken Bells/anything Danger Mouse produces, Why?, QOTSA, Blue States, Foster the People, The Helio Sequence, Morcheeba, Dandy Warhols, Sigur Ros, TV on the Radio, The Brian Jonestown Massacre..

Food: Anything with a good price to hunger-fulfillment ratio. More important than food for me is just going somewhere/ trying something new. So if you're a foodie or can't find someone to go to that weird Indonesian-Tex Mex fusion place in that out of the way neighborhood that may or may not be a meth-dealing hub, look no further. I am down.

*Hardly a comprehensive list but it DOES get the idea across.
Six things I could never do without
*Using stuff immediately after it comes out of the drier

*Coke (a-cola....)

*Fleece blankets

That's it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Um...rather than answering this in a general way, here are some things I've had discussions about in the last several days at time of writing. I wouldn't say any of it is particularly scintillating, but I feel it's representative of the way my mind works and the level to which I care to examine even mundane and inconsequential things in life.

*How much of the sum total of all human capital throughout history has been shunted to useless, or worse, negative things? What if every dollar that has ever been spent on jewelry, expensive wine, luxury cars, antique furniture, etc. had been spent on advancing the general well-being of humanity and collective knowledge. What would the world look like?

* Why in the Matrix Trilogy is it never explicitly shown that the Matrix depicts an analogue of the world we know? For instance, all street names, identifying geographical features, etc, are generic and give no indication of a sense of place within the Matrix. Accepting the idea that the world is meant to feel alien and artificially constructed to the viewer, (no, it's not lost on me that it's tinted green) going too far with this theme severely undercuts whatever philosophical questions the movie brings up about the nature of reality, something many consider its strong suit. I don't buy that its told from the perspective of the "freed" minds. There's no other film devices used to insinuate that their perception of reality is any different from ours aside from one very oblique and nebulous line of dialogue.

* Why do people like the book form of a story better than the movie? First, people conflate the sense of accomplishment they get from having completed a book (a significant time and effort investment) with the book actually having been "good." No such feeling exists with a movie which is only typically two hours of time and no effort to speak of beyond staying awake. Second, the world they create in their mind's eye while reading the book is almost invariably different from the one depicted in the movie, and consequently, disappointing. Special caveat, people also like the book better than the movie even when they read the book after the movie because if they bothered to read the book after seeing the movie, they probably liked that god damn movie a lot. The book fleshes out that story which they are already interested in even more.

* (In response to finding out that the electoral college representative of Washington DC abstained from submitting their vote in the 2004 election) Why does no one remember the popular media finding it odd on election night that the District of Columbia only submitted 2 instead of 3 electoral votes? After all, DC is one of the first "states" to finish polling and the odd result would still have been relevant at that point in the night. Even if it hadn't, you'd still think it would make for commercially viable media coverage (however brief) of the electoral college.
On a typical Friday night I am
430-930: Delivering pizzas, in basement of pizza shop reading.

930-1,2,3?: Gathering a posse. Laser Tag, pool, abusing the concept of free refills at Denny's with said posse, playing videogames when posse summoning fails.

1,2,3?: Reading cracked, reddit, wikidrifintg,, minute physics on youtube, whatever.

300-400: Reading a book or watching my nightly episode of Adventure Time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like Hall and Oates and The Beegees. That's right.
You should message me if
For any reason, but especially if you're serious about meeting someone on here and not just messaging for fun or kicks. I promise I will respond to you even if you're not, (I'm happy to humor you) but I have to say I can't really have a very long non-substantive conversation with someone before I start getting bored.

Also if you want a buddy to learn to play guitar or ski with. You should message me regardless of above.

As a side note, I find it statistically hilarious that this section even appears on males' profiles.
The two of us