53 Tualatin, United States
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My self-summary
Time to up-date:Describe Myself.I am Just a Simple guy.It does not take much to make me happy.I am a very loyal and devoted to my friends.I am into finding someone who is into commitment.I don't like being played.I have been down that road before and it hurts.I am sure I am not the only one on OKC who has been on that road also.I feel that I am loving,Honest and can be depended on to be a good friend.I like to be challenged.I have faults and I am not afraid to admit that.I have traveled all over the world and have many stories to tell if someone wants to hear them.Sometimes I can get carried away talking to much.So I need someone who is willing to knock me in the head to remind me to slow down.I have a great memory.I can remember things back to when I was 2.Sometimes I look at that as a gift but it also can bring back some things I wish to forget.I am 49 yrs old. Happy grandfather of 5 Two Grand daughters 3 grandsons. 3 children. Daughter 28 son 27 son 21 I love my heritage and my whole extended family. Served 8ys USAF DOD firefighter, weapons specialist, Medic.One thing I like to do and say when ending a talk, letter or e-mail is sign off with Stay Positive. I really do try to stick to that with everything I do.I hope you can to. If you need help sometime try to think of this.

When you can't find a light, to guide you through a cloudy day.
When the stars are not shining bright, and you feel like you lost your way.
When the candle light of home, burns so very far away.
You gotta let your Soulshine.
Just like my Daddy used to say.
I'm Talking about Soulshine.
Its better than Sunshine.
It's better than Moonshine.
Damn sure better than Rain.

Stay Positive

I am ontime, dependable, and truthful
What I’m doing with my life
Right now Just being dad. 18 yr old son is senior at Tualatin high school. He plays football and runs track so chasing him around keeps me out of the house.Also love spending time with 2 yr old grandson my other 2 live in SC.I will some day be Chief of my tribe (Alsea).Love Pow Wows.

Up-Date:My son has Graduated and is now in the process of moving out and heading off to College.
What am I doing?Well to be honest not much.I am learning that Fathers can get Empty Nest Syndrome also.Some people may call me a type B personality.That is far from the truth.I just don't get to worked up.I tend to always be planning what to do next but 3 steps ahead of where I am.I guess I do this so I can act like nothing surprises me kind of like expected that to happen and I knew that might happen.
Up-date.This is old guess I need to up-date more often or rewrite.So old that my youngest son is now a Jr in College and is totally out on his own.So the nest is really empty now.
I’m really good at
Teaching kids that there is more to whats on the score board ie.. Little victories like first hit, tackle, catch and so on.I have been a Football coach for 18 yrs. Shooting (Uncle Sam made sure of that)Both Rifle and Side arm.Staying calm during Emergencies.But I have to say the best thing I am good at is telling my children I love them everyday.I am also good at reading other peoples feelings and body language.Is it to conceited to say you are a good lover also? I hope not because I do not feel like a conceited person.I am good at fixing things.I am also a great house painter (Family Business, got started at age 10) Just give me a brush.I would rather spray the paint though.I love giving and receiving hugs.
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall and big.Also I guess my friends and people I am meeting for the first time will notice I have fairly long hair.I keep it long due to a Tribal Elders request that I grow braids.My Hair never got this long in the 70s. But I will not disrespect an Elders request.Also you will Notice that I wear mostly Nike clothing.Hey its free from coaching in summer camps and comfortable.
Up Date:I have shaved my hair and donated it to Locks for Love.A friend has cancer and her hair has started to fall out.I went to the Tribal Elders and told them and they gave me permission to cut my hair in support of her.It feels weird to be bald but small price to pay to show someone that you are with them all the way.Plus I told her when the Chemo is over and hers starts to grow back I will start to grow mine again and we can race to see who gets to the ear lobes first.

Up-Date on hair:My braids were very important to me.My hair was donated to Locks For Love and I received a nice thank you card from them.Now the bummer part.The woman I cut my hair for turned out to be not that good of a friend as I thought.Although it went to a good cause for wigs for kids I gave up a piece of me for the wrong person.I hope it grows back faster than last time.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Meat and spuds, All music is a gift, Old westerns Military and yes a good chick flick,Books-Days of Grace by Arthur Ashe,Its Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong,Generation Kill by Evan Wright (he is from Rolling stone mag and he nails it on the life of special ops in the military).After Reading my profile I noticed that I come across some what as a sports fanatic so I guess I need to add that I have just finished Isaac's Storm by Erik Larson.And although he is a sports writer I just reread Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.Just finished reading War,Fire and The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger. So just so you know I am not a knuckle dragger all the time some times I can be civilized to.
The six things I could never do without
My kids
My Grandkids
My best friend John
The Great Creator
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Up-Date Jan 14-2012.
I find myself thinking about Losses.Not games but chances and just Time.Also my children,Their growth as young adults.Ups and downs.Also how can I still be Daddy to my Daughter and Dad to my sons.
Finding someone to be with. What to tell people about me.If you would like a more deep answer Please read my Journal and feel free to respond.I could use the help.Also what the hell am I going to do when my youngest son goes off to college.I also think about the things we did in the Military.I lost 7 very close friends while I was in.And I wonder about Karma because of the saying what goes around comes around.Well Uncle Sam didn't send us to some of the places we were sent to be Ambassadors of good will.I know they say God forgives but do people?Then again can I forgive myself.
On a typical Friday night I am
At a High school football game.Well season is over now. So Friday nights SUCK guess I will try to find out what a typical night will be.Anyone want to help?

Up-Date:Friday nights are wide open.So are all the others.How Pathetic.Hope that does not stay typical.I am up for anything now.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Have never had a one night stand. Don't shake your head its true.Also I cried after Sons last game.Boo hoo no more High School games for me.

Up-Date:Sons track season is over now.He made it to State in the 6A 110 meters Hurdles.I cried again.So I guess I can admit I am not afraid to cry.
Also I talk in my sleep so people like to carry on conversations with me while I sleep then make fun of me later.
You should message me if
You want a new friend. Need to talk to someone 24/7.Like an honest answer to you questions.Feel like you can make a happy person happier.If you have some one who Plays Football next year so I don't have to change my Fridays.Or you Think I need a new life outside of Football and you are the person to show me the way.You believe in Devotion,Commitment,Family and Honesty.Or if you just want to know about me I am an open book.