36San Mateo, United States
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My self-summary
The last nine years were spent exploring the nooks and crannies of LA. Then they kicked me out. Anything before that is shrouded in mystery.

I endeavor to always say yes; anything can be an adventure.

Also I recently signed up for a monthly membership at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale and I'm looking for climbing partners.
Song of the day:
What I’m doing with my life
I design and build video games and run around outside on the weekends.

After some thinking I've distilled my broad goals into three aspects. Be active, cultivate friendship, and build something. Clearly I'm an engineer.
I’m really good at
Grilling a mean steak. Sleeping in. Getting things done. Making blanket cocoons and couch cushion forts. Giving bear hugs and ice cube massages.
The first things people usually notice about me
It often depends on my mindset. I can be quiet in large groups, which makes some people assume I'm angry or aloof. This worked wonders when I was defending my sister from LA doucebaggery.

Really that is me getting the lay of the land, and I don't feel the need to fight for the social stage. If I have something worth saying it'll be said.

Later on in the evening I'll be photobombing pretentious film majors and arguing over which is superior, the burrito or the sandwich.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I don't read half of the books half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of them half as well as they deserve.
I do dig Malcolm Gladwell's books. Go watch his TED talk on spaghetti types right now, there will be a quiz.

Movies: ZombieLand, Moon, The Big Lebowski, Dumb and Dumber, Wes Anderson movies, Princess Bride. I have a soft spot for 80's action classics like Big Trouble in Little China. Aliens, Predator, and Terminator 2 will forever be on this list.

TV: Futurama hits the geek jokes perfectly, Arrested Development, Tosh.0. Lately Archer, Bob's Burgers, Breaking Bad. Community. Mad Men. I love BullShit if only because they encourage people to engage and THINK about what is around them.

Music: Caravan Palace, Mates of State, Matt and Kim, Those Darlins,The Decemberists, Miles Davis, The Bird and the Bee, Zero 7, Gorillaz, Broken Bells, Mumford and Sons, The National, The Black Keys, Eels, LCD Soundsystem, Mexican Elvis, TV on the Radio, The Cults.

It's better to have the robots do this work for us:

Food: Steak. My dad is a butcher so there were a lot of meat and potatoes while growing up.
Sushi. I could eat salmon, tuna and eel for days. I recently tried Sea Urchin and oi, that stuff is nasty.
Cheeseburgers. I can grill a mean burger and I'm known for my recipe. Maybe I should start a food truck.

As faux pas as it still seems today I also enjoy playing video games, even though the time I devote to it has been dwindling. There's a big stack next to the TV waiting to be played, but it grows faster than it shrinks. The top of the list lately: Borderlands 2, FTL, and Rayman. I finally started playing Heavy Rain, which is an interesting take on the cinematic movie-game.
Six things I could never do without
This question is always a fascinating window into a personality. Do they take it seriously? Do they crack jokes? Do they get existential about how little we actually need to be happy? I'm shooting for all three.

Brunch with friends.
The Internet for it's knowledge and entertainment value.
Chuck taylors and my hooded sweatshirt.
My neurotic cats.
Hot showers.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Online interactions and how they are changing how we socialize. Facebook is the faux-extrovert's dream, where minimal effort can make you feel like a social butterfly. Ultimately that is a shallow interaction, and I much prefer having dinner and drinks with friends out in the real world. I never thought I would sound like such a luddite. Eventually I'll end up sitting with a banjo on the front porch while yelling at the whipper snappers to get off my lawn.

Then I think about where I can find the best cheeseburger.

Lately my desire to get a giant dog has been on a steady rise. Maybe one of these guys:
Apartment life makes that tough and they are like large children, so it's prudent to save it for when I have that giant backyard.
On a typical Friday night I am
The perfect weekend starts with dinner, wine, cheese and a movie in. Saturday is for action. Hiking, biking, and exploring the city. Sunday is for sleeping in, the farmer's market and maybe some milk tea boba.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once worked at a zoo and was peed on by a baboon. We were best friends after that.
You should message me if
You enjoy the simple things in life, but dabble in the exquisite.
You enjoy exploring everything local as much as traveling to distant places.
You're bold enough to grab some coffee and see if the sparks fly. Profiles and messages can't compete with fifteen minutes of conversation.

A wise man once told me to find someone that puts you at peace. With that said, I'm still drawn to fiery personalities.
The two of us