27 Austin, United States
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My self-summary
Updated: 07/06/2012

I am looking for a cofounder, startup, or team to date and hopefully marry =)

Repeatedly compared to Good Guy Greg, I laugh, smile more, and am very positive. I'm hard working and dedicated, living life to the fullest. I am respectful, honest and understanding. I expect my match to have the same merits.

I am Brian! Yeah, I know I have a novel of a profile, but I just can't bring myself to simplify it :P

Why am I dating? Finding a cofounder is hard.. so I wanted to make finding me easier for you! On top of that, I have put together a checklist to help you!

- Are our values aligned?
- Do you think I will accept your companies culture?
- Do I compliment your skill set? (Balance: A + Z > A + A)
- Have we conversed about your industry? (Am I passionate and will I raise the morale of your business?)
- Am I creative? (Can I add value)
- Am I the right mix of humble and confidence for your likings? (Personality is very important...)
- Can I handle the type of workload necessary?
- Do you feel a natural sense of trust with me and do I deserve to be trusted? (You want to find someone that is constitutionally incapable of screwing you)
- Do you think I am ready to commit?
- Can I take action? (Great entrepreneurs have a disposition for action)
- Do you find me brilliant? (wether it is building or selling, you want to know I am capable of doing)
- Am I likable? (Do you and others enjoy spending time with me)
- Am I reasonable, rational and realistic? (competition is much easier to contend with than co-founder conflict)
- Can we agree on what happens if one of us leaves the company?
What I’m doing with my life
Inspiring. Discovering. Creating. Learning.

My Vision: Find and deliver value where others do not see it. Inspire and empower others to do the same.

Education: Audited over 80 credit hours of upper division classes at multiple universities, hosted study groups, crowd-sourced notes and outsourced the collaboration of the notes. I did my first year of studies (auditing) at Southern Methodist University in the Advertising Department. I finished my studies at the University of Texas at Austin. I focused on two majors and a minor: Business and Psychology, Sociology.*

Work: Vacation Rental Philomath. Industry Hacker. Undergrad Entrepreneur. Self Started. Focused and Ambitious. I own my own business (LINKY) and have a growing staff of >10.

Actually, I have a couple of companies:
VentureYes! | 44Logos | FairBookPrice | CrashInAustin

(FYI, I work with an amazing internship program teaching people how to run their own business! If you are looking for a great experience, apply HERE or message me!)

A Value To Live By: Deliver/Create more than you capture.

"I don't see possibilities as endless... I see the possibilities as near"

*disclaimer: I am not a student nor in anyway represent with or affiliated with The University of Texas at Austin, Southern Methodist Universities, or any of their affiliates. I merely utilized their resources, and lived scrappy.
I’m really good at
Agile and Lean Startups, Bringing Ideas Into Life, Business Model Innovation, Customer Development, Graphic Design, Innovation & Growth, Internet Marketing, Leadership, New Product Development, Product Marketing, Sales and Marketing, Visionary
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Long Tail, Never Eat Alone, Freakonomics, Delivering Happiness, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Gamestorming, Outliers, Blink, Uncharitable, The Black Swan, Man's Search for Meaning, The Evolution of Desire, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, The Tipping Point, The Art of War, 48 Laws of Power, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Bonk, The Red Queen, Cooking for Geeks, Uncharitable, The Myths of Innovation

Authors: C. Wright Mills, Ramit Sethi, Steve Blank, Timothy Ferriss, Neil Strauss, Robert Greene, David Buss, Matt Ridley, Ben Mezrich, Napoleon Hill, Cindy Meston, Mary Roach, Malcolm Gladwell

My Netflix 5 Star Ratings: The Pursuit of Happyness, Limitless, No Country for Old Men, Taken, 500 Days of Summer, Labios Rojos, The Education of Charlie Banks, The Bourne Trilogy, Rounders, Wild Wild West, Outsourced, The Girl Next Door, For My Father, Cashback, Heartbreaker, Holy Rollers, Wild Target, Eurotrip, Inside Man, Hitch, Catch Me If You Can, Wedding Crashers, Tropa de Elite 2: O Inimigo Agora É Outro, Y Tu Mamá También (thank you!), Sad Movies

My Series on Netflix and Hulu: TED Talks, Dexter, Family Guy, The Riches, Burn Notice, Dollhouse, Nikita, Lie to Me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, White Collar, Season 1 and 2 of Skins (UK), The Misfits (UK)

Music: David Guetta, Modest Mouse, Pendulum, Yelle, Yanni, Infected Mushroom, Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL), Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, most Classic Rock, Smooth Jazz (sometimes) Country Music, Scremo, Polka, or Rap

My Spanish Half: Maná, Erick Rincon (I <3 INTENTALO), Tribal, Aventura, Prince Royce, Molotov, Juanes, Natalia Lafourcade, OBK, Reik, Makano Te Amo, Tacata', Bachata, Merengue, Tejano

Games: Monopoly, Lemonade Tycoon, The Sims, Words With Friends, Temple Run, Startup Weekend, 3DayStartup

First Screen's Apps: Sparrow, Skype, Pandora, Songza, Expensify, Yelp (is this to much information? haha), Foursquare, Highlight, Facebook, RedLaser, Airbnb, LinkedIn, SoundHound, Square, OkCupid, Dropbox, TED, Netflix

Websites: News.YCombinator, TechCrunch, Pinterest, Songza, Netflix, Amazon, SlideShare, TED Talks, FatWallet, AppSumo, Airbnb

Cuisine: Mexican, Chinese, Salads, Mexican, Italian, American, BBQ, Chinese, Shrimp... Mexican maybe? ;)

Dallas Restaurants: El Fenix, Glass Cactus, Jake's, Cafe Brazil, Saltgrass Steakhouse, Brio's

Austin Restaurants: Vivos, Trudy's, Magnolia Cafe, Buenos Ares Cafe, Halcyon, Mozarts, Whole Foods
The six things I could never do without
- Fun And A Little Weirdness
- Creativity And Innovation
- Growth and Ambition
- Learning More
- Positivity
- Support And People To Share With

- My Entourage of Apple Products
- Post-it Notes
- Good Company
- Water :) I drink to much!
- My Books
- Smiles!!

I Can Do Without:
- The word 'get' and 'can't'
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What it takes to make a difference :D

How I'd preferably meet someone offline... yet I hear 2 out of 5 connections happen online now.
On a typical Friday night I am
Possibly: Conceptualizing. Speculating. Brainstorming. Gamestorming. Creating. Iterating. Testing. Vetting. Executing....

But most likely: Dancing, Getting together with others and partying with our brains!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
- I have a deep passion building scaleable passive income streams and gorgeous design (which I'd like to think I am good at)!

- If I message you, I am actually interested in you as a person. It likely took some time to write or think of what to say and is not a spammy copy/paste so I'd appreciate a response... even if it's disappointing.

- I go dancing at gay clubs.. often... (I'm straight and know how to dance. For some reason, that combination gets me in trouble at straight clubs)

- I am not the best at computer programming... but I <3 machine learning, (usable) big data, and math!

- I have an irrational fear of Deer :/

- It is ordinary for me to fall asleep watching TED Talks.

- There is no kind way to say this... It's a major turn off when I see profiles only half-fast done. Take advantage of your marketing channels, man!
You should message me if
You think (we, you, I) can change the world!

You are not looking for a minimally viable co-fonder!

You are looking for a co-founder, and: You are hacking an industry, creating traction, or delivering value where nobody saw an opportunity before... I love ideas that challenge the status quo and dream of teams that are focused.

You are okay with: Setting up a meeting outside of OkCupid. I like non-dark, public, populated areas :)

Tips, Tricks, and What To Say When Messaging Me:

1.) If you can't think of anything you want to say to me, just tell me you think my face is stupid. Easy, right?!

2.) If I message you and you are not interested in chatting, please let me know. I am only human and will think, "Well maybe they were busy, didn't have time to respond, and forgot"... I will message you again!