30 Woodbridge, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a lyrically figurative person operating in a literal and figure less reality.
Rhymes fill up the space left open around me.
My constants are betrothed to betray honest intention
and the consonance of these words spell out heartfelt invention.
I am just me, whenever I can be, for all to see, forever free.

My name is Federico but my friends call me Fed for short. :)
I also really like Cognizant Machine. I think I explain why a lot, but if you get it immediately we will definitely get along. I have a dog now. His name is Max, he is a rescue and I lurve him.

I am pretty cool.... I mean I am a total geek. about lots of things... sports, graphic novels, films, indie music, and television shows. I love consuming pop culture but I don't let any one interest define me. I am a cool geek
What I’m doing with my life
If I were to write you a song, would you want to hear me play it? If I were to write you a song, could we sing-a-long together? O to be alive, with a song on my lips and your smile in my heart. Wouldst thou hear the melody behind the words on the page? Or would thou wait forever, never braving the possibility of losing oneself in the moment and unleashing the constraints of propriety. I say Sing! O beautiful creature. Sing until the rafters crash down around you.

I write, I graduated from George Mason University with a degree in international relations. I worked at the embassy of El Salvador for a while but when the political party there changed everyone I knew was replaced due to politics and I haven't worked in my field since. I've done a little bit of everything, (hospitality, fund raising, admin., call center) currently looking for a new job/network opportunities if you think you can help me, definitely reach out. I am a hard worker and a quick study.
I’m really good at
Thinking about words and playing with language. I also speak Spanish fluently and practice writing and reading it as often as I can.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am pretty generous, I like a lot. I know this space is best to find common interests, but to keep it interesting I will abbreviate my tastes to just a sampling of my top three favorites. I highly recommend the following.

Top 3 Movies/films
1.High Fidelity-this movie rules and so does the book. My love for lists was probably born from multiple screenings of this movie.

2. Igby goes down- the ending of this movie really did a number on me. The build up is crazy and the reveal towards the end just puts all of the angst and bitterness into a new perspective.

3. Stranger than Fiction-a seriously good and underrated film. The love story is beautifully written and the narrative is great and original. The scene where the couple first hooks up to a Wreckless Eric song is one of my favorite scenes in cinema. Easily the best Will Ferrel movie ever and yes I have seen Zoolander

Top 3 Books/novels/plays
1. Ender's Game - I fell in love with the series when I was in middle school... this is key to understanding me. It has become fashionable to bash Mormon author Orson Scott Card... but I think his work transcends his background.

2. Wicked - I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan (I read all the books when I was real young) and something about this twisted take on a classic just really does it for me, clever and insightful.

3. Don Quixote - the original novel, the bible of speculative fiction, the story of a man so obsessed with stories that... you need to read this book... its long... But good

Top three TV Shows
1. Firefly - browncoat for life, watched it on it's original run, saw the movie on night one. Big ol Joss Whedon fan

2. Game of Thrones - I read all the books years ago way before the show was announced. I am obsessed with how well the show is tying up loose ends and exploring all of the characters.

3. Scrubs - the show started to get a little wacky towards the end, but I fell in love with the first four seasons and I loved all the drama and pathos. The show made me laugh, it made me believe in all of those characters and the struggles medical personnel see when working in a hospital.

3 favorite foods.
1. Salvadoran - Pupusas! If you have never tried Salvadoran food, expect to.

2. Indian - love spicy Indian food. I have a huge amount of admiration and respect for the Hindu Indian culinary culture.

3. Thai - I love tofu, egg, curry, spice. sign me up for Thai any day of the week.

Top 3 Bands/artists
1. Cursive - (Tim Kasher is my favorite lyricist of all time) tops the list check out early LPs like the burst and bloom for rare gems like "the great decay" or listen to their almost break out hit "the Ugly Organ" for a sonic dental visit where, yes, you will hear an organ but you'll also find inspired pieces of music, like the gem "Art is Hard" in which he examines the oft visited theme of the starving artist and its appeal in staying shy of outright popularity with clever lines like "my ego is like my stomach it keeps shitting what I feed it", yeah I wish I could have written that.

2. The Weakerthans - a by product of a split from an original punk greatness Propoghandi (cool name I know look up their early stuff if you like punk but not a big three contender on its own) check out "Left and Leaving (album) and listen to great songs like "aside" they have the melancholy and the feel of writing popular music that doesn't get heavy rotation that I so greatly admire in many "indie" bands.

3. Q and not U - a now defunct art pop band from DC that was just ahead of it's time, listen to the song "soft pyramids" and tell me you don't get chills up and down your spine
The six things I could never do without
My family
The Ocean
my dog Max
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to say next.
On a typical Friday night I am
looking for new music to encapsulate my week. usually out at karaoke with friends, or watching a late night movie or netflix. but to tell you the truth I like to be out Friday nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll admit to anything.... just ask.
You should message me if
You listened to the songs I recommended in my profile
You want to have a conversation.
You aren't afraid of getting deep. (I am not a fan of the shallow)
You like to walk on the edge.
You know a good new place for me to visit.
You know a cool new person I should meet.
You are ready to listen, I am quite wordy.
You want to learn more.
You actually read my whole profile. I know it's long.
You want to challenge me to a rap battle.
I'd love some feedback/editorial notes.

I would really like to meet someone I can geek out with.