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Tests they’ve taken (53)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Poolboy (RGSD) Take it!
The Altemeyer Authoritarian Test 1% Authoritarian! Take it!
How gay are you TEST with pictures One horny motherfucker Take it!
The Long but Good Kinky Switch Test 53 % Kinky, 8 % Switchy, 69 % Bottom, 2 % Top Take it!
The Sexual Fantasy Test Daring and open Take it!
The Hidden Taboo Kink Level Test You scored 52% Purity, 35% Shame, 65% Creativity, and 61% Indulgence! Take it!
The S-type Quiz slave Take it!
The 100% Accurate "What is my Fursona?" Test The Cheetah Take it!
The Melee gamer type test Destroyer Take it!
The Kink Spectrum Analysis Test Green (530 nm) Take it!
Are you a Top, Bottom, or Versatile (Quiz for Gay Men) Bottom Take it!
The Why Are You Into BDSM Test Fun Take it!
The what kind of T.E.S. race are you Test Redguard Take it!
The submissive type Test Slave Take it!
The how far could you go Test Fairly Willing Take it!
The Full Fetish and Kinkiness Test Hot! Take it!
How much of a furry are you? 67% Fandom, 57% Lifestyle and 71% Knowledge! Take it!
The How Furry Are You Test You scored 68% Furry Knowledge, 69% Furriness, 100% Yiffable, and 71% Cuddlable! Take it!
The Furry Test Lifestyler Take it!
The BDSM Test The Unforgettable Gem Take it!
The Kinkiness Test The Explorer Take it!
The Common Sense Riddles Test The Sensible One Take it!
The Top or Bottom Quiz (Gay Guys) You are a Bottom! Take it!
The Gay Cliques Test The Bear Take it!
Your NFL position based on your Wonderlic Test Score Linebacker or Tight End Take it!
The Would You Make a Good Wolf? Test Pack Wolf Take it!
The Sexual Opinion Survey, now hetero, homo, and bi-sexually friendly Strongly Erotophilic Take it!
What Kind of 80s Metal Are You? British New Wave of Heavy Metal Take it!
The Secret Agent/Assassin Test Vincent Take it!
Thief Quiz Mastermind Take it!
What Warcraft race are you? Goblin Take it!
The BDSM Style Test RSON Take it!
The Music Personality Test ( The Independent Rocker Take it!
(gay men only) 'Do you like giving blowjobs?' test You want some, don't you! Take it!
The BDSM Bottom Quiz The Naughty Slave Take it!
The (Improved) Red Flag Test The Perfect Profile Take it!
Would you make a good slave? The Human Pet Take it!
The Animal Archetype Test The Cat Take it!
The What's Your Signature Weapon Test Machinegun Take it!
Best Career For Your Personality Test The Inspector Take it!
Which Were Animal Would You Be? Test You are a Were-Tiger! Take it!
The ADULT CONTENT Real Kinky Test KINKY! Take it!
The Sexual Mind Test Naughty mind Take it!
Are you ready to be DOMinated test Come to me BABY! Take it!
The Slutty Sub Test DAMN! Take it!
The Annoying Movie Behavior Test Rather Pleasant Take it!
The Are You A Born Submissive Test You are 49% Submissive! Take it!
The Oh So Deviant Test Oh So KINKY! Take it!
The Can you serve me as sub/slave Test A nice pet Take it!
The Kinkyness Test Pretty kinky! Take it!
The What's your sexual style? Test TYPE N Take it!
The Bondage Test Yeah, I'm learning Take it!
The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test 4- the Individualist Take it!