56San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
- I am the spring in your step and coy smile on your face.
- I am the angel on your shoulder and the demon at your hip.
- I am the Java in your coffee and your glass half full.
- I am a conundrum wrapped in a riddle climbing a tree, that you will never hear… falling in a dense wood, that you will never smell… high in a jagged mountain range, that you will never see… on an island surrounded by the deepest ocean, that you will never taste… on the far side of a distant planet being turned into an atomic heat, that you will never feel… at the event horizon of a black-hole, soon to be transported to your universe... senses reborn.
- I am the universe attempting to know itself... how could that possibly fit in a ridiculous little box.
- I am a simple complex man who desires a special blend.
- I am more things than I am not.
- I am more to come.

I'm not carrying around a glass slipper. They're too specific, uncomfortable, fragile, transparent, and heavy... and they're likely to cut to the bone. If you're focused on being found by Prince Charming I suggest you move on to the next profile… I'm not him and I'm not looking for you. If instead you understand that life... and love, is a journey, not a destination, then read on.

I've come to the determination that men and women are essentially looking for the same thing... 'the one'. Liking or loving someone isn't really the core of the desire... it's about liking and/or loving oneself more as a result of the connection. That's the chemistry and feeling we crave. I hope to inspire that feeling as much as I accept it. Give and take... ideally, it's a positive feedback loop that grows over time.

I seek special memories in an ongoing quality relationship with a quality woman. You concentrate on making the most of each encounter without being tied down by convention, by what may be, or by some fanciful ideal society has spoon fed you... but by what is, here and now. While I'm wired to concentrate on one woman, until the one that I’d rather not live without comes into my life I intend to enjoy the connections I develop with open honest communication and without a preconceived notion of what defines a relationship. I'm open to whatever works... that's what really matters. Love is not chosen... no matter how badly it's wanted. If it should find me it will not be denied. I hope it does, but I don't intend to put my life on hold waiting around for it.

Even an empty glass is full of air.
What I’m doing with my life
Searching for special memories and defying definition.
I’m really good at
fulfilling a wide variety of desires... and eating ice cream with a fork.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height is the obvious answer. Women tend to notice my hands. A woman I met recently commented "you are tall, warm and playful. Big hands :)"... like I said. The guy at the corner store said I look 5 years younger than I actually am. There seems to be some consensus on this. I've been told I have an alpha male presence... the kind of confidence that comes with being comfortable with who you are. I'll make you think rather than engage in small talk.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
satisfy some of my senses and not others.
Six things I could never do without
Intimacy, companionship, wit, sex, intellect, exercise, tips, and a box of tools.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why relationships have to be so complicated... and which sock to put on first in the morning.

what they were thinking when they created X or Y product? Why does it look and feel the way it does? How is it put together? How many workers did it take to assemble and how long did it take them? Why did they put that button here instead of over there and what pixies finger does it fit? How, where, and why does it intersect with our lives? I think about products often.

whether God would exist if there were no questions, only answers. It's sad man has felt the need to fabricate answers to questions that have yet to be answered. True understanding makes God an irrelevant waste of life.
On a typical Friday night I am
I normally reserve Fridays for washing my hair and pampering in the tub with some scented candles and bath beads, but the right woman might be able to coax me out of the house for some silly romantic female thing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I know this profile isn't very funny, but I assure you I have a sense of humor. I picked one up for a song at the thrift store around the corner. The owners manual's missing and it looks like it fell off the back of a truck... it's probably busted. I guess that's why the shop owner seemed so pleased with my crappy rendition of Burning Down the House. Okay... so it's definitely busted. I promise to pick up a new one at Target tomorrow.

An excerpt from my Ex's email: Got a call Monday that my coach from LHH (the coaching HR firm with my package) died of a heart attack on Wednesday. Am worried, as bad things seem to come in threes and am anticipating not getting my passport back and not getting the job. :( My response: Since you're not getting your passport you won't die in the inevitable shipwreck. Good things come in threes too... you'll probably get the job. It's all in how you look at it. She ended up getting her passport in time and there was no shipwreck... and it's down to her and another applicant for the job.

The girl taking my order at Peet's: Your name? My response: Mud. This was completely lost on her. The Barista yelled Mud with a snicker though... and she was the only one in the room who got it. Which person are you?

I once had a line in here about how I'm not into random hookups. I took it out because you're going to think what you're prone to no matter what I write... and I prefer that you would. Wait... did I just put it back in? Maybe... but it's worth saying anyway. I really enjoy lobster... or a good burger, but that doesn't mean I want... or need, to enjoy one with every woman I meet.

There's a little cameo of me at the beginning of this video and something rather private at the end: Laguna. Let me know if you watched it. Don't worry, it's rated G and I'm not a leg humper... I'm just curious how many women actually take the time to read what I've written.
You should message me if
- you're reasonably fit
- you have a keyboard
- you're local to San Francisco
- you've answered at least 150 questions
- we have a minimum of an 80% match score
- you can provide access to at least two images, face and body (full length)... street clothes are fine.

I'm not shy, but too many of my thoughtful words have fallen on deaf inconsiderate ears... deemed unworthy of a response. Sadley, I rarely bother anymore... what's the point? I'd rather save the time and bandwidth for someone who wants it... so you should contact me if you're interested. Don't be shy, I'm just a human. I've left a number of interesting departure points in this mix of words for you to play off. They are there for your benefit... please use them!... or something interesting from your unique universe. It doesn't have to be long, just put as much thought and effort into it as you would expect from a man. I prefer someone close to my age, but it's more about the person... although I'm not likely to date a woman much older than I am. If all your images are headshots or are... inconclusive, I'm going to assume you have something to hide... for whatever reason. I respond to all messages because I believe in the golden rule.

May you find and live your desires... enjoy!
The two of us