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My self-summary
Anybody real in this world???
Honest, trustworthy, compassion for others, giver of life and love.....
Live in Seattle - Headed to Killeen Texas on my Harley July 1st 2017 - Utah 7/1 - NM 7/2 - Texas 7/3 prob till the 7th - Tulsa OK 7/8 - near Ferguson MO 7/8 &9 - Minneapolis MN 7/10 - MT Rushmore SD 7/11 - Yellow Stone MT 7/12 - Idaho 7/13 - care to meet up for dinner let me know send a message.

Healthiest couples are whole, happy and complete as individuals and have found partners to enhance their lives. I am seeking an accountability partner in life. If you know what that means please read on & please be serious about open communication and building a life together.

The type of person you should want to be with is:
"The type you want to be with is someone who appreciates the things you do for them when you are with them."
"The type of person you don't want to be with is the type of person that misses all the things you did for them after your gone"

Which one are you???

Do you ever wonder why am I/your'e still online dating? Writing about myself resulted in some not so honest people. Let me make myself clear.... I do not smoke, nor do drugs currently. I don't care how much money you make! Smoking when drinking or stressed is still smoking and a deal breaker! Lying, stealing or withholding information because you were not directly asked that question are not relationship foundation builders! If you swing or want more than one sexual partner, please pass me up! If you have recently ended a marriage or still married regardless of how long you've been apart, please pass me up! Going through my phone, mail, computer or medicine cabinet is not OK! I am not interested in piercings, tattoo. These are a few of my absolutely will not consider list. Please do not send me hate mail saying I'm going to hell because I've judged, or wont talk to you without a pic. Or you show your tattoos of what ever across your chest, ass & legs that I should reconsider. What are you trying to catch anyway by posting those types of pictures! I have posted my pictures. New and old and I look better as I get older! If you do not eat healthy or your big in eating processed foods pass me up! I am GMO, gluten free & organic! I will respond if you do not have a picture posted but better send me SOME so I can see who you are. Oh and one last thing about the pictures. Quit trying to look cute by surrounding yourself in your arms and only showing your face yet you say your slim or average body! I call it the way I see it! Actions speak louder than words! Sorry, If you find yourself needing constant attention from various "friends" and always searching for the next best fish! please pass me up! Also, if you have a criminal history, pass me up!

So, if there is anyone left after that and you are financially stable and secure with honest goals and can tell me them and you might want to chat, please message me.

Actions speak louder than words! So if you can not back up what you say nor have you ever backed up what you say then pass me up!

A bit about me & CJ

5'11" 180ish lbs athletic and in-shape! Confident, Calm, cool & collected Hispanic, Christian with core values and very laid back. Truly very down to earth, very outgoing and loves to get out and live life but is very at home with you in my arms on the couch. Work hard to achieve my life long goals. Very communicative and open/honest in all things. I am a giver of life and would give most of it up for the right one. Seeks ZERO drama! So if that is you keep searching! Life does not have to be that hard & neither do relationships. I'm seeking someone who knows what it takes to have a relationship and isn't afraid to try and won't run away at the first sign of trouble. But will stand and talk and express themselves to try to figure things out. At our age... We are and might be set in our ways I need someone willing to bend to keep things right. Would you care to meet me half way in all of this?

Rescue dog - Got him at 8 months. Lived in the back of an SUV and was fed one nugget at a time. This was done out of a 2.5# bag of food which is his daily minimum allotment of nutrition. So one nugget at a time was his daily feeding and you can imagine if his previous owner didn't regularly feed him. He was way undernourished when I got him. He was very timid & skittish in a way. I think he was beaten at times. But now he has a great father in me who spoils him & showers him with his love.(Care to partake in that??) Skittish part of him is gone but comes back from time to time randomly. CJ is a Blue Healer, Black Lab & Pit mix - All in that order. Full on bundle of joy & a total dork. Happy go lucky. Very, very smart!! His favorite times of the day are. 1. Feeding time - gets so excited when I feed him (wonder why) 2. morning and evening walks. More like play time for him.
He loves to chase the ball and gets ten times more excited when I grab the softball & bat to hit him balls as far as I can. He brings it right back to your feet. loves to play chase where he will find a small stick or just break out in running circles around you with the biggest smile on his face and he does love to do keep away with the stick. Chase will break out randomly from time to time. He has two beds and will sit and lay down on a dime. He is ultra smart and likes to act tough but is a total sweetheart. (wonder where he gets that from??)Don't get him around water cause he's going to get wet. loves to come up from behind you and play peekaboo with his head between your legs. (no don't get too excited & he didn't learn this from me) There is so much more to him that I can tell you he is my bundle of joy and we are a package deal.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a simple guy and I live and love life to the fullest! Teacher, Leader & A Giver of life! A man who has been single and never married. (long relationships) He is at that point in life where he would love to share his life with his special friend & lover. I have no kids and I will accept yours.
Life, family and friends are very important to him. He is very down to earth and keeps it very real. Just needs that special someone who will be an accountability partner in life and be honest and open in all things and be willing to work at us constantly and protecting our relationship circle.
I am the type of man that wants to still open the door for you at 80 yrs old or hold your hand at the same age...

I live on an acre in the quiet country. I love to work in the yard, garden, playing with the dog or fixing the house. My home is built in 1931 with wood heat and I hand split 5 or more cords a year. Nothing like a good wood fire going in the winter. I look forward to remodeling it and retiring in it one day which is a year to year never ending venture. I can tell stories of from the past to the present about my home that has a lot of character. I am just looking to live a full and spiritual life (God) and keep things simple and easy (House & Family).
I am very active and I play upper division Softball year round in and out of state. I love to snow ski and I am an ex-mogul freestyler. I have a dog (CJ), Custom Harley and open to doing anything. Love to hike ,camp & travel, Seahawks season ticket holder. I love to take a girl out on a date where we spend our time together in secret spots or just a simple walk with a twist... You have to ask.
ZERO drugs, don't smoke, like to drink but not in excess. Un-fixable (don't want to be with someone who wont accept me for who I am)and have no baggage. Just missing that one special person in my life to enjoy what life has to give us along with what we bring to the table together. Much more to offer just don't want to tell it all here. Life could not be better I am just missing that special someone who can and will be serious about contacting me.

Update: I rented out a room to a Military kid This last December who is now deployed in Afghanistan until Jan 2013. He has two dogs
Molly - Beige Basset hound/Lab mix - Let me tell you all Basset & that nose hits the ground and away she goes... It is very challenging keeping her in the yard & I found her a mile away from home... Ugh... But such a total dog and a personality that will keep you on your toes along with laughing...
Darla - Molly's counter part and antagonizer. This one gets Molly started and they can not be apart from one another... So funny. She is some sort of collie/maybe Shepard mix?? Such a beautiful dog with such character and energy. All girl but can get down & dirty.
Both of these dogs love to dig & have actually caught a mole (9 &counting & 1 swallow) in my yard do I say have at it!!! Makes my job tough filling them back in just so the can go at it again. But hey their dogs and haven't found the garden do all is well.
So I am watching over and caring for them along with all of his possessions while he is sacrificing his life for us. It is my way of giving back to our country and to someone who is putting his life on the line for all of us. He can take care of business without worrying about his babies. I guess Creed put it all together with the song "My Sacrifice".

Update on roommate: On the first week of July my roommate had a seizure and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. They released him for now and is back out with
The first things people usually notice about me
It's either my eyes or my personality. I like to just be happy & make people laugh. People who are not happy or judge others need not apply and the rest..... well you will have to see for yourself
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not much of a book reader but have read a few.
Movies from action to real life dramas & comedies. Too many to mention and will watch them over & over again which drives you nuts!!
I'm into rock & christian music and just about everything in between. Used to rock the DJ booth back in the day.
Six things I could never do without
1. Jesus
2. Water
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Animals
6. Hopefully you...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Mostly on how I can reach my goals. What the next path to take to get me to retirement and completing them all.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm either doing one of three things...
1. At home resting for softball in morning. Generally an all day event on the road to the championship!
2. Out with friends
3. At home with the dogs working around the house or yard.

All three are ok with me and I am up for anything fun
The most private thing I’m willing to admit

Something low key and simple. This is about meeting to see if there is an attraction and chemistry even though chemistry can take some learning time. I will always be open to a second & third meeting to see if there truly is that spark. It's so tough to say that in one meeting you truly know who one is.

|............| Put this on your
|...*..*....| profile if you have
|....\o/....| ever walked into a
|.....|......| Patio Door that was
|..../.\.....| CLOSED!!!!!!

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You should message me if
If you find an interest to one day meet me and actually take the time to get to know me and one day start working toward settling down and we fill in the rest ourselves
The two of us