33Copenhagen, Denmark
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My self-summary
"It's hard enough getting someone to like you
And then you find out that they're nothing like you
And it's been a waste of time".

"Fulwood Babylon" - The Long Blondes

But about me....
According to some test, please follow the link - i'm an Intellectual with the primary function: Extraverted Intuition

The discription hits spot on, I see alot of them as beeing positive traits, but we all have our ups and downs:

risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker, thrill seeker, life of the party, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, appreciates strangeness, disorganized, adventurous, talented at presentation, aggressive, attention seeking, experience junky, insensitive, adaptable, not easily offended, messy, carefree, dangerous, fearless, careless, emotionally stable, spontaneous, improviser, always joking, player, wild and crazy, dominant, acts without thinking, not into organized religion, pro-weed legalization

I am open-minded, goodhearted, and positive
What I’m doing with my life
As I’m writing this, I’m listening to a local musician called “Szhirley”. And I’m attempting to be somewhat serious in open conflict/contradiction to my persona.

I’ve started the Cand.Scient.Tech in January 2009 its located in Aalborg, and hopefully be all done in 2011. before that, I was working as a constructing architect, at a small engineering firm in Copenhagen.

The only consequence to this decision is that I had to move from one end of my country to the other, and start all over with networking, making friends, just plain everything - This has been both a blessing and a curse – in Copenhagen I love to rockclimbing/boulder, swimming and the vast amount of venues all over town! but in Jylland, i've come to enjoy kitesurfing! and all my new kick-ass friends in Aalborg...

When I’m not hanging on the end of a big kite trying not to drown, or studying, I try to visit the meny design festivals that Denmark has to offer. I especially like building and furniture design – im a big fan of Hans Wegner and Poul Henningsen. The building design is a more professional interest, where I visit open house and listen to the architects in charge of the project tell about his/her vision.
I’m really good at
What am I good at, well, in my book, there’s two ways of doing this.
Either I define whom I am, and thru that, you get to know what I am good at.
The other and more easy way, is just showing of a bit – this not easy for me because of the “Jante” law

(to all non-scandinavians – the “Jante” law, is an obscure reference to a fiction novel called “en flygning krydser sit spor” aka. “A refugee crosses his own track” this novel has a profound effect on the Danish society and in short, the Jante law sais: “you are not better then me and don’t think you are better then me” and if you disobey the Jante law, people will see you as a egotistical SOB – I don’t always agree, but I’ve come to live with it.)

I’ll try and overcome my inherit fear of the Jante Law

I’m great at flirting.
I’m a great social engineer – I love talking to other people, and making new friends! And if I haven’t written you a message yet, then it’s because OkC has too meny users, but you can always write me first ;)
I’m great at finding or looking at details.
I’m good at adapting to new situations, and can think on my feet.
I’m good at getting crazy dreams/ideas/ways to change the world and I strive to fulfil them all.
The first things people usually notice about me
is, that I talk too much, and don't think enough. And im really trying to change that..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like books that make me think, such as Dante's inferno, or perhaps Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged. I might not agree with the authors, but I still like to read them.

In the music department I like most genres, but closest to my heart is the elektronica subgenre called ambient, with artists like Air, Mylo and Thievery Corporation.

Food, oh glorious food! I love spicy food.. especially the Indian and Pakistan cuisine. Korean food also hits the spot, I love all the colours and the flavours.
Six things I could never do without
Well first off, I could never do without my sweet darling computer, or as I call it, Competer – it’s “super secret” nickname, well, its not all that secret, but..
The reason to why I can’t do with out it, is that my Competer is both a professional tool, and a past-time recreational hobby, and its my primary link to most of my friends both abroad and local.

The second thing I can’t do without, is my audiosense, I love listening to, other people, the wind, in fact everything including music, it brings me a sense of wellbeing to my life. My taste in music is VERY broad, but recently I’m in a electronica/ambient mood.
I love artists such as, Air, Tosca, Thievery Coorp., Mylo ect. The slow beat combined with another of my great time consumers - walking about in Copenhagen city - brings me joy, plus peace of mind, and heart. I’m of cause fond of all my senses, but audio is no. 1.

The third thing I couldn’t do without, is sex. I know this might seem juvenile, but I’m a very sensual being. Most that know me, would have thougth and sex might have rated a bit higher on my list.
In my world, sex is a way to explore your own, and the person you’re having sex with, it’s a way of bonding with other people. I’m a very intimate touchy-feely kinda person, that loves to feel other people when I’m talking to them.

Humor is also a thing I’d hate to loose! I love to laugh and in my opinion, noting is too holy, if the joke is send andrecived in a loving/joyful way. I especially love a term used in my contry – self sarcasm, we call it “selvironi”, because we don’t have the word sarcasm, we make use of the word ironi.

Fifth thing must be my imagination/creativity, I see solutions to problems people didn’t even know they had. and I’m always on the search of my one true quest.. the grail! *cough cough never mind* no, making the world a better place. i’m a “dreamer” and because of that I never get to the point where I take my inventions from the inside of my head, to the outside world. mostly in a paranoid fear of others cashing in on my GREAT ideas :D

Last but not least, I’d really hate to live without nature, even in the city, I’m very much in contact with nature, not the WILD untamed version, but a more gentile caressing nature. I love the sun, and the warmth and I enjoy nature.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Space, the final frontier.

j/k I tend to think about an old quote, if it makes sense to you then we're halfway there: "It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
On a typical Friday night I am
Trying to find You... I still have no clue, as to where I should search, and I don't know, why you're hiding from me!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've done alot of messed up things in my life, but i'm ready to settle down... Long story short - i'm looking for the last one.

And i've started to learn arabian
You should message me if
No requirements what so ever, just msg. me - ill answer back I promiss!
The two of us