30 Albany, United States
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My self-summary
Im pretty down to earth and relaxed, i like good people, energy and ccommunication, some say i'm great at karaoke

I'd describe myself as a fairly chill yet intense, high energy person who is big into expression and connection between people.

I'd say i'm a mix of therapist, explorer, musician, karaoke king (obv musician related) and a lover (not a fighter, unless i'm fighting for some form of social justice or fighting to control my urge to tell u how attractive or interesting u seem)

Seeking: an emotional, mental and physical connection (in the most chill way possible), and its a daily workout for my patience to stay relaxed when my needs havent been met (lol but seriously.) (i think i'm a new age hippy..) i'm very straightforward and not afraid to say what i feel or think, i cant stand the status quo and hate most rules lol,....

.... I could explain more but i'd rather we talk ;)

My IG: Copasettic

Im a ENTP-A by the way,

i suggest everyone go to and find out what kind they have, its just fun to know
What I’m doing with my life
Social Workin/thinking about businesses, travel/fun

My passions are counseling, therapy, music, activism, art, expression, connection etc... These things happen in waves lol

I went 2 music performances like it was my job a few summers ago and i loved it (performers included Juicy J, Shaggy, Skrillex, Bootsy Collins, Kanye etc)
Also hopefully more traveling soon....suggestions?....maybe u come with?....
I’m really good at
Walking with a cane (temporarily) 👈i now walk regularly, communicating/ talking to people, promoting peace, being funny, sarcasm,listening, reading between the lines, body language, sexytime, riding my bike around to get exercise and clear my head, crashing my bike and injuring myself and not the bike somehow etc etc, 👈i'm better now ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
my aura
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A whole lotta stuff, let's talk about it,...I'm big into hip hop, rnb, reggae, dubstep, (original), skrillex, kreayshawn, lil debbie, 2chainz(hilarious) and a lot of the random awesome songs that are out now like tuesday feat drake, recognize feat drake, this guy named teeflii (look him up) sail by awolnation, radioactive by imagine dragons, Lourde, Lana Del Rey old fashioned rave music and stuff like that.... honestly theres way 2 many things 2 list....i simply like good music, also narcos, bobs burgers is hilarious and chicago fire is the jam

Books movies and all that we can talk about....but I will say that I'm currently reading a book called "emotions revealed" about understanding peoples thoughts, feeling and moods based on their facial expression and body language...
i also suggest "the alchemist" which i literally think everyone should read!

"Favorite Quotes of 2015"- J. E. T. S. Jets Jets Jets! #LGM Lets Go Mets #WorldSeries #Queens
The six things I could never do without
music, my mind/ body, movies, chill/ sexy people, mariguana, my cat, family, good beer, talking, and...making out,and exercise..gotta keep the blood flowing!..I know that's more than 6 ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Universe

Why some people are so square that they cant step out of their comfort zone and try something new?

How i can get my optimism to truly overpower my doubts

what motivates others, how i can make positive change in my surroundings, what i'm capable of, friends, family, my desires, truly being at peace..

Why lauren london married some dude that's clearly not me!..

AND why some people are so fickle (yeh i said fickle)

What's uppppp!?? ;)

also, if some of the girls with stipulations all over their profiles ever stop and wonder why they're still (bored and) single haha

And more and more often i realize how much i cant stand anal women who get super salty if u don't use textbook proper grammer when msging them, as long as we both KNOW proper english then u don have to prove it in online messages

like seriously, what's ur deal? Why so uptight, arent u as sick of typing messages online/ on touch screens as me??????
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing something fun with my friends or alone either be4 or during karaoke.. probably involving any combination of music, a few drinks, some green things etc, exploring somewhere new, maybe movies, who knows...hanging out with u......
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1 other secret besides that My femur was but is no longer broken .. also i make music....
^^^where u can find some of my music^^
listen 2 it, and let me know
You should message me if
you believe in passing good vibes like to communicate ;)....if you somewhat understand an addiction to karaoke lol....if you find me interesting, like having new friends and/or have something u'd like to ask, and also if ur simply trying to have some fun and do something different

this whole thing is not that complicated, so do what feels right ;)

If you (hopefully) don't have a section in ur profile telling me what I shouldn't message u doing/ saying...(don't stifle people's spontaneity, cuz u might enjoy some of it)

Also msg me if u dont have some some weird issue with internet language or short versions of msgs...

....p.s. if u visit and dont say hi, ur cool points go down slightly ...