30Amherst, United States
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My self-summary
*(Hope you like reptiles)*

Looking for someone (who isn't a complete dick) to have adventures with. Maybe more... We'll see...... been trying to find new things to do here for fun. I'm a pet dad of a cat named Bogie and bearded dragon named Icabod. I'm a bit of a foodie. I like the excitement of trying new things.
I'm into quite a bit (skateboarding, painting, cooking, hiking, fishing, camping, movies, photography, music, writing music, etc......).I like to do a little of everything.

I have a huge movie and music collection and I'm always looking to share.
I'm game for anything out of the house,but, I wouldn't be opossed to stay in and watch movies.
What I’m doing with my life
Probably go back to school since there isn't much work in this area for Paleontology majors.
Started few businesses, but right now I'm looking for fun things to do. Meet new people. Do things develop some new hobbies... More Adventure!

I’m really good at
According to my friends: Cooking, photography, memorizing weird facts no one really needs to know

I'm not really sure, I don't really think about myself too much.
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically? Unfortunately my piercings and tattoos.

I get "I recognize you from shows" a lot
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
There a quite a few things i like:

MOVIES: I loooooove Cary Grant and Frank Morgan movies. I suppose i watch horror movies mostly (dead alive, sleepy hallow, hellraiser, pumkinhead. I recently saw Odd Thomas, loved it) . I do love the weird imaginative type movies like Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal. I watch a lot of TCM so, you can imagine I love old black and white movies, especially 50s-80s monster movies (i such as the Seventh voyage of sinbad)..... I obviously watch A LOT of movies so I'd like to meet some one with the same obsession obsession.

CARTOONS: I collect old cartoons.... i have a huge collection that is always growing. anything from 1920- 1995, old cartoons!!! i have a huge cartoon and anime collection on my fav cartoons at the moment are freakazoid, swat cats, pirates of dark water, courage the cowardly dog, scooby doo (i have all the spin offs and episodes and seasons), looney tunes, mgm cartoons, funky phantom.... i do like some anime, my fave anime is Lupin the third, Big O, the Miyazaki movie collection, cowboy bebop, ronin warriors and so on

TV: Xfiles is my all time fav show.. i like the history channel, discovery, turner classic movies, cartoon network, the travel channel, the food network, and animal planet, i really don't watch anything else. unless its boomarang... I've been watching Sleepy Hollow, Bonanza, The Mentalist and Bones. Recently, i've been waiting for the second season of the Strain.

MUSIC: I'm somewhere between Doom rocker and Math. Somewhere in between is punk/thrash. My fav bands in the world right now is Ogre you asshole, gorilla biscuits (still, after so many years), Pretend, the littlest viking, Toe, king crimson, t rex, talking heads, Uriah heep, 8otto, Doom riders, deathside, giraffes giraffes, Pomagranate Tiger, Lite, Mudy over the Sakuban, Rega, the hives, negative approach, TSOL, dead boys, the freeze, the zero boys, the minutemen. Its hard to refrain from putting way more down, i have such a huge music collection, i guarantee i can show anyone at least 30 bands that you have never even heard of.

GAMES: i own NES, Gamecube, Xbox, SEGA, N64, and an Atari. I really enjoy games with monsters or scary situations. Games such as Bioshock, Arkham Asylum, Guitar Hero, Thief, Deadspace3 halo, Resident Evil, Borderlands, Castlevania, Gears of war, etc... Basically games that are fairly far from reality or Co-Op. Older games: i like sonic the hedgehog, mickeys world of illusion, lost vikings...any zelda game accept the windwaker games. Metroid Prime, Onimusha..... etc

BOOKS: Kitchen Confidential, Cary Grant biography. Any book about scary stories, dinosaurs, books about sharks or other animals. I love reading about recent sightings of cryptids. I have been reading a lot of Lovecraft lately. I'm really into monsters, "gods" and crazy stuff like that.

And yes I like way more than what i typed up here lol
Six things I could never do without
Media (music\movies).
My pets.
Adventuous food.
My camera.
Obtaining more knowledge. Learning a little about everything.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Figuring out how to be more social in my spare time. I don't really spend much time thinking about one thing
On a typical Friday night I am
Most likely at a show, starbucks, out for a beer. Usually around Amherst or Noho... I don't have a typical Friday. Still trying to figure out this town
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I own every Disney classic on VHS
I'm not really afraid of being open at all. I'm not really embarrassed about anything
You should message me if
~If you're up for anything like I am. I need some adventures this year!
~If you like conversation (preferably over tea or beer).
~just like hanging out in general. Listening to music or watchin' movies.

° Don't feel friend zoned if I'm talking to you. I tend to talk normal to everyone and can come off like I'm not interested. But that's untrue :p
The two of us